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Special Delivery

:Outside Budda Bowl, approximately 0300 hours, Insilico time.


A vessel of extreme size lands gently in the street facing the Budda Bowl. A side hatch opens and several oddly dressed folks leap from the portal.


One wearing a subdued gold hued outfit presses a few buttons on the side of the ship and a section opens outward…


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((This log is NSFW, and probably not for those that are easily offended by RP dialogue of a crude nature))


Aemeth Lysette: Antroooon. I got you a Christmas present.

Aemeth Lysette waves the chip in front of him.



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The Freeway

[01:06] Iris Creighton cswings her hands back and forth, causing them to collide and resound with a clap as she repeats. Her stare is fixed onto The Freeway, and she smells on the cigarette in her right hand.
[01:06] Iris Creighton: swings*
[01:07] Illusive SecretSpy walks up behind Iris,…

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The Artist

The ant's blue glow had me mystified, despite it being oh so late. Aemeth and Fifth were long gone, and Jenn left without shooting me. Then a profound woman came in, and sat on the couch a few feet away from me, whiskey in hand. She seemed to have a calm about her unlike anything I've ever seen in this city. She had me...mystified.
[21:10] Scarlett Warziders takes a sip of her whiskey and smiles with a polite nod to the girl on the couch. "Hello. How are you?"

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Another normal day on Mars between Patrol and Med Lab activities




Afternoon, more or less, patrolling also outside the outpost with the Doc Kyndy and AI Tiina



[17:19]  Kyndyrjik Benelli check her weapon

[17:19]  Elettra Munro: all blue in base follow

 [17:20]  Elettra Munro: we need meet conrad



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Scarce Access

Over the next 10 days I'll be busy house sitting. I'll have my PC with me, but my connection here is kind of bad, and I'll be busy doing family and friend stuff on top of it. If anyone needs anything from me send me a message on here. It should pop up on my phone, and I can reply from that.


Anyway, I'll be back in full force as of New Years.

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That Which Hurts To Say

"Ten seconds to showtime."


The assistant had roused Iris with four words, and Iris simply straightened her posture and pushed hair behind her ear in response. The lights. The makeup. The drugs she was offered. They were all annoying Iris, but Iris never showed it. She never showed a lot of things, and tiredness was one of them.


"" The assistant shoved her onto the set, and Iris smiles and waves at the audience as she made her way to the empty…


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Kyndyrjik Benelli

Kyndyrjik is born in a french familly freshly imigrated on the american soil, her two parents refused to use the genome technology to control how will be the baby. Because of that, Kyndyrjik is what we can call a natural girl in this overcybered world.

She's ginger, with light blue eyes and a lot of freckles all over her body. Rather strong due to her military training she look very classic.


After her childhood she joined the cadet school and saw the world around her…


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A Lawful Wedding?

[07:21 PM]  Jenn Torrance: "Well Congrats"

 GIRL v3: Elettra would like give you a hug. Say [Yes] to accept.

[07:22 PM]  Elettra Munro: ty Jenn

[07:22 PM]  Elettra Munro: for comig and congrat ^^

[07:23 PM]  Jenn Torrance: "Thank you"

[07:24 PM]  Jenn Torrance: "Let me throw the reception at my place"

[07:24 PM]  Jenn Torrance: "In a week"

[07:24 PM]  Elettra Munro: " sure sargent"

[07:25 PM]  Jenn Torrance: "You just cant get married and noone…


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OOC: The things we do for love...

No seriousness today (no one is quitting in a huff!). This is just incredibly funny...


Moral of the story: Every now and then, offer your GMs/Faction Leaders/Event Managers a slice of…


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A little GM transparency.

In response to Vissy, and to address any of these lingering questions from those players that were present at the time, I am going to post this thread in an effort to present our perspective. It is not my intention to drudge up the past to overshadow the present, so I will be locking down this blog to comments. If there are any further questions or comments, please feel free to address them with us directly.


"I just dont want repeats of things that made the RP…


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OOC: A completely coincidental and appropriate question

(Posted here with permission. Names and specifics have been removed out of courtesty.)

[11:42] Player: i know your busy but i had a question to ask you on kinda a personal level when you have a moment

[11:47] Fifth Aeon: Thanks, and ask man. Always feel free to ask.

[11:48] Player: how can i be a better rper?

[11:52] Fifth Aeon: Hmm. That's kind of a loaded question. Not…


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Bite Me

Avrilen Ziebzen stood there completely silent for a while as she watched Xander do what he was doing in the kitchen. He probably didn't know she was there.

Xander McMasters puts a dull kitchen knife in his mouth licking the jelly off of it as he assembles a sandwich while humming to…


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[IC/IC--LOG] Hunted and Disarmed

One evening, a few days after she had holed up in West and sulked for a week, Eden decided to go do something about her situation. She had gone on to check on the border--and it's all gated up with robots and a scanner. She had seen a few people pass through without problem, all except for one man who was convicted of armed robbery; he tried to pass through but the scanner sounded the alert, saying that he was a fugitive and the…


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The Director's Assistant

Molly Sabahi: Thanks for seeing me.

Avrilen Ziebzen (ziebzen.avril) seems to have been patiently waiting on Molly's arrival. She nods in reply with a gentle smile. "I am glad to see you look much better than when i last saw you."

Molly Sabahi: Well, the last time you saw…


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║V║▌A║S █│C║

0G-STAGR zero gravity standard tactical assault gauss rifle

is brought to you from Vander Corp. Systems and is capable of achieving both hyper and non hypervelocity projectiles through swapping out the electric motor. this change may adjust the weight and vary the distance of…


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Another Day, Another Corpse

This story starts on a dark night, in a dark place. A young girl walking to her East apartment. A man takes her from behind, and digs a knife deep into her back, cleaving her lung and heart in two. She falls to the ground limp, lifeless and cold. Her red blood spills into the street as people shout and panic. The man is gone. The people have gone quiet, and IPS has now arrived.

Aemeth Lysette is a victim npc and is so dead.

Markham Zero gazes around warily and examines the area…


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"Ask each other question chess-match"

Arbitor sat at his desk ponding what to do looking around evidence of settling in more and more as boxes dissipated more things taken out of them. Some generous benefactor was more than happy to ship him what was needed where he was at currently. Pulling up his observations he read over what Tess had said Lunaria had it converted to a text log file for him.

"Lunaria, call Hain Heliosence, normal protocols by the way."

"Calling now…


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By Any Means Possible

Ziebzen Avril watches Wraithwire stand there for some time. It was typical of him... creepy and awkward. "Would... you like to sit?"

Wraithwire Unplugged: Would it make you, more comfortable if I did?

Ziebzen Avril raises her brows and shrugs, "To be honest as long as I have…


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That Which Makes You Complete

Ziebzen Avril wanders down from her office into the bowels of the laboratory. She steadily carried a tray with her and stopped some ways across the room to watch the doctor work. She knew she didn't have to speak up because he probably knew she was there.

Wraithwire Unplugged scrolls through some menus' on a screen connected to a large tank as the computer lists off percentages based on temperature.

Ziebzen Avril stands there a bit longer as he's decided not to…


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