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After Fusion

Dave Black sits back and re-lives the recording of the inquiry at high speed through the scanner he has in his cranial chip, putting it through the detective software for visual and sonic analysis, voice fluctuation for lie detection, image recognition for stress peak behaviour, NLP rhythms, and the usual. 


Case Notes:
Hughes: prefers to play piano than discuss any relationship with velcro. Played superbly despite missing a few beats due to harassment from bar…

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The Insilico Roleplay System

Version 4.2 (Change Log)



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A Changing Man

Would you believe it? I woz loitering outside the shooting range where I been studying wiv my new toy wot is right bang shooty and who did I see walking out of Gemini building? None other than that velcro slag wot I have been employed to deal wiv thats who. Stupid bitch was head to the ground all sad like and troubled so I walked up to her; "'allo miss needing' some company?" I sez, thinking I can pretend to hire her and then deal wiv her behind closed doors. "Not now" she sez and…


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Of Mechanical Nightmares And Cybernetic Dreams

The hum of the elevator was heard at the access of Tokuma Towers, the night had fallen on the city already and the hundreds of thousands of artificial light added a whole new face to the megacity of Insilico. A tired Adam Caine had finished his patrolling and was ready to get some rest. He slides his keycard and punches the number 9. The highest level on the highest luxury apartment complex in the South Sector, high enough so he would forget about what he sees down there everyday, so he…


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Enter Dave Black

Big Boy sez to me; go put the frights on that slag Velcro wot been slutting off our turf, she know the rules, pay us protection or pay the price. So I goes to find her. She been seen hanging out around club Aftermath so I goes in there and I tell them straight, Big Boy wants his money, tell her. Bitch pulls down a swarm of drones. I whacked at them with my bat but weren't sticking around for no trouble like that. Put a big new dent in the doorway to remind…


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Terminal at Terminus

GLOBAL INTERLINK MESSAGE 11.20.2483.16:30.23684

From: Emergency Medical Station, Terminus 27 To: Miss Sahara I. Quebec CIV-01-2464 Subject: Family Notification

Miss Quebec, your father arrived at our station late last night with life threatening injuries sustained in a heavy equipment accident.  He has been stabilized but remains in critical condition.  His medical records list your name as his emergency contact and it is with utmost importance that our staff speak to you…


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Log Entry - "Reflections"

Log Entry: 11/21/2483

User: IPS-03-8306

Password: ******************



Welcome, Adam Caine.


I had downtime today and my apartment was strangely quiet, lights dimmed, with only the gentle humming of the security systems. The glow of the many screens on my desk,…


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One Last Thing

Lawson peered across the street at the Buddha Bowl and scoffed openly. Only in this fucked up city would they use a giant fat man to promote cuisine. Their slogan was probably noodles with a side of diabetes he thought to himself while running a hand through his 200…


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A Problem Child to Normalcy

(Posting this at oh 3:47am EST. If I have any errors, sorry... I need sleep. Send me a message to my inbox if you want, I will correct them in the afternoon-ish tomorrow. Enjoy, Till next time --head slams on desk and passes out-- )

A hooded figure climbs down from the gardens, jumping down and landing squarely on his feet. Turning to his right, his eyes were shaded, but his stature gave away how startled he was to a man standing before him.

Skip looks the…


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Escaped Patient

Skip slowly begins to drill a small hole up through the floor structure, sliding a small camera up through the hole to view the room.

There is a chart at the end of a bed to the left of Skip's position. On it reads: “Hughes, Richard. -FOUO- Qualified Personal Only.”

Skip pans the room then lowers the camera again and takes down some notes on his datapad.

Two nurses are near buy, and a patient on a bed, located by the opposite wall Hughes is…


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A Hospital Visit

Sahara Quebec comes wandering up the walkway from down by the Reakt0r and spots Riza. "Hey, have you seen Richie? I stopped by his place earlier but he wasn't there."

Riza Sena quickly peers up at her with wide eyes, the blood stained floor and walls her background. "You didn't hear?!" Obviously, completely shocked to shit that Sahara didn't know.

"Hear what? What happened?" Sahara moves quickly to the steps and sits down eyes locked on Riza and wide as saucers.



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Lost Arrival

His mind was a whirl, his grip on reality slowly coming back. He had wandered the streets of Insilico  most of the night, keeping out of sight mostly as he tried to place what had happened.  Last he could recall was the flash, bright orange and yellows then blackness only to awaken here.  Before that...Giving chase to someone but not why.  He could recall getting so close and....Someone shouting out Constantine, and then that blinding Flash.

So what the hell happened, how did he end…


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Apprehended Carjacker

Case: 8613-0568-1CJK

Primary On The Case: Adam Caine

Secondary: Ireland White

Suspect: Jade Starling

Witness: Scarlet Titanium


On November 17th, at 1:34 am we received a call, there was a car jacking in progress on the main parking lot in Insilico North, Adam Caine and Ireland White responded and caught Jade Starling locked inside a vehicle of recent model…


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Email Exchange - Name Change Authorized

From: no-reply <>

To: Razvan T. Dracul <>

Date: Sat, Nov 16, 2483 at 9:00 pm

Subject: Name And Information Update


Mr. Razvan Tepes Dracul, your petition has been analyzed and cleared by Insilico Private Security's Internal Affairs Department. Your new assigned name is: Adam…


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IPS Report - Razvan T. Dracul - Med Center

Incident: Med Center Explosion, Insilico South

Primary Response: Razvan T. Dracul

Secondary Response: IPS Android 44


Several distress calls were received, I was on patrol at the time and mobilized towards Insilico South as soon as possible. Preliminary reports conclude that there were two explosions on site, considerable losses from the medical staff. Collateral damage was seen as civilians unwilling to follow…


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Memories of old RP chatlogs

[15:44] Pi Biberman: Plus... I kind of like her Tunamisu.

[15:44] Gabrael Couturier: And yes, the Tunamisu is excellent but you must eat it fresh."

[15:44] Pi Biberman: What's wrong with eating fish?

[15:45] Vissy Adamczyk: "Wait, did you say you like my tunamisu?" starts getting watery-eyed

[15:45] Pi Biberman: Well... Yes I did. I found it had an interesting flavor.

[15:45] Vissy Adamczyk: "Thats the…


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Hacks and slash Part 1 Date:// 11/14/2483

In light of recent events going on in InSilico South District. The Mad Engie for hire takes the initiative while people are thoroughly distracted, & unfolds his plan to gain information on Franklin turner starting off towards IS South...

The Nameless Psycho Engineer runs past a group of people standing outside The South IPS Headquarter building making great haste and not even glancing their way. He'd continue running at a dead sprint past the last few shops before making a right…


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Psychiatric And Physical Evaluation - Razvan T. Dracul

The images show the medical center in Insilico South, showing a private chamber, a man is sitting on a char, in front of him there's another man, around his fifties, his hair is greying out and has a left bionic eye, the other man is younger, but overweight and balding, no augmentations are seen, the man on the chair begins to speak to the camera.

"This is a psychiatric and physical evaluation on behalf of Insilico Private Security and Gemini Cybernetics, please state…


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IPS Field Agent Reports 11-14-2483


In Silico Private Security Report #2483-14-11.50.44

Gemini Requested Dispatch: IPS Android 44

Location: Fusion Night Club, East In Silico.

Mission Objective: Biological Evidence Retrieval

AGENT FIELD REPORT: Entered Fusion Night Club prior to regular business hours.  Establishment was empty.  Began collecting biological samples for subject of interest 'Sahara Nyx.'

Interrupted by arrival of human female.  She…


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Email Exchange - Staff Incident At The Med Center

From: Dr. Marcus Jones <>

To: Razvan T. Dracul <>

Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2483 at 3:45 am

Subject: RE: Patient Status Request


Mr. Dracul, I can respond at your query. The patient (Dr. Marco Floyd) has suffered of testicular tear (On both testicles) and penile fracture. I am attaching the X-Ray that was taken after he was finally…


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