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Four in the morning, Coraline is sleeping downstairs. Caine stands next to her, looking at the cityscape with his assault cannon on his shoulders, standing guard. He says nothing, gives her one last glance and goes upstairs to his office, trying to place all the pieces of the puzzle. He didn't want to show it to anyone, especially with what had happened at the Medical…


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The Death of a Boss

"nobody would be foolish enough to touch me"

that voice, patented sneer and arrogance, refinement and certain it had been before the sounds of gunfire and explosions had ripped through the scene. the feed was steady and still, she'd not bothered moving for most of the altercation. every so often the gun came into view and she sighted down it, taking careful aim at those across the docks from her. there was no laughter when the bullet found its target, only the…


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A Proper Response

Her body felt heavy almost as if weighed down by unseen tethers. Perhaps it was the distant roar of reverberating tapping like rain against a tin wall that drove her back into consciousness. At first there was a piercing sound, a rising audible high pitch ringing. It almost reminded her of those moments when she was coming to from her awakening. The bright intensity of the lights and the cold metal of the table. The vulnerability found in the sudden realization that you were waking from a…


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Murder Had a Name

"No structure, even an artificial one, enjoys the process of entropy. It is the ultimate fate of everything, and everything resists it." -Philip K. Dick, Galactic Pot-Healer-

The streets were all at once a casual chaos. It was a vision of limber limbs and busy feet chewing on cold wet…


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A short post on the more common types of drugs


So here we go, Ive seen a few people messing around with medicines and using the wrong things for the wrong things and all that, antibiotics don’t affect viral infections such as the cold, for that you need antivirals, so I'm going to write a brief post about medicines and what there used for. I'll not go into details of specific drugs and of course as this is the future there ARE wonder drugs capable of doing many things, but this is just going to focus on the targeted…


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Breaking and Entering

I have been asked for a system that allows players to be able to break into IPS and access their information. Rather then say no I decided to supply some information to help players achieve this difficult task within the confines of the roleplay system. so to begin let me cover a few minor points to address the procedure of how this is done.

Firstly it is important that you inform any online players who are members of the faction what you intend to do. This of course is done…


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plans within plans

After taking all that time thinking she was relieved when Mr. Caine came in to the fusion so she could discuss things with him, she had plans in her mind to watch out for Rich, Just he would not be made aware of them, so she started getting things put in place...though going and getting high for the first time and passing out was really not in those plans. so she had to shake that off.. she had gotten her new eye upgrade the Doc had done an awesome job as today she hoped she would…


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Great, More Challanges

Rewind some weeks ago, the girls passed out, confident this was the truth, Richard stepped up on the hidden platform that rose up to his office. Clicking a small LED light on, he shifted quietly and turned on his computer device, the screen appeared. Taking the chip out of the fabric of his collar, he took the risk and plugged it in.

Video file... okay. He fumbled though his junk drawers for his headphones, plugging those in, he leaned back, pointer finger under his nose,…


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Hard thinking

as I sit here looking out the window over the city my mind is filled with deep hard thoughts, thinking on recent events and recent development  as well as answers to questions I have had. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what I will never give up my loyalties, I will always have Rich's back and I will work on learning to be a staunch defender. I will spend more time watching over his bar, making sure that runs smooth and I will get back in to my dancing as a means of keeping my…


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RIP sonya/serena

She tried to meddle with that chip/killswitch and failed, her remains have been shipped to IPS but Ray was smart and kept enough of her cells/dna to bring her back sort of, her memories would be gone, she would be a bioroid at Ray's command, programmed the way he saw fit and would once again have a killswitch encased with her brain.

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[[/11 OOC Notes and disclaimers:

  1. Disclaimer: The majority of this is an RP and not my work. Credits of persons involved at the end.
  2. Some things may look different, because this is though Richard Hughes/Franklin Turner’s eyes. Cool good.
  3. If you do not agree with something relating to your character, wither I was completely off or reading the log wrong/half asleep and still editing for some ungodly reason, LET ME KNOW. I will go back and edit it ASAP. I in no way…

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Who am I?

//Log entry begins//

Who am I?

Twenty years...Twenty God damn years I gave this city...and now im back. Will it have all my life> Will I die an old man clinging too my glory days serving the city? Or will I die serving this city and its Corporate owners...I don’t even know myself, I know nothing but my job and now even that’s changed, none of the old ways of violence and torture...I’m not even relevant any more, not Really.

Twenty years is a long time...even…


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Johnny Graves Character sheet.

║║▌█ Name ▌█║║

Civilian ID:

Employer: IPS

DOB: 12/17/45

Race: Cybernetic

Gender: MAle

Character Incept Date:

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: High 70%

Perception: high 70%

Endurance:low 40%

Agility:low 40%

Strength: medium 50%

Charisma: medium 50%

------ Skills ------------------------------- **

Security..................30% (end+str)

Medical .................60% (int+agi)



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12162483: internal network maintenance and hamburgers

Omega was in the diner in South, staring strait ahead as she slowly chewed her burger.  She'd been doing well on noodles the past few months, working on adapting herself to a solid diet, now she was giving heftier foods a chance, the burger had a slight taste reminiscient of Delacacies of Mars, only without making her violently ill afterwards.  

As she was staring off, focusing on chewing, she was also virtually examining the connections in Node 2 of the triform processor…


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going through changes

Kelly Osbourne Ft Ozzy Osbourne - Changes

 although  i know  i passed  out  from Exhaustion in a Corner in the med Center  after a  long  night  of Helping Doc Scarlet  i felt  like  i had not slept in days i was Drained booth mentally and emotional. My life so  fair Consisted of what a rotten chilled hood a dead father figuer and  more than likely Mother, A…


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Just Another Day Part II

[[OOC Notes:

  1. This happened way before all the current blogs and follows right after ‘Just Another Day Part I’. This is all in the same day.
  2. Disclaimer: The majority of this is an RP and not my work, just like in part one, it’s pretty clear where the RP is. Credits of persons involved at the end.
  3. Please, please, please keep in mind: This was 33 pages when I started to edit it. Hours of RP cut to 18 pages. Some things may look different, because this is though…

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Biotechnology Today

The augmented world of today is a pioneered field of genetics and cybernetics ranging from commercial use to Military grade technology. Both to enhance human standards and exceed them exceptionally. The average human is usually augmented from birth and the technology is so integrated in the fabric of modern…


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what next part 2

As i  step out  of Skips Apartment and on to the  the  lift to tack me  down to the street and back  out in to the city i hoped the  note  i left Skip would go Over Well  him and Rich  im not use to  Kindness  wan you grow up on the streets  there is  very  little  of that  and  in the world now ass it  there is even less . So  with a  killer hang  over, im Trying to fill in the gaps from last  night.  Once  the  lift  is at street level  i  make  my way  off  of  it and  towards the Diner …


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To go Forward is to go back

In the course of just a couple weeks my world has been flipped about. The beliefs, my training had all been brainwashing to do the dirty work for her 'Family'. After my violent introduction in to this new City and getting arrested for it..and making tons of new friends...evil laugh...with help escaped IPS custody..shivers they wanted to wipe me take away my purpose and who I was....I was given one more chance but with a security clause called a chip with kill…


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12142483: Travel to Insilico

I had arrived in Insilico having eschewed the conduit for a more proven (if slow) and technically safe travel by ship. I had travelled here to negotiate for new field equipment for the research at Wayfar.  The people I was supposed to meet with had to reschedual, so after changing back at the hotel, I went to go find food.  There was mention of a noodle shop in East, so that's where I went, using a gravplate to take shortcuts.  Once I arrived, I noticed a taped off area and the burning…


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