it had been a couple of nights since the whole shooting innocdent, he heard the inn radio cast " Love affair? PPPFFFTTTT yeah right, havent got much feeling in my right arm since the whole innocdent. "  he shook his arm some, "well what needed to get done got done, "  he shook his arm more " never expected to be caught off guard like that, at least jeanne is safe that is priority and delain got the gun away from the woman once she got it set down. ....think that bullet severed a nerve...really don't wanna have to get a cybernetic arm." he stood up some pourign some whiskey over the wound, as he gripped his teeth, " old world tricks still a charm...damn that stings....."  he chuckled " if it wasn't for that guy shooting her in the arm, and me shooting her in the knee cap i probably would of been in worse left arm ain't exactly for shooting, i got a lucky shot in. that was all" he sat back down wrapping a fresh bandage around it, 

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Comment by Dart on January 6, 2017 at 3:45am

((I think Derrick is not thankful enough to the guy that was accidentally present during the incident, and that in his own words, "he'd basically had to gun down, disarm and apprehend a criminal for basically the entire Aichi security service". I believe that being the one who actually saved the day, should be rewarded by being hired by IMP, to say the least ))


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