"So... you want to run that story by us again?" said a man, his uniform was unusual and she could not distinguish it.

Another man, wearing just some basic coverings., walks into the room and closes the door behind him.

The two men looked at her up and down across from the other side of a table. One chewing on some stick in his mouth.

She sat on a chair in an office of some sort. She could see people glance from outside the window then take an ever longer 2nd glance at her, making comments to the next person.

It was freezing. She sat shivering, though they had given her a wrap to wear. The surroundings were completely unfamiliar to her. The scents, the sounds.

"Hey, get this" the man in the uniform says to the other. "Tell us what year it is."

She looked puzzled, why is she being asked this? "Is this some sort of test..." she looks about, seeing more people pressing up to the window to get a closer look. "

The man in uniform bore a sly smile. He quietly commented to the other man "Man I really dig those arms, god they look so freekin, real, that's some real hollywood shit.." The other man didn't know what to think, only commenting, after a long gaze. "yeah...and the eyes they even..."

She was annoyed "Look... I don't know what sort of game this is. But if you're here to help. We.. "she thought for a moment, where were the others?" I am being pursued, have we reached some waypoint? Where am I? "

"Calm down" said the man in basic coverings, "just relax, you're safe and in good hands. You're in the 4th Street Station. This here,"he gestures up "is officer Casey, and I'm detective Jennings. We're both here to help. Now do you want some water? You drink water don't you..." he paused with a smile.

"Water..."she knew what that was at least "yes water.." let's start with that.

He poured a glass and put it on the table.

She reached up from under her wrap, her cybernetic arm making very subtle wispy quick sounds. Hands naturally grasped the glass. The texture of the skin like surface changed detecting the surface material of the glass, allowing her to quickly take it in her hands and put the glass to her lips.

The two gazed with open mouths.

The officer turning to the detective "That is some impressive shit" nodding.

"So humour me and could you run your story by us again?" says the detective.

"Look.." she started to speak. Then there was a distant rumble which grew louder and louder. It appeared to come from one direction. The faces of the officer and the detective started to change. First there was a gaze of wonder, then as the noise grew louder, and the tremor started to grow. We all realized it was a quake of some sort. The detective shouted "Get under the table!"

The three huddled under the table. 30 seconds... 40 seconds... it wasn't stopping or easing up. Tiles were falling. Windows were breaking. The flooring in the other room started to collapse. Like a chain reaction the flooring started caving in toward our direction.

"Hang on!!" shouted the detective. She grasped his arm, as the flooring under them gave way... Then they all started to free fall from under them. Debris shooting everywhere.

"Don't let them..!!" his voice faded off and couldn't grasp on as the debris engulfed him away...

Whiteness from the debris surrounded her. 

She felt a sudden jolt as something grappled around her body, yanking her upwards away from the falling debris.

She watched as the debris field dropped away.. falling and falling.. 

The sounds from the debris fading off till it was just emptiness.

It was quite relaxing..she closed her eyes.



she opened her eyes again. The blurriness of white haze started to clear away, like a fog lifting.

she could see Sergei peering through the cryo encasement.

"WE ARE HERE!!!" his arm projected widely, his voice muffled due to the thickness of the glass. He looked far too overjoyed.

fantastic... she thought.

:::A voice is heard over the ships com systems:::

Insilico Airspace command, G'day. Asscon Freighter, proceed to docking bay ZERO THREE, Prepare for customs inspection and decontamination.

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Comment by SalvorWyrdan on April 4, 2015 at 8:58pm

Yeah, bad dreams, and a Hell of a hangover; Those are the classic symptoms. [[  Good Read  ]]

Comment by Angel Eleven on April 5, 2015 at 3:28pm

@Salvor  Thanks for the comments. A bit of prequel material for my char. It's slowwwly leaking back out.


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