In a world full of crazies someone needed to have tough skin even if it means pushing simple emotions , or scars not seen to the back of the mind.Today he stood in an all to familiar place to him. looking around inside the dojo. the place he had spent some time with Maz before his mental status took a nosedive. having nearly pushed him over the edge. 

She had often refered to him as Bushin...a word often used by old world japanese referring to the ancient samurai of the 17th to the 19th century, it had been a long time since he had done anything to clear his mind.

The wounds of last year were still there. but derrick had pushed himself beyond that. he took in a deep breath. taking a look around he began to walk toward the elevator since he knew where it was, then headed back out into the city. derrick wore a false smile alot. but who know how long it would be before even the false smile would dissapear, he looked at a contact chip he had recived from elektra still having it. he  put it in his pocket moving forward. it just...wasn't time yet.

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