║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-07-19  ▌█║║

"I have a plexislug with the DNA code filed.  Dr Westing tried to find a match using the city database, but to no avail."

Eve looked at me as if I were speaking D´naa "What the hell is a plexislug?"

I took it from my pocket and showed it to her "It´s a data container.  Actually, using a plexislug for such a small amount of data is a bit of overkill but..." I must have grimaced at the sight. Eve had grabbed the plexislug from my hand and stuck it into her mouth, and asked me if the device was working.

"Uh..yes, it´s working...but I would not bite on it"

To my consternation, I watched Eve groan and moan while she struggled to swallow it. Her face turned a bit blue. "Unnngggh." she exclaimed as it suddenly went down. "That was a bit harder than I thought. Next time coat it in like chocolate or something, ok?"

I closed my eyes, covered my face with my hands and sighed in dismay...

Four months earlier,  after Insilico´s problems with the air supply systems by the end of March 2486 and later on, its takeover by Aeon Holdings,  AGIS had started to move their Headquarters from LYRA Station to Shoda Station.

I did not really know much about these headquarters, what or who LYRA actually was. A huge orbital sphere where the big guns of AGIS resided, that was everything I knew.  To be perfectly honest, at that time I knew very little about AGIS in general, and cared even less. I had arrived in Insilico only three months before, with problems of my own and a lingering bitter taste of my home Corporation deepest and foulest activities for whose I had been an active tool.

At that time I would have never imagined how the huge corporation for Advanced Genetics and Cybernetics that had expanded across the Solar System, thanks to their cloning and bioengineered human making technology, commonly referred as bioroids or fabricants,  was going to change my life, from the very moment I stepped in at the medical center in the city to have my medical checks done.  

During these months, I met some of  the fabricants in the medical center, who for many reasons, scared and fascinated me at the same time. I had met Sixteen and Fifteen, and I had witnessed their struggle between purpose and choice, a paradigm of the neverending question of determinism versus free will.  And Dr. Westing, the human medical director who I suspected, supported fabricant freedom of choice more than what she admitted in public.  Later on a few others,  Cailin, Zero, Cyr..and of course, Eve.  Or the Eves, to be exact.

Ironically, only months after having fled Gripen,  Eve had offered me enlisting in VASC, another paramilitary organization but much more than that: a weapon R&D corporation based on Mars.  Eventually, I had been sent back to Insilico assigned to AGIS. 

Was my fate to always end up joining the ranks of the corporate world, or did I really expect being able to do something actually good, from inside the guts of the beast?  Or was it a much less epic and transcendental story, and I simply was there for the money, but my ego wanted to believe I was better?  The alternatives were being a denizen, possibly putting my skills at the service of some illegal organization, not a very enticing prospect either.  The old, medieval dilemma of choosing between serving the feudal lord or becoming a wolfshead was not such a dilemma:  If something could be learned from the thirteen hundred years old legend of Robin Hood was that despite his constant talk about oppressed, dispossessed serfs ...his real purpose was no other than overthrowing the sheriff and sitting on his chair.

This time, it was going to be different.  AGIS was much more than a big corporation.  Beyond their pursue of profit , technological and business supremacy, there was something else.  Something greater. And Shoda was an amazing place for someone like me, brought up in the dark, cold artificial platform of Ny Stockholm.  A place of light for someone who had never seen a sunrise or a sunset.

A day came when I was put face to face with the Matriarch. Lyra.  Her body and soul housed the burden of all the data processing at the station and all its inhabitants.  Eve had arranged our meeting, but I never had a chance to ask her why I had been granted such an undeserved privilege.  Lyra herself told me that Eve had allowed me temporary access and why.  She told me about the origins of AGIS, its founders, how she had become a hybrid, and about Shoda´s mission.  A new hope for humanity.  A second chance.  Also, about how not everything was bright and smooth and divergences had arisen within the community in the past.  Later on, I would learn a bit more about the wars where the Major had played a key role and about... ARES.

Lyra´s voice had a clear, slightly metallic tone that reached deep inside me. "It was a great honor to give myself to my people and here I remain, tied to the senses of the station and with a million voices reaching my ears"  

"You have destroyed your world so we will help create new worlds for you to live. We created a Utopia here for those with the ability to respect it and to respect us. Our children live only to serve but we also want them to have free will, to live according to their own designs and while this is our dream, there are limitations to such a decision...You remain unpredictable which is certainly an advantage, and your knowledge of your kind will become of utmost importance, especially while we open our doors to you. We respect peace above all, but that peace comes at a price"

A dream worth fighting for.  Worth dying for.  I promised her loyalty.  I did not imagine how painful the path towards that dream was going to be.

I met Eve a few days before she became the Oracle.  The news left me thunderstruck. She had made a choice, and was leaving me with another choice to make myself.  Eventually I would have to choose between the place I was, and the place I wanted to be.  Loyalty, again.  And she was leaving.  Soon, the one known as the Major would become the Oracle.

"I soon wont be your boss I am afraid. I was given the unique opportunity to become a junior matriarch for AGIS. I won't be able to remain as I am."

A few days later, I saw her,  hanging from a mass of cables in the center of the Oracle chamber.  I stood silent in front of her,  reflecting selfishly on how she had left when I needed her most. 

In her place, she had left two of her fabricant line sisters.  Both were similar and different at the same time, one more similar to the Major in her military bearing, the other, remaining on Shoda, of a kinder and lighter spirit. The one who had just swallowed a plexislug right before my eyes.  And, neither to be forgotten nor underestimated, the former VASC medic Cailin Beorn from the Zero line, now head of security at AGIS, who had already shown she was not willing to make things easy for me.

I opened my eyes, and stared at Eve wide open,  still not believing what had just happened.  She had actually swallowed the plexislug.

" was not the idea, the idea was to...well, I think I will speak with Cailin about this DNA sample...after getting another copy from Dr Westing. really didn´t know what a plexislug is?"

Eve tried to speak but something was wrong with her throat. 'Uh...' I could see her bend over, her hands on her stomach, her face going from red to purple,  finally running away towards the ladies room.

Disclaimer:  The events narrated correspond to actual RP scenes, and are to be read from an strict OOC perspective unless having been active part of it  ▌█║║

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Comment by Kimiko Mazoku on July 21, 2016 at 12:19am

(I love the historical bits and introspection :) )

Comment by Cyerce Kiranov on July 21, 2016 at 12:38am

((Yay, fabricant lore. And whats that on your desk...? ;) ))

Comment by Dart on July 21, 2016 at 12:46am

((I think that´s  the latest model of plexislugs released in the market, that "someone" ;) left there.  I have noticed they now come chocolate-coated,  Eve will be glad to learn about it :P ))

((And thanks a lot, it really made me laugh out loud :D))

Comment by Plevu Krawo on July 21, 2016 at 1:41am
(( oh yes it has been way to funny to read her swallowing this thing. Great read. Loved it. ))
Comment by Tyler the Drifter on July 22, 2016 at 7:52am
Comment by Riowyn on July 22, 2016 at 8:51am

((Itchy tasty :) ))


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