she could hear them talking ....

"glorious isn't she, a wonder to behold.

"sir , do you think it was wise to put her under for so long. I mean she just got to the city months ago?'

The dark figure just showed a bright  sinister smile. "I couldn't just let anything to happen so such a treasure as Earth," he retorted , How well her name suits her."

"but sir, was it  wise to put her under for so long? She just got her to the city months ago."

" did what I thought was necessary for her sake."   A human in cryo? she not a droid nor has  she been fitted with any cyber limbs," the voice snorted.

" With   all that has been goin on , this was the best choice of action."

Earth could hear every word , but could  not move let alone open her eyes .

'Oh my god, I cant move... where the hell am I?'

 Mm..... looks like she trying to wake up sir."

"Well then lets wake her up ....

"she may slaughter everyone in this room, this something that we should avoid at all cost."

The Dark man laughed,  Haa ! Well then, we should be leaving, shouldn't we then?

Set timer to  5 mins clear the room , better yet clear, the ship .

Set to revive in 5 mins ....5..4..3..2..1.

Arise , My beautiful angel of DEATH......



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