[OOC] Forum Decorum (because it rhymes)

I've seen some posts here recently that were, let's just say...less than productive (or at least pushing against good etiquette). Below are some generalized guidelines for getting along more cooperatively. Most, if not all, of these points have already been addressed in some form over the years, so I'm really just bringing them all together for easier reading. 

1) In-character blogs are posted here for exposition, but the information contained within them is generally not considered accessible by other characters. While some events may be public, or involve other characters, most blogs are written from the in-character (IC) perspective of the individual. The thoughts, feelings, inner monologues, and private actions of a character are restricted from use as it is considered a form of metagaming. Please be careful to validate how your character comes by the information that they possess and act on, particularly as blogs might present you with information that your character has not otherwise attained through consensual RP. When in doubt, ask.

2) Comments on blogs posts are typically out-of-character (OOC), and have no impact on the character/event/story. Some types of "public" blogs (ex: INN or AEON) may utilize IC comments, but these are typically an exception and are easily recognizable as such.

3) Refrain from posting unsolicited blog comments that criticize another player's character choices. Similarly, refrain from opining on how a character should have thought/acted, or soliciting other such changes to a player's choices for their characters. It's one thing to point out a misunderstanding or honest mistake, but it's another thing entirely to criticize something you don't like. At best it is just poor form, and at worst it is self-serving. We all have different preferences, and sometimes not everyone will agree with the choices we make for our characters. You should not be concerned with policing other players' choices at the OOC level..and there are more constructive methods than commenting on a blog. If you have a personal concern, politely contact the player directly. If there is a greater concern or rules violation, then contact an Admin so that it may be addressed appropriately.

4) We strive for a sense of realism in RP, but players don't need to have OOC doctorates equivalent to the RP professions. Not everyone will be a physicist, geneticists, 'git hacker, etc. in RL, and they should not be expected to actually have that same level of knowledge. It's all in how it is presented, and something can seem realistic without it needing to be 100% accurate. If you have topical knowledge in a field that might benefit another player's character, please share it politely. There is no need to be dicks about it.

5) Please don't make a point of commenting to correct another player's spelling/grammar/pronunciation. It's just considered rude, particularly as American English may not be the first language of some players. We all make typos (I make a lot), and we are pretty fluent in reading them by now.

6) We have discussion forums...use them. Although this feature is somewhat limited currently (looking at you Ning), it is still better than comments for conducting on-going topical discussions.

7) Blogs come in all sizes and varieties, but posts should always strive to be substantive. Short, 2-3 sentence posts that offer little to the overall story should be avoided.

8) All posts (blogs, updates, discussions, videos) should be topical to INSILICO, its story, or its themes...pretty self explanatory.

9) Avoid "spamming" the site with excessive posts. We all currently share the same activity feed, and too many posts by one person can flood out new content, making it less accessible. There is no rule of thumb here as activity waxes and wanes daily, but the Latest Activity feed is a pretty good indicator of whether you are posting too frequently. Is the majority of activity within the last few days yours? If so, it might be considerate to throttle it back a bit.

10) I just wanted an even number of, umm. I guess use common sense and your best judgement in dealing with others on Ning. Yeah, that sounds good.


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