-he stood on the landing pad looking down on the eastern sector of insilico, his visor scanning the area-

 "What is a Good Man? it the things he dose for others.......or is it the things he's done for this city." he looked ahead a certain dark tone came to his eyes. "That is something i am not....." he opened his armored hand looking to it "More times then not that gentle side of me has been taken advantage of....bogged down and broken........." he looked ahead. then looked down toward the aichi office "She's one of the only ones that stuck by and understood whats going on in my head....ever since that night...that image keeps playing over...and over...and over AND OVER...AND OVER!!!"

"All i can hear is that gun shot...and see is her still face after her body collides with the ground..Some nights i feel like i'm going to completely loose my mind....."  he lowered his arm looking ahead "i need to see dr lloyd before this becomes to much to contain...."  he looked down at the reflection from the puddle from the synthetic rain..

"I...Am not....a good man....."

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Comment by Earth Eladan Aries on January 17, 2017 at 12:48am

awesome job !


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