║║▌█ ophelie ▌█║║ ((diclaimer strictly ooc)) Techno application of nanoscience, one way for future the project dimension

Researsh diary of Ophelie: Entry 27/01/2487 19:37
you register Emma (name of Ai who permit to control the Data pad)

I have turn inside my mind all the technologie actually allowed to create something new for future. I have open database, about nanoscience, computer technologie, holotechnologie, electric schematiks.... And implantation of cybernetics elements.
With fusion of materials, and Nanofiber technologie i see one new way of application.
I can probably insert nanofiber in armor, or just in clothe, that have not one great importance...
Yes, all seem find one consensual way if i try this way of exploitation of the technologie...i need to give one name to this...hum !

Emma please translate the protocols programation in securised data...
Emma: "yes professor, it's do! Can i allowed acces to someone else?"
ophelie: Hum...Not for now... Securise the level to the maximum cryptage and invert data order too...oh and ad one code ! Name of the data "project dimension" ! save ...
Emma: download in progress professor....

ophelie:Well ! Now i will interest myself to the mechanical problem ! the nano fiber have one great flexibility...Yes insert they in clothe will not be too difficult .... i Have to create cable for insert the nanobot, and link the totallity for allowed the comunication of the nano web inside the outfit. That open great possibility in domain of personnal defense, and easy the comunication with computer technologie....Yes it's good i think that must work like that... Well i have to do sewing of clothe with Nanofilament, and after i will insert the programmed nanobot ....

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