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Hong Kong

Kadin “Cowboy” Redgrave stepped off of a civilian passenger shuttle into a busy Hong Kong airport, carrying only a black military duffel bag. He was supposed to meet the head of the Ghost Dragons, a world wide crime syndicate with ties to Insilico, but who's presence has been slipping there as of late. Kadin refused to dress up for the occasion. He wore what made him comfortable; a black form fitting tee shirt, loose fitting boot cut jeans held in place by a studded gun belt, combat boots,…

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Mr. Republic's Offer

“Mr. Redgrave?” It was a deep voice with a heavy Chinese accent. It manifested itself in his mind, directly through the comm net and into his neural interface. Kadin was impressed that he'd been hacked without 'the Machine' detecting it. That could only have been done if the man on the other end had somehow gotten a hold of his system identification number (SIN).

“How did y' get a hold of this number?” Kadin replied to the man.

“Saskia... She gave it to me a…

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Meanwhile, on Apesilico

[09:54 PM] Tiffany Bremer: want to ride my horse?

[09:54 PM] Vissy Adamczyk: you have a horse?

[09:54 PM] Tiffany Bremer: come

[09:54 PM] Vissy Adamczyk: or is that what you call

[09:56 PM] Vissy Adamczyk: oh wow, you really DO have a horse!

[09:56 PM] Vissy Adamczyk looks for the penis

[09:57 PM] Tiffany Bremer: now shutup one sec

[09:57 PM] Tiffany Bremer: ...

[09:57 PM] Tiffany Bremer: i know its hard

[10:10 PM] Tiffany…


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Exenut, Act I


>EXECUTE [datalossprevent.exe]



Hana's eyes opened to complete darkness, and it took a couple seconds for her pupils to expand. Even then, she could hardly see. But she…


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Linden Sneeze Language

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: Girl Relax

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: STOP

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: Balls removed

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: Balls ready

[07:02 PM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk): aak

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: Girl Relax

[07:02 PM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk): i cant stop sneezing

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream Side Chair 1 whispers: Meditate

[07:02 PM] Cafe Cream…


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Kadin found her there.

He'd sauntered into the shop of an old cybernetics scrap dealer after being told that the man was well connected with several unlicensed surgeons practicing in and around Insilico. The man was average in all respects, his face, hair style, build and clothing choices made him as nondescript as anyone could possibly be.

The conversation had gone well enough and Kadin was able to get the information he needed without throwing away too…

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Typical day at the bar. Brawndo optional.

[09:56 AM] Elisa Cameron nods to the other patron as she sips her drink

[09:57 AM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk) sighs, "I told myself I wasn't gonna come here." She turns to her left, "I'm not supposed to drink any more" She waves for service.

[09:59 AM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk) studies the row of bottles, biting her lip

[10:28 AM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk) stammers, not knowing what to order. "I...I guess I'll have a virgin vodka..."

[10:30 AM] Vissy…


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The Bad..


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GNN Update: Brutal Slaying of Three in North Sector

A triple homicide that that sent shockwaves through all quadrants of Insilico was discovered by Gemini IPS during the early hours of Christmas morning. Insilico Private Security is searching for a cyborg or possible rogue android known only as the Crucifix Killer…


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Never buy a helmet full of fruitcake.

[02:47 AM] Vissy Adamczyk whispers: ah, here. mfanmph ymu

[02:47 AM] Vissy Adamczyk whispers: fmnm mf a mfitmf

[02:48 AM] RR Isolation Hood (skull) whispers: Vissy Adamczyk has been unlocked by Vissy Adamczyk after 0:13:40 (detached 0 times)

[02:48 AM] RR Isolation Hood (skull): You're free to speak now

[02:48 AM] RR Isolation Hood (skull): You are able to hear again

[02:48 AM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk) takes off her helmet,…


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G.I. Joeeeeeeeeeeee! [or, WHY to show up at Reakt0r early]

[07:40 PM] Rhiannon Kreuz(rae.ireton) flashes a grin at Vissy, swishing her hips her way and throwing her a quick blown kiss over her shoulder as she pivots away. Her thighs tense and swing, ass rocking back and forth as she unhooks another clasp on her harness.

[07:41 PM] Vissy Voltaĝe(vissy.adamczyk) hikes herself to the pole with an oompfh, her age showing only before she starts dancing. "Who was naughty this year? Come tell bad Santa your sins of the year..."

[07:42 PM] Vissy…


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Tis that season.

So here's a lil story I wrote a long long time ago.

And a Merry Giftmas to you all.

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Worst. Christmas. EVER.

2011/12/11 07:48] Vissy Adamczyk: hehehe hiya

[2011/12/11 07:49] Wrestless Resident: hoi hoi

[2011/12/11 07:49] Vissy Adamczyk: Merry Metric Christmas!

[2011/12/11 07:50] Wrestless Resident: Metic?

[2011/12/11 07:51] Vissy Adamczyk: Yeah, its the 11th

[2011/12/11 07:51] Vissy Adamczyk: oh shit

[2011/12/11 07:52] Vissy Adamczyk: Based on TENS, not ELEVENS! Christmas was YESTERDAY!

[2011/12/11 07:52] Wrestless Resident: yush

[2011/12/11 07:52] Vissy Adamczyk:…


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The Scarecrow Experiment

 ====TOP SECRET====

Gemini Cybernetics

Lab Surveillance Report

Main Building – Dr. Quandry’s Lab



Jack Mondegreen glances at the contraption, turning back to the Doctor. "Gee, I can just feel the comfort from here."

Dr. Quandry enters her lab, the doors clicking locked after them with a red light engaging beside the door. Hidden speakers around the room come to life with a smooth female voice. "The lab is…


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The next scene takes place in an abandoned surgery room. Due to its content it was not played in Insilico, so I am only including the link here. Read at your own discretion.


The collected body is thrown on a surgery table. Rhialto boosts himself and the almost dead girl with drugs and he starts inspecting the girl. We…


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Rhialto staggers out from the seedy night club, almost falling off the stairs, stopping at the bottom to regain his balance. Smelling of cheap booze he stumbles to the right, and tries not to puke. With ears ringing he slowly takes a few steps and fumbles with his zipper, needing to pee into the trash, still considering throwing up when he finishes. He staggers back, surprised as a quiet moan is barely heard through the pile of thrash, just a lock of blond hair betrayingthe presence of…


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[IC] An Important Detail

OOC Notes: Again, sorta skipped ahead, this time past the exam that Roahm did (which was delayed because of RL and technical complications) and the report that Roahm believes that an override device must be installed (as she believes that all cybernetic parts must have an override device) and...well, Eden and Roahm were able to spend some special quality time together after the test Roahm gave her! xD Lol, I knowwww, "TMI" least their relationship is very healthy!  This is the…


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Caught in preparation for affiliations..

>>>Priority Message, News Net Feed 21-a alpha, News Grid

>>>Flagged Search Response, Starting video Playback...

She watched as her retna playback system streamed the footage, the sound filling her head as if she was their..And the blood.. She was stunned at what was now going on...

Dr. Whitesong.. what have you become, she could hear herself say..

She ran to her stash spot, a place just outside of the power plant, At a…


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Injecting Evolution

At Gemini South's MedLab

Porter Aiden comes in and brushes himself off. He then turns and looks to Dr. Quandry, "Hello Doctor."

Porter Aiden: "Hope you don't mind but Officer Williams will be joining us, he is curious about the procedure."

Arwyn Juniper Quandry looks up from a handheld computer tablet, nodding curtly to Porter. "Officer. Welcome. That's not a problem at all."

Arwyn Juniper Quandry nods to Rozz as well. "Welcome. I'll have to ask…


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Homeward Bound

Kadin Redgrave leaned on a desk, standing over the shoulder of an athletic young man in a gray jumpsuit with neatly trimmed black hair. They were looking at holograms of words and diagrams floating before them as the young man typed furiously on a holographic keyboard.

The man asked, “I've linked into the EAC military database. I've been searching for you records, but I'm not finding any. Are you sure that you…

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