It's been a whole year. InSilico. That's where the trouble all started. It's where I met him. Richard. I'm just an enforcer, not worthy of the chain of information. But I swore my loyalty to him, and I do not do that lightly. Then just like that, the Dragons began to consume one another. He vanished from my side, and I was unable to follow him. But I am the Shishi, the stone guardian. I do not give up. I'll simply begin again, start over from where it all happened. InSilico.

BTL - HEAVEN.... initiated. 

Standing by for playback.

She sits upon an old crate in the South Tunnels, as her body begins to feel weightless. The world glows so bright her eyes hurt for just a moment, but then all the pain stops. Everything stops. She is wrapped in a world of white, and her mind begins its journey into her memories.

         What went wrong? What was the clue I missed? This is a jigsaw with too many missing pieces. 

                                                                             You know where to find him. You just have to look.

                       That voice again. I know it's her. Kaya... I remember her name. I watched her die.

                                     He told you, Anna. He told you everything. You were there. 

                                                                                                  Then why don't I remember?

                     Because you're dumb, dummy. You locked it all away.

                                                                                                             Just like me.

                                            Just like you? Then why doesn't he talk to me like you do?

                                                                     Because you don't let him.  

She leaves the box and heads south, mumbling to herself. People see her and sneer and glare. They hurry in other directions. Her reputation as The Hound hasn't yet faded. 

     If he's here. I should be able to find him. Right?

                                                                                                                                In theory, yes.

                         I don't have time for your games, Kaya.

                                                                                            Then you don't have time to find him.

                          I can't even find you.

                                                                                       I'm always here, Anna.

         No, I'm Zoey, now. Anna died with you.

                                                                                                      Zui, Zoey, doesn't matter. You're my sister.

No, my family is dead. Even the Dragons have left me for dead.

                                                                 Which is why you have a Dragon fighting a Phoenix tattooed all over.

                                                                        You will be reborn.   

A right turn into a narrow alley. It's her second favorite place to sleep. Her memories carry her there. It's not as noisy. There are no crowds. Just peaceful isolation. Only the drones and hums of the city sing to her here.

Don't go that way! There's nothing down there. I promise.

                                                                 But I'm tired.

                                                                            So what? You don't even know when you're sleeping, anyway.

                                                           So where do I go, then?

                      Where would Richard go? 

                                                    How could I know that? His office?

                                                                            He loved a place more than his office. And it was NOT the Bowl.

                                                             We both love the view.

                                     I'll help you get there.      

Zoey doesn't know what happens, nor seems to notice, she's still sitting down. This time at the ledge of Fusion. The disembodied voice of her long dead child sister never seems to leave her. 

                                                                           Is it clear, now?

        I think so. That last voice. I can hear it. It wants me here.

                                                                        That's right, sister.

                                                                                          Where do I go, now?

                                                          Wherever you want. You found him. He's waiting for you.

                                                                                                                                    I'm just beneath you.

She moves to the ledge, looking down to the ground. It's a jump she's taken with her hoverboard dozens of times. Still a part of her hesitates. What if it's not a dream? What if it simply doesn't matter?  

           Why did the Dragons turn on us? I need your answers, Richard.

                                                                                                                I did what I could, Zoey.

      How am I supposed to fight for those that abandoned me?

                                                                                              You need to fight for yourself.

                             For what purpose?

                                                                                     Because in time, I'll find you.

                                                 Now jump, sister. You need to die, in order to rise.

She stands, opening her arms and leans off the ledge. It seems like an eternity to her, falling to the ground through the cold rain. She sees the street closing in. She smiles. Only for the pain to set in. She welcomes it, as he eyes open. This isn't where she plugged in, but she got her answers. She'll sleep another day.

                  Save your strength, Zoey. Survive for me. I'll find you when I return.

                                                                                           We'll be here when you need us, Anna. 


Playback complete       

And so we return to InSilico. A reality colder than the street she lays on. She knows those voices weren't real. She's well aware they're just a program. Just a code written from her own subconscious. It didn't matter though. What isn't real has never stopped her before.        

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