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[22:16] Vissy Adamczyk: BLADE RUNNER ORIGINAL ART SHIRT! Tonight ONLY until sold out, $10 LOOK LOOK LOOK! (I got mine)

[22:16] Betz Dagger: All I need. Pris on my tits.

[22:16] Betz Dagger: I'll draw on a mohawk, say it's Perri.

[22:17] Vissy Adamczyk: omg lol

[22:17] Vissy Adamczyk: ima get a tattoo of Perri in RL on my boob

[22:17] Betz Dagger: over mine?

[22:18] Betz… Continue

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Happy Chewbaccnukah! +edit Part 2

[19:33] Betz Dagger: So, Commercemas is coming up. You know what that means, right?

[19:33] Vissy Adamczyk: "No, what?"

[19:33] Betz Dagger: You'll have to get naked.

[19:33] Alexx Novi takes a frag and asks: " run this place now?"

[19:33] Vissy Adamczyk: "I'm naked right now, under this outfit. Nobody even FUCKING NOTICED"

[19:33] Meltemi Case: ayup

[19:33] Betz Dagger: And then be naked for 8 moredays because of Chaunukah

[19:33] Alexx Novi:… Continue

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Time for Change

My fellow citizens, it is time that we stand up and take charge in our city to better defend ourselves. What has happened is a tragedy, but also a wakeup call to this city. We were unprepared and overwhelmed by this attack by that beast. If it wasn’t for our brave guardian Aeon we would have been consumed by the creatures and our glorious city would have fallen to this horrid corruption. If it wasn’t bad enough that our forces were surprised and citizens turned into such horrible creatures,… Continue

Added by Daz Maesar on November 23, 2009 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

GNN Breaking News: Hundreds Dead In Mysterious Attack!

November 23rd, 2478

GNN Breaking News: Hundreds Dead In Mysterious Attack!

Last night, GEMINI Cybernetics' Director of External Operations, Hain Heliosense, issued an immediate public warning to all non-augmented citizens, or those without cybernetic brains, implants or other enhancements after a wave of unprecedented violence broke out in Insilico's main district. Urgency was placed on securing all modified… Continue

Added by Alexx Novi on November 23, 2009 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

An Ironic Ending

Life has always had its twists of fate, it's karma and its irony. Some simply call it Poetic Justice. As cruel as it may be, perhaps the doppelganger who tried to kill the city got what was coming to her. Then again, perhaps humanity should have been wiped out. Was she so wrong in her actions? Are we truly worth saving?

The Nomad virus was unleashed on the city of Insilico by the revenge blinded villain, Evil Betz. She used the clueless patron of reakt0r as bait just to get a body… Continue

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Orange you glad I didn't say 'banana'?

Poeticy Rhiadra walks and stops in the front entrance of the Blue Ant. She notices the dark stain hiding on the floor. As best as it was cleaned, she still recalls what happened weeks ago. She stands there speechless and frozen just staring at the floor, oblivious to the man in the corner. She brings her hand to her mouth and rests it there and her eyes start to fill. She thinks about the people she has grown close to in this risen city. The people that have shown her warmth and compassion even… Continue

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Valentina 'Riflesso' Machinima di Luca Lisci

Trailer machinima from the original Guido Crepax 'Riflesso' Graphic Novel, published in 1984.

Screenplay adaptation by Caterina Crepax, Voice of Nicoletta Mandelli. Director and Machinimist Luca Lisci.

First presented live in Museo della Triennale , Milano and Rome's ARA PACIS auditorium in summer 2009.

Save the date for the extended version live in Rome, EUR Palazzo dei Congressi for Digital Café event December 8… Continue

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Debt Collection

[[ Sorry it took so long to post this event. I've been super busy. To better understand the reason behind this assault, read the previous blog post:

Strictly Business ^_^]]

[20:27] Meltemi Case walks slowly behind the bar and as she comes around her face pales as she sees auntie b

[20:28] Scarlett Warziders walks into the bar with a dark grin on her face "Hello Melt, I assume you have my… Continue

Added by Auntie Scarlett Warziders on November 19, 2009 at 9:09pm — No Comments

Insilico GM Update.

Hello friends, denizens, and newcomers!

As of late, we are proceeding with some important and exciting changes to Insilico and the community site, and we're more than happy for you all to be a part of them. We thank you for your patience and courtesy. We would like to remind you all, that the GM staff here at Insilico is for you, the players. Our doors are always open, and we take your concerns, ideas and input very seriously. Please never hesitate to… Continue

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Zipper bolts from Buddha Bowl

Zipper slumped in the seat on the patio of the Buddha Bowl. The two IPS officers had shown up out of nowhere just as Zipper emerged from the back room. Ember had sent him back there, and he was frantically trying to dispose of a mysterious tiny electronic bug he found on his pants. Zipper threw it in the toilet and flushed it down, and rushed back out, wondering about the android he had been chatting with at the counter - did he plant this on him? That is when the officers showed… Continue

Added by Zipper Moomintoog on November 18, 2009 at 11:42pm — 3 Comments

Thank You and Farewell

Hey everyone.

I've decided to bring to an end my time roleplaying in Insilico, besides possibly an ending for my character's story. In around 7 months here, I've enjoyed hours of great RP and made many friends, some of whom remain good friends to me beyond the game. For this, I need to thank people.

I'm sure to unintentionally leave some names out here who should be included. Sorry in advance, I mean no offence.

Thank you to the Insilico staff who have created… Continue

Added by Mishi Rossini on November 15, 2009 at 3:46pm — 2 Comments

Welcome to Chaos! Enjoy your stay.

Months after her arrival, Evil Betz's plan will finally be underway. She's spent several nights building a transmitter that could pirate a frequency across the city, delivering the deadly and chaotic Nomad virus to every machine in range. Her first step was reverse engineering Stan into a weapon capable to gaining access to unlimited wave lengths. The ability to tap into any brain within range and control it was hers. That wasn't enough. She took her remote device she code named Spear of… Continue

Added by Betz on November 14, 2009 at 9:56pm — 1 Comment

In Media Rezzed (repost for link not working )

[13:20] Simeon Faith stumbles up the ramp and into the door frame, a blood-traced fist white-knuckling the entrance, bracing him upright. A similar fist clenches his silken jacket, ragged with a dozen holes and sodden front and back. His eyes flicker back and forth along the vacant booths, searching for . . . someone.

[13:21] Ashling Alchemi sees Simeon’s condition and drops the wet towel on the counter. She rushes over to help him, a look of concern furrowing her brow. "Whoa, hey… Continue

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Risa Hirano = Newest GM!

Sadly, I can no longer be considered the new please help me to welcome Risa Hirano as our newest GM (because my intro won't be nearly as eloquent as Perri's was)!

Despite the fact that we have neglected to inform you all of this for over a week now, Ms. Hirano does not appear to be holding it against us. She has been working tirelessly since her promotion to help whip this place into shape, and has already brought several exciting ideas to our little table. Her experience… Continue

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Lost Page: Love

A page of Lieutenant Kimagawa's paper diary lost in the war. Why she kept one, instead of using the standard built-in diary program in her cyberbrain is unknown. No classified information was found; it is just a collection of her musings.


The one thing I have never shared with you, my journal, my non-sentient entity that I share most of my secrets with, is that I have been hired for multiple covert missions.…


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Strictly Business

[20:40] Scarlett Warziders: "Before you go Ms. Case, I'd like a word if you could?"

[20:41] Meltemi Case nods "k"

[20:41] Scarlett Warziders grins "Please, step into my office"

They make their way to the back of the Ant, and through the door.

[20:41] Simeon Faith glances back over at Melt as he's serving, a little concerned.

[20:43] Meltemi Case: what can i do for ya

[20:43] Scarlett Warziders sips on her glass of scotch and eventually starts to speak… Continue

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How Do I Uninstall Gemini?

I like Gemini just fine but i want to uninstall it and try Emerald. Is there a different way to do this, because i can't find it the normal way. I'm concerned about space on my HD.

Added by MAGLET KANYA on November 7, 2009 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

Apologies (ooc)

Betz brought up a good point to me today.... I am guilty of this and I want to apologize and will try to do better....I will strive to keep ooc to ims to make rp more pleasant for all of you :D Hope yall forgive me for gettin carried away!

Added by Meltemi Case on November 5, 2009 at 8:22pm — 1 Comment

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