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Soaked and Confused

"It was one of those humid foggy nights where the atmosphere of the city sets out to get you all turned around and flustered with its otter foolish nonsense ."



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Rabbit Hole to Wonderland Gone

She was laying in a hot tub relaxing contemplating about the start of the New Year, 2249 was only 18 hours away.  She was content on executing her plans for "Rabbit Hole to Wonderland" as her first order of business.  Nyusha was going to finally spend some much needed one-on-one quality time with Alice.  The girl which Nao had hired to work at The Club Aftermath, she at the top of the suspect list.  Some how this girl was at the center of things.   She was literally the proverbial Alice in…


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Painting The Roses Red

So we killed Alice last night.


We first suspected her when she wore a strange costume to Fusion the night it was bombed. A DNA comparison against a sample from the scene of the kidnapping matched hers and we confronted her at the coffee house attached to Skygate. As the suspected ‘Bunny Bomber’ she was responsible for many injuries and many deaths.


So we killed Alice last night.


We looked inside her head. We downloaded and analyzed her…


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The Blessed Child - Chapter I

The pine wood was almost entirely white, only the thin dark trunks of the leafless trees contrasted with the thick layer of snow beneath them. The clouds were starting to fade and blue color started to sprout from amidst the subtle shades of gray and white. The freezing wind had just stopped blowing and the air was getting more pleasant.

The chilling silence was gone as a hooded figure crossed the pine wood swiftly and with very light steps. It moved skillfully, zigzagging between the…


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Oh restless night

"My soul is impatient with itself, as with a bothersome child; its restlessness keeps growing and is forever the same. Everything interests me, but nothing holds me. I attend to everything, dreaming all the while.I'm two, and both keep their distance — Siamese twins that aren't attached."  — Fernando Pessoa



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10cr reward by Luke Tron


I would like to put out ..

a 10 credit reward to anybody who grabs and destorys destroys Adam Caines Data-pad.

I need photo proof before I hand over the credits as it is from the Hot Chicks tip jar....I mean my pocket. 

Thank you



Added by LukeTron on December 28, 2014 at 10:43am — 8 Comments

Tales Of A Child Soldier 10.- △

Unknown Date. Unknown Location.

Was it so bad to drift away? Just float, never thinking, never fearing, never expecting anything. Just diving into the dark abyss, letting go of all the weight that…


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Tales Of A Child Soldier 9.- The Goddess Of Harmony And The God Of Discord

March 14, 2483. Maui Submarine Mining Environment. American Controlled Territory.

The following weeks Razvan witnessed a change in attitude in the entire Omega Squad. Slowly but surely, everyone changed their attitudes towards him, the first and most eager to do so was Iancu Ferenc, the Weasel. He…


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a walk in the park

After finding ghe business card, finding March Shippings temporary office, (the company seems a little shady), and finding out about a stolen hauler, we finally were getting somewhere.

Boss lady had been whinging on a warrant, so never got the APB I'd have liked on the truck, so I mostly patrolled looking on my own.  I had tried reaching the new agent, Neyea, for backup, maybe get to know that ass, I mean her, better, but she was never on the coms channel.

a few…


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Entanglement, Thy Name Is...

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

The Aegis hospital is another one of InSilico's little wonders. It's clean, shiny white and stainless steel, like it's never been used. Even the air has no smell, no scent of blood or humanity or even the piss-smell of antiseptic. Nothing. Sterile doesn't begin to cover it. It doesn't quite seem real. But I'm here to see someone. He…


Added by Naomah Beaumont on December 23, 2014 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Tales Of A Child Soldier 8.- Walking Under The Shadows Of A Dead Sun

February 3rd, 2483. Champs-Élysées, Couronne Impérial.

"Target acquired, all teams in position sir" Sergei's face was transfixed into the six screens before him, trying to keep up with all the data flowing before him "Field Team status?"…


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Tales Of A Child Soldier: 7.- Ilona, The Girl Who Stole The Stars

July 11th - August 8th, 2478. Lux City. Luna

Lux City was truly a magnificent paradise beyond any man's imagination, especially if they were stuck on a dark place like Earth. Razvan had grown to appreciate the small things the city had to offer. When Ilona wasn't with him, he would spend a long time at the…


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Almost Home

So it turns out they do serve drinks on the shuttle already, which means that business idea is out the window, but they’re horrendously overpriced so there would be no partying in celebration of sweet, sweet alcohol. For multiple reasons, including lack of booze, smell, company, the 30 kg package in his backpack, and various other reasons he would be elated to get off of this tin can of a ship.

Granted, he still had one more stop before things were finished up with this…


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Tiny Victories

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

We won today. Joe ran across a container hauler with suspicious markings. Nyu called in the cavalry. It was my day to be on horseback. When the bomb blew, it tore up one of the platforms over the park. Probably wrecked one of those fancy apartments I was eyeing. But before that we got in, and we got Dr. Faith out. Alive and well.

They don't celebrate victories in Insilico…


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doddering old robots and breakthroughs. yes, I am blind

Had been down at the noodle stand by kaufeehause, having dinner, soba noodles, watching a jittering android apparantly get caught in a loop.  Literallh, the thimg was walking in a circle, stopping to wave its hands around, them walked a circle again.  I caught a glimpse of an ugly logo, the Foundations, thing must have had its programming knocked and got loose during the break in.  I got up ang sort of took its cold unfeeling arm and half guided/half dragged it to the foundation.  Once…


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None stop bunny


Agent Brando contacted me about a device he discovered the night before while making his rounds, looking for any clues about the Bunny Bomber in the city.  It was next to "The Slab" down below in the city.  I showed up and did a…


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Joy Ride

Any ex who'd ever said he wasn't spontaneous could eat their heart out.


He’d gone from bored in a café to boarding a flight to Mars in less than a two hours. To be honest, this trip didn’t exactly fit into his promise to be a better person with his new life in a new city. I mean, chances are his boss wouldn’t exactly be stoked about his snap decision…


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Xel'Duum's Stats

║║▌█ Amged'Pha Xel'Duum // 輪廻転生 命喰 ▌█║║


Clan: Red Wind

Division: Marauder

DOB: December 20th, 2464

Race: Human

Gender: Male

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 20%



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Forever Haunting

[So, not at all how I want this. Many mistakes, grammatical and so on. There were more logs I wished to use, but do you know what happened? My laptop did a system restore, and as I was typing it up for the third time, it crashed with blue screen. I promised to have this done by today, and so it is done, but not to the standard I have been striving for. Thus, this will be edited. It is long. You may not understand what is going on, but that is okay. I wanted to show you a taste of what RP can…


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The "Good" Ol' Days

This was certainly a taste of old times.

Sitting at someone else's computer terminal in a dark, unfamiliar office. Downloading security camera footage. Attempting to access their most personal, encrypted information. The purple glow from the pair of monitors dimly lit his face as he glanced between them and his data pad, which was one of two foreign objects sitting on the desk in front of him. The other, his pistol with attached…


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