Peaches said to the Drifter "I'm going on break. Drifter, could you keep an eye on her?"

The Drifter then responded with "Yeah sure, will do."

Peaches then left the area, leaving Tyler the Drifter and an immobile Krystal in the same room of the AICHI Building.

 Krystal makes the sound of static again. "T-Tyler." manages to escape her in a muffled tone.
The Drifter snaps back to reality, having zoned out apparently. He then looks at Krystal and says "Yeah?" The Drifter figures Krystal's sensors remain turned on, therefore she sees him still, though she cannot move. Another spot of static before her mouth regains movement, her jaw simply dropping open. "Th-th-they hurt me, T-t-t-tyler."
"Who did?" he asked her in reply.
"H-h-humans." she states in static-laced monotone.
The Drifter looks at her, she is unable to see his face apparently, but his body language and voice shows clearly he is being empathetic to her. He states "Do you have any names?"
"Did you fight back?" he asked her subsequently.
The Drifter then lays his hand on her gently, on her shoulder, then let's out a growling sigh, and steps back away from her, feeling utter pity for his synthetic friend, knowing she can still sense his emotions, even if she apparently can't feel them herself. She was, after all, meant to be a companion it would seem, therefore she had to sense other people's emotions.
"I do... not. Tyler. I.. saw nothing. Tyler. Tyler. I d-d-do not know." She pauses a moment. Bursts of static and clicks spew out some a digital coughing fit. Shortly after, an audio playback of last night.
Tyler the Drifter listens to the audio playback, he is mostly unfazed by it, though he feels a creeping sickness inside of him, disgust at what he is hearing. It is a reminder of what often happens sometimes on the surface to those unlucky enough to come across rapists on the surface, even though he himself was never raped. He happened to know of people who were unfortunately raped and it disgusted him greatly. He then hears the agonized screams towards the end of the recording, going wide eyed upon hearing the sound of bone, muscles and bodily fluids spilling, then her final words from that night. The Drifter is left stunned, yet rather quite satisfied that justice was served, as brutal as it apparently sounded since there was no visual recording.

"You did." The Drifter said to her.
Krystal then replied "What did did did I do?"

The Drifter then said to Krystal "You defended yourself."

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