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INN Radiocast: January Round Up

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[OOC] New Landing Zone!

As you all know the sim has been undergoing renovations for over a year. That trend is continuing in Insilico's new landing zone. We made it easier for a person to get a basic grasp of the: theme, lore, sim, rules, races, roleplay system, and meter, instead of shuffling though the Ning site (which due to circumstances out of our control can be broken). The Ning site is still an invaluable place to gather information and blog, but now the basic facts are in your hand in the landing zone. …


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Midnight City

Star Raven looked at her monitor one last time, "Well BIT, we have had a wild ride in this this city. Its time to head home."

BIT: "Yes"

-After reporting for MGBN and INN for a time, our business shifted to selling wares and fashion. Many years passed, trips from Mars to Insilico a hundred times over. But it was time to move up and on.-

She hit the power button. Soon the…


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Second Life SciFi Con People's Choice Awards!

UPDATE 4/9/16

We won 3rd place Best in Theme! Yay, thanks so much for voting!



At the landing zone for the Second Life SciFi Convention is a kiosk asking you to vote…


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Still no word from Linden Lab as to why all of this happened after all INSILICO has done for Second Life in general. Heck we are on their business cards and promotional videos in ads and meetings! What I do know is that the higher up Lindens did not even know about this until informed. Whether it is a trigger happy Linden on a spree (has been happening a lot lately), or people targeting us out of spite with false reports, I'm sure they are looking into it out of confusion. Please be civil to…


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Insilico is down.



Notice Sent by: StarRavenSAT Resident

Insilico is down.

Due to circumstances, we don't understand our sim owner, Skills Hak, was banned from SL. LL took no time in shutting down all her sims including INSILICO.

If you wish to get…


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INN Report: A look back at 2485!

Happy New Year Insilicans! We hope you enjoyed the party at Fusion last night/early morning! It was full of drinks, music, dance, and familiar faces! May 2416 bring us lots of excitement, because it is what makes the news (and my job as a reporter), newsworthy!

Now after the celebrations die off, the drinkers stop drinking, the looters stop looting, and the homeless stop peeing in my plants; let us take a look back at 2415 in all its…


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INN Report: Gemini Jumps in Terror!

Tonight a landmark building has been lost to terrorists. The IPS building is no more after an announcement by Gemini about our safety of all things...

Lucky BIT transcribed the whole event and took pictures. Lets watch shall we...



* - Character Thinking

() - Character Action

These can't be used as RP knowledge, but here for…


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North Gallery November: The Art of Riowyn

As November begins, let us be thankful of the wonderful artists on the grid! Especially one of our own!

Riowyn is showing in the gallery and you can own a piece! All of her art is on sale as well!

So come on down for your viewing pleasure!…


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North Gallery October: The Art of Halloween. Past, Present, and Second Life!

The North Insilico Art Gallery will have a theme every month or so because it has been empty for far too long. SL is art, and art within art is just mind-blowing if you ask me lol.…


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INN Report: An Octoberfest turns into a Bloodfest!

Fun and merriment reign across the city as Octoberfest, Halloween, & Day of the Dead draw upon us. Drinks, laughter, music, and joy can be heard in every corner, and innocent fun and general debauchery (I see you streaking across the street mister!) carry on.

But a bloody discovery turned joy into tragedy this week. ISS reports of a missing girl, Tamaki Midori, became a murder report after the hacked up remains were found under The North Art gallery in the homeless part of town.…


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INN Report: Outbreak Incident!

INN informants at the Blue Ant told us that an outbreak incident happened last night at the Ant!

Folks it was not a pretty sight, not at all, and I warn you this report can get a bit graphic.

BIT: Yes.

Not you BIT! The other bit... Oh never mind!



18:00- At around the early evening on August 4th, a small crowd of ISS…


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INN Report: Public Forum - Outbreak Edition

Hello my fellow citizens, colonists, visitors, and elsewhere.

Today we have a very important topic of recap in Insilico Public Forum by representative Zolos. There is a deadly virus spreading through out our fair city.

To further inform the public Mr. Volos head a public forum at the Blue Ant last night to ease our fears and strengthen our resolve to be cautious, clean, &…


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INN Report: Interview with Nyusha ZoryAna

Hello viewers, this Star Raven reporting for Insilico News Network.

Today we are interviewing Nyusha ZoryAna at the Kasbah. Let's get to know Insilico's red headed entrepreneur!


Star Raven parks her cycle out front, and walks into the art gallery, "Ok BIT we are here, It's been a while. Lets not let INN down."

Nyusha waves her…


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OOC Blog: Cyberpunk Comics

Hey Star Raven here, I know we all cyberpunk/dystopia fans, but did you know of some comics in those genres out there?

A very cool tumblr post lead me to some really bright gems for this:

Happy Reading :D

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News about INSILICO!


Many mediums across the grid strive to be, or have, what we have accomplished & keep on accomplishing. A long lasting and memorable simulation within Second Life.

In this blog I will post various articles from such about our sim or mentions.

Real Travels in a Virtual World:



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Drax Files: Insilico

Thank you everyone for being part of this!

Please post your comments on youtube & share our great world!

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OOC Thoughts: Blogging, Drax Files, & Various Topics

INSILICO... I can't thank you enough for supporting the sim. You are INSILICO, and now people outside of SL can see that. They can see out passion, pride, art, and us.

Games may come and go, but bonds can last.

Thank you INSILICO!


Also as you may or may not know I have a Second Life blog. It explores places outside of IS, cyberpunk, & fashion, thus I don't post blogs from it to here. But if you ever…


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OOC EVENT: Live Filming for Drax Files INSILICO

If you wish to be in Drax Files INSILICO, bring your cyberpunk self over on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th! Filming in the morning and evening.

-Remember to wear a LOW script count, & we reserve the right to clear the sim.

-We would rather have YOU in the film than extras, so please come on down on those days.

-Please wear your futuristic, modern, and cyberpunk gear.

-If on Mars, you need a space suit to breathe.

-Don't rez anything…


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INN Report: The Votes are In!

And the votes are in folks! Zion Volos is our new Gemini Representative to the city of INSILICO. May his tenure be long for however that is!

Runner up Nyusha Zoryana graciously gave him a party, while Dr.Faith was nowhere to be seen. After toasts, food and partying of course a firefight broke out. Welcome to Gemini Mr. Volos!…


Added by StarRavenSAT on April 11, 2015 at 9:09pm — 6 Comments

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