"Be reborn. That's what the voices told me. So be it. I'm a tracker. It's what I do..." 

She takes her seat in her favorite perch in Eastern InSilico. Just behind the sign for the bowl. Watching the crowd, she contemplates her next move.

It's that moment in the twilight of her silence she hears the door to the office open. Everyone who has access to that door should be dead by now. She knows of no one who should be near by.

She stands and pulls her hatchet from the large cargo pocket on her pants. She grips it with cautious ferocity, ready to take down anyone who's trespassed into her domain. The door opens with a familiar hiss, and with silent steps she enters. Ready for the quick and nasty. Can't afford to cause a scene create by gun fire. Her eyes glance around, reaching the center of the room. No one. It's then that she hears a voice, and turns around to see her. An old friend, or current foe. The axe drops to her side. She knows she's not fast enough to win this fight. Not against the Black Dragon.

The woman in black stares at her, unblinking. She could cut Zoey in half, and not even think about it. A killer born. But she wasn't there for her. Zoey takes a breath. She lives long enough to take a second. 

What are you doing here, Shishi? 


She sheathes the blade and crosses her arms. Zoey relaxes.

You're looking for Richard, aren't you?

Tell me what you know.

The woman in black makes a face at her, and rolls her eyes. 

You really are an idiot, you know? Richard is alive and well. There have been some management changes. He is.. securing assets. It is.. good to see you survived Kowloon. Again. But not staying dead is your real talent, no?

It's good to know. What are you doing back here? I figured you for dead as well.

The leather clad assassin makes her way to the door, opening it and leaning in its frame.

Come with me.

There's a sigh and a nods in reply.

As you wish.

Good girl.

The two relocated outside, taking their seats on the near-by railing. Zoey slumps into position, as the other balances on the small railing with ease.

What happened in Kowloon, Shishi? It looks like that division was systematically chopped up with a.. hatchet. That is.. if they had enough body parts left.

I got a call from my old contacts to join them. I went into a hotel room, and that's when they came for me. More scars for my collection. Bing had to touch up my ink. After that, I spent the last year hunting the rest of them down one at a time. It lead me back here. So, here I am.

You're a loyal soldier, Shishi. How is your.. stash? I've read about an up-rise in.. mugging by a heavily tattooed assailant?  

My stash is fine. I make due where I can. Like you said, I have trouble staying dead.

I'll have a supply drop set up for you. I'd offer to get you a residence here, but I know you prefer a dog house. 

This whole city is my dog house, now. Richard is alive. Then I'll wait right here for him. You just make sure he stays alive until then.

Giving me orders? Unusual for you, Shishi. But I will honor them. Perhaps there is a leader in you, after all.

And here I was expecting another analogy. I think I've missed them. I can't tell anymore.

This Black Dragon looks out to the street and tilts her head, pulling a smile to her lips.

Be like the rain, Shishi. It cares not where it falls, for it finds serenity in the roughest earth, and smoothest streets. Over time, it will carve the world to its path. It is both a force of destruction, and of life. It's is the Dragon fighting the Phoenix. Each drop knows not where it will land, nor minds their sudden stop. They join together and become stronger. Just like we must do, now. Fear not the fall, dear. For you shall rejoin us soon enough.

And just like that, she hopped over the railing and walked out of Zoey's sight. She will one day return, but for now she must return to Richard's side, wherever he is. Zoey looks to the shadows and back to the rain. She smiles.

Uhg,  I hate feelings.

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Great read!

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