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When you’ve lived somewhere, brought up there, you can have a connection to the place. No matter it’s broken down methods, it’s weird culture; where it’s hard to explain to people- you just have to see, live, and experience for yourself.

That pride for the place you call home. The way he saw it, he was pushed out for a reason. The place was a bubble, the tin can in the sky; filled with drama, extreme validation in nothing (*cough* Laweson), their minds clouded by such…


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Meteor Miner - Sunrise

Aram the Nomad was uncertain for the first time in memory,

and did not like the feeling, but there was no help for it;

He needed to earn a great deal of credit, terran credit, in

a short time, and there was no way to do that trading, so he

found himself landing a brand new flyer at the VASC outpost

to apply for a license as a meteor miner.

Aram opened the canopy, climbed carefully down, mindful of the

'Step Here' markings over the main wing spar, and…


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Character Sheet

║║▌█ Bleizdu ▌█║║

Rank: Cadet

Faction VASC

Division: -

DOB: 2452

Race: Cyborg (Artificial w/ Biological Components)

Gender: Female

Serial: FRFC52-9266

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 15        Perception: 20

Endurance: 20         Agility: 20

Strength: 35            Charisma: 15

------ Skills ------------------------------- **

Knowledge...........35%        …


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Fabricant registration

Tae poked the hard copies on her desk and re-read them. Nothing of concern here, and great: something to ease the load with the front of house. Didn't really want the public relations to feel any strain.

I-483 (Rev. 7-11-2484)

AGIS Bureau of Product Regulation…


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