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[OOC] Phase 497 (AKA A New Website

Sooooo...the long and short of it is this: InSilico has a new website. I asked awhile ago that people backup what they could of their postings, and this is why. This situation isn't an ideal one, so I'll just jump into a preemptive FAQ here to address the what, whys and hows.

Q: What is the new website?

A: (yes, that is the URL.

Q: Why is the…


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[OOC] Forum Decorum (because it rhymes)

I've seen some posts here recently that were, let's just say...less than productive (or at least pushing against good etiquette). Below are some generalized guidelines for getting along more cooperatively. Most, if not all, of these points have already been addressed in some form over the years, so I'm really just bringing them all together for easier reading. 

1) In-character blogs are posted here for exposition, but the information contained within them is generally not…


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[OOC] Three. Two. One...One...One...

I had planned to make this announcement through some rousing “Apocalypse Canceled” type of post, but that would certainly be anticlimactic at this point.  Anyhoo, yeah…SURPRISE and Merry Giftmas! INSILICO is here to stay (again)! It just took a while to get all these ducks lined up. Suffice to say though, it’s pretty much official. We live on.  

So what does this mean to you, as players? Well, it simply means that you and your characters get to live on too! This world won’t be ripped…


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[OOC] South East Event Log

Below is the series of events that transpired in the city today. It is usable as IC information. Further details on this on-going story line will be released through stories and additional blogs. 

12:00 SLT:

A series of shrill chimes announces the activation of the public address system: “Environmental systems integration in progress. Residents may experience intermittent grid disruptions. Do not be alarmed.”



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[OOC] Closure Update - The Sequel

As is probably obvious by now...the sims will NOT be closing tomorrow. Yes this is potentially good news. No, we aren't going to get ahead of ourselves yet. It's all preliminary and nothing is definitive. As of this moment though, consider the apocalypse on pause. 

The InSilico regions will remain until we get things sorted, one way or another. We'll have more to say when there is more to say. 

In the meantime...RP! There is still a story unfolding in the city. That much hasn't…


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[OOC] Closure Update

Just a brief notice so everyone is up to speed:

The closure of the INSILICO and INSILICO SOUTH regions has been generously pushed back until November 15th. While this is good news, it is still bittersweet. Currently this will allow us to close all 4 regions at the same time. 

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By The Numbers

Wilhelm reclined back in his chair, basking in the cold radiance of computer monitors and the light scatter of the city that permeated the office. Even through closed eyes, the pulsating, diffuse glow of air traffic flitting by AEON tower was hypnotic enough that it drew his focus away from their conversation. Everything was becoming incoherent, and the words hitting his ears were just meaningless sounds smashing together into a whining noise…



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[OOC] Fade It To Black

((or the hardest post I've ever had to write, redux))

InSilico had a tough road ahead of itself after the loss of Skills and a two week lockout…specifically, a financial one. While we were able to float by on generosity, that cushion has run out. Sadly, our primary sources of income have never fully recovered. It’s not any one thing, but a combination of losses that have slowly eroded away: Malls are drying up, Skills’ MP sales disappearing, fewer long term residential…


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[OOC] Ning Status

As we are all painfully aware, Ning ( the service provider for this site) has suffered from some serious reliability issues as of late. These outages are beyond our control, and the company is being maddeningly non-specific when it comes to how it is addressing this degraded performance. Also, with the ownership of Ning itself changing hands several times in as many weeks, we just aren't confident enough to make any guarantees about its future or our long-term commitment to the platform…


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OOC: InSilico Ning Usage

Please remember that this Ning site is an extension of the InSilico RP environment. Posts and submissions can be IC or OOC, but they should almost always be on-topic and in-theme with the setting. Occasional off-topic posts are ok, but should be kept to a minimum as they can clutter up the site and push legitimate content off the activity feeds.

For example: YouTube videos. While it's perfectly acceptable to link to a video in a blog post for ambiance, it does not need to be…


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Sim Update - Opening Assessment

Well, after a bit of a delay and a hiccup (Note: enable Allow Direct Teleport), the InSilico sims are now accessible to the public again.. 

Getting back in after being locked out for so long, our first priority was to just take a look around and make sure everything is as it was before this whole drama started. Aside from scripts being turned off in some regions, lag from everything coming on at once, and a few lists being cleared out; everything remains intact...and it WILL…


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A More Optimistic Title

After meeting with the Lindens in regards to InSilico's future, we have been able to come to a deal that will hopefully get us to a point where we can keep the sims open into the future, and with any luck...self-sustaining again. It's going to be a lot of work, and no doubt there will be some issues along the way. Yet this was the best of possible options to get InSilico open again soon...and within the control of those that have been involved with it for years.

I'm not too…


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A Sad Title

A Disclaimer is a disclaimer...and as such, please understand that the thoughts below are my own in light of the current situation.

EDIT: Linden Lab seems to be cooperative in keeping the sims alive so far.

If you'd prefer to hear the words directly from Skills herself:…


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Sim Update

Hopefully I'm not out of line for responding to this, but to cut down on at least some speculation here...

Skills' account has been banned. This has already been stated and we know that much as fact (even if the specific "why" of it has has been left up in the air by LL vagueness). I've seen the notice as it relates to the ban, but will not otherwise comment on it as that is up to Skills (who is understandably still trying to sort this all out). It was not for financial reasons…


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AI Systems Registration Form

((Here's the form for characters needing to register their AI's/Androids/Robots with INSILICO. Please note that these regulations are strictly in-character. Speak with a GM or Inspired if you have any questions or concerns.))

AEON Holdings, LLP

InSIlico Administration 

cc: Director of Operations, Director of Security

Internal Operations Data Sheet: Form MASIA-1A

The UBC's Allied Regulatory Committee, by and through their local agents, have set…


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[OOC] The Snooped and The Snoopedless

In the setting of InSilico, personal privacy is obviously at a premium. Technology connects everything, and you never know who might be tapping in…

But does that mean there are no more secrets, or that information can’t remain hidden from countless prying eyes? In short, no. While it may be more difficult to stay under the radar these days, it certainly isn’t impossible. All it takes is a little critical thinking and a mind towards realistic RP.

Obviously there will be areas…


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[OOC] Staff Updates

GM Changes:

As some of you may already know, Jodie has chosen to retire as GM. While I'm sure she wouldn't want anyone to make a big deal of it, we still would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the commitment she has given to InSilico these past few years. Through thick and thin, she always maintained a passion for the sim, the setting, and the greater story. She will be missed.

On a positive note though, please join me…


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[OOC] West Closing.

I've debated with myself as to whether or not I should write this blog post. I mean, by now almost everyone should know that the West sim is closing. Ultimately though, I felt that the sim deserves at least some proper acknowledgement. This post won't be very long, and frankly it doesn't need to be. It is simply a small FYI for our players, past, present and future...and a great big thank you to West for the years of fun.

So, why is West closing? Well, it's no big secret that…


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[OOC] Space, the kinda sorta frontier...

Recently the GMs have been fielding a lot of questions about mankind's presence in the solar system, how fast ships can travel, and how much we've developed in general. In order to help clarify those questions and provide players with a better frame of reference, I've compiled the following information based on established lore and RP. Please note that this information is in no way meant to be an extensive list of all that there is to be found in the solar system, nor is it meant to be…


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[OOC] A Pox On Both Your Houses

Last night an airborne bacterium was released during the attack on West. The nerve agent was merely a distraction meant to debilitate those in the area long enough to ensure an acceptable level of exposure. If your character was in the area of Fifth Avenue/Atonement at that time, then you have come into direct contact with this biological agent. Likewise, those your character came into contact with immediately following the attack also have an increased probability of being…


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