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Enter Frankie Doyle

Legs crossed with a can of Crackle Pop in hand, she consulted the script of questions provided before continuing the interview with this displaced South East District corporate person.  Even with the lack of empathy for the citizen, the man lacked the cognitive fortitude to accept the not-so-subtle non-verbal cues given off by the interviewer, Francesca "Frankie" Doyle. The man continued to rage sternly, putting in all his littler heart could muster. Even to the point now,…


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-as the hours passed by he seems so peaceful being asleep for the journey, he had come along way from a near irreversibele state ms deverioux had placed i his mind in....could it be that ms.aichi had a bigger hand into him returning to his former self, Derrick was showing signs that something was going on internally. Something…


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Interview: Elias Vance, AEON Interim Liaison Officer

Following this morning's press briefing, AEON Holding’s Interim Liaison Officer, Elias Vance, was gracious enough to accept INN’s request for an audio-only interview.

[Being Transcript] 

INN: “Thank you for accepting our call.”

Mr. Vance: “I can only give you a few minutes, but I’ll try to answer what I can.”

INN: “Is there any new information about what’s…


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Behind Blue eyes - Somewheres between cocoon and insilico

-post may not be used for ic knowlage unleash author gives permission-

-he leaned back in his seat looking out over the sky, looking down at the wasteland that is the surface, escorting ms baily back to insilico prooved to be less then a hassle then he thought, he had her in aichi's personal shuttle on the way back, he had…


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The long walk of a thousand arms

She decided to take the long way to get her final destination.  The service tunnels beneath the city provided her with a reasonable amount of solace and solitude.  She took a deep drag of her cigarette while wondering about the crazy which Mr. William James was dealing with.  Perhaps it had been some sort of black operations scheme for…


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Life in the Ivory Tower

“He’s the most boring security detail to have in the evening.” One AICHI Agent said to another.

“Really? Why’s that?” The other body-armored agent inquired.

“All the guy does is go from his office to his apartment. He never goes out, never has any visitors. I mean, not even hookers! What kind of Director doesn’t flaunt his money around and at least get some action once in a while? Damn shame.” The agent shakes his head. “He’s predictable. Unless it’s to the…


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Chiseled Wealth

Upon the cardboard throne, Richard sat. Jumping to his feet when the alarms began to blare, yelling for Ana to grab the girls and cook to go. He took no chance in the city, for him there always had to be a way out. Ever since all this people were systematically killed in Nexus…

His long running stride, slashing through the puddles in East to get to the stairs. That’s when the rain trickled to a stop. He stared up, then the umbrellas tilted in the same realization. He pushed pass…


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051 - Artificial Independence

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-11-23  ▌█║║

Days went by,  a deceptive,  delusory calm following the first days of confusion and  uneasiness after the evacuation of the South East sector.  Utterly empty of activity, the nickname of The Shades was more befitting than ever before.   Insilico News Network reported how technicians would be bringing the environmental processors online on Wednesday 21st, with brief disruptions in the city grid expected, while the average citizen…


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Destination Cocoon

-Note this is an ooc post, and may not be used icly unless given permission by author of the blog-

" Attention destination cocoon reached" - came over the speaker in the private shuttle, as it docked, he stood up grabbing his bag " Inform mrs. Aichi that i shouldn't be long." he walks threw the port doors reaching…


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I'm broke, friendless and heading to the one place where perhaps my name may still mean something to someone; uncoincidentally, the one place I loathe more than any other place. Only an hour in on this flight and I'm arguing with the transit air-bus, took me twenty minutes of threatening and spit-throwing to convince it my augmentations didn't make me an unauthorized synthetic, illegal stowaway clone or underworld aug smuggler, although based on my appearance I couldn't completely…


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[OOC] South East Event Log

Below is the series of events that transpired in the city today. It is usable as IC information. Further details on this on-going story line will be released through stories and additional blogs. 

12:00 SLT:

A series of shrill chimes announces the activation of the public address system: “Environmental systems integration in progress. Residents may experience intermittent grid disruptions. Do not be alarmed.”



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All residents are hereby ordered to stay away from the South East sector.



All security forces are to pull back and establish a perimeter. Anyone violating this order is to be arrested for endangering the public safety. Emergency authorizations are granted. SecNet is activated. 

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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-11-13 “Far away from home 2”

It had been years, I’d been waiting for this…


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Finding her through his own experience.- the assignment out of the city

-Note this post may not be used icly unless given permission by author-

-the pressure was on, Derrick returned to insilico after a few days away from the mass evacuation from the south east he returned to the insilico east office of aichi, as he sat there speaking to jeanne,about Ms Baley,…


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UPDATE: South East Systems Installed


Service technicians from Redux Technologies have completed their work in the South East sector. AEON Holdings has currently scheduled the environmental processors to be brought online this Wednesday afternoon, with integration testing lasting for several hours thereafter. During this time there may be brief service disruptions to the city grid while these new systems are calibrated. Such…


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Bigger Cages

Wilhelm’s eyes darted back and forth at the buildings whizzing past the passenger window. It wasn’t often that he felt the need to leave the confines of the AEON compound these days, but events lately could hardly be described as status quo either. Given how things were progressing, it was entirely possible that this might be the last time he would be able to see the Shades from this perspective again. Despite it being a shit hole, the vacant windows and empty…


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Caitlin Baily - AWOL

Troubles, troubles troubles. - She is sitting in that small apartment of hers, watching fancy neon-lights illuminating the streets. Her nights characterized by remorse. Everything happened so fast. She never really had a chance to explain. As usual, she slithered into something she has not foreseen. It is part of her personality.…


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050 - Nights without Day

 ║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-11-13  ▌█║║

After the first Breaking news on INN on October 26th,   and the announcement of the South East Evacuation on November 2nd, 2486,  the atmosphere in the streets of the city had become even more oppressive and dark than usual.

 I had put all my plans on hold, when the correct decision would…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-11-13 “Far away from home”

Weeks been passing. My contracts, my office, my apartment – All gone. Still got those credits. Advantage if you get paid upfront. I had to leave Insilico due to a strange message I received a few weeks ago. Someone asked to meet me personally. This calling came along with another payment in advance. …


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home is where your heart is.

While the dull orbital shuttle made its final landing aproach, she just remembered a phrase: " home is where your heart is". she was not sure why she decided to return, outstanding scores, lost friends or the promise of fortune since gemini was gone...

the  preasure of the seat belts snatched her out of old memories about the place she was returning to. the display in the passenger cabin showed that they are now diving into the atmosphere and rapidly slowing down. the return of…


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