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Artificial Rain

She throttled down the hover car and came to a complete halt, it was just few feet off the street surface.  She listened to the rain drops hitting the roof shield of the car and watched the beads of water form and trickle quickly downward off from it.  Perhaps E.I. was right that the city…


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Last stand in Nu Phoenix

Two hours ago:

Its so damn hot! I'm not used to it, and its sapping my energy. The fact I am running, have been for what seems all day, does not help. Well, it does help in the regard, that I'm not dead, yet. So, since it appears to be working, I'm not planning on changing that. But the best laid plans...

I bounce off a slider, the driver was, thankfully, slowing down anyhow, so it does not hurt too much. He swerves and takes out a trash incinerator. The…


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INN Report: A Stunning Memorial to Richard Hughes!

I hear about deaths in INSILICO all the time. Saints, sinners, & more sinners. But this one hit me hard. Richard Hughes, the proprietor or many a businesses, and some questionable in INSILICO, recently passed away in also very questionable means. We had fun in INSILICO, the fashion show, the 'No' drink. Good times.

A fellow IS citizen, Nyusha, held a tribute to the passing of our friend at club Aftermath. After the last tribute there, I questioned to myself, is my memorial…


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AGIS Beefs Security

Embarrassing Mishap Leads to Upgrades For AGIS Medical

AGIS has been spotted upgrading their security in the local Medical Center. They have been installing new servers to the facility, likely to prevent another burnt body. For those who are aware of the botched homicide investigation of what was believed to be Richard Hughes, recently returned from the dead, AGIS was placed in control of the body and through what is claimed to be a clerical mishap,…


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Tae and the Helper (part III)

Picking at the sealant around the wound with a ceramic sharp, Tae grumbled. "Can you take this, please? You'll fare better with prep." The first responders had been less studious than usual, and the lower lobe of the boy's lung was part-inflated, but squashed.

"Of course. Would you like me to debride the damaged tissue?"

"I don't think that will be necessary, thank-you. We can clean that up later. It'll reduce scarring, and minimise repeat cleanups."



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Time skips a beat

There are moments. At first, I thought I was just tired. Perhaps it was just that I blinked and didn't realize it. I would think it was odd, but think no more of it. But then I started to notice it more and more. Several people would say the same things. Or several people in a crowd would all turn and look at something at the exact same time. A conversation would pause then resume and neither person seemed to notice it. The clock would say ten till the hour, then at a glance, would be twelve…


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The edge of tomorrow

So sure, I work for Mr. H now. That doesn't mean I'm not working a bit on the side. After all, a girl's gotta eat you know. So, I'm doing what I usually do, hanging out at the Ant, when I get a tingly feeling that someone is watching me. I'm sure you know the feeling. Its like a hot breath on your neck. Well, at least that what it feels like to me. So I turn and see this Asian guy looking at me through some glasses that, OK, this is going to sound so bad, but its just the truth... Asian guy…


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Intersections and Escapes

Ever have one of those days when you couldn't fall the right direction if you tripped over your own feet?

So I'm on the roof of a restaurant, scanning the escape route I've outlined for Richard, should things go sideways. So I run into this guy, you know, hes just a guy. I met him once before, at the Ant. So he starts telling me about needing dirt. Well, the only place I know to get dirt is in East Sector in some of those plant potting things. I know jack all about dirt or…


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Opportunities Abound

Tokuma Towers

 Ray stands in his apartment, staring out the window, watching the heavy sky traffic wiz by his window. Two small orbs spaced apart displays a holographic screen broadcasting the Insilico News Network hovering near him. He listens "Richard Hughes is alive and well." The announcer speaks then continues on with her story. Ray listens thinking to himself. "Soo much has changed here, the people I once knew as friends are now big shots in the corporate world. CEOs and the…


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Nexus Industries Expands! Helping the Economy and Hiring!

The mysterious events surrounding the founder and CEO of Nexus Industries, Richard Hughes, have brought on a media firestorm. But what has become of this beginning corporation? Whomever is at the helm came to embrace the saying, 'there is no such things as bad publicity'.

It is without question that some investors were wary, possibly baffled at to what was going to happen to their assets. To sell or to buy, that was the question.

Not anymore.

Public records indicate there is…


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Welcome to the jungle

I should be insulted. Sure, of course I should. I'm an experienced mnemonic courier, with hundreds of successful missions under my belt. I've carried data for just about everyone that can afford my services. So being asked to carry out simple meeting requests and basically being a go-between should be insulting. But I'm not insulted. Trust is not given, its earned. If I want respect, I have to prove I deserve it. So low level shit details like this are expected. Also, I think my new boss…


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An OOC question

I have been discussing the character with a few people that I trust, and a few things became apparent. Following the lore of the Replicants in Bladerunner, I noticed that I inadvertently placed several hints in the character profile that, while a happy accident, add together to produce an indication that Shelby is not human.

I never planned her to be anything other than a human, but as I got to talking about her, I realized just how much I wrote that into her without realizing…


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An offer you cant refuse

Im no stranger to danger. You know that if you've been following my adventures. But the thing about them is, I've always had a choice. Sure, once I made the choice, it was not always my way, but I got myself into the jams, I got myself out. 

So what do you do when you are faced with an offer you don't dare refuse? Well, one thing I tell you now is, you don't refuse it. Especially when that offer comes from the head of the Dragons. Yea, right, you say. I DO say! And not through…


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Normally I don't write about the jobs that I don't take. For some reason, I just don't find them interesting. Agent is always offering me juicy offers, but I have a strange code I follow. I may be a lot of things, but I'm basically honest. Yes, I know, I lie, I use disguises, I have more I.D.'s than some housing projects, but my work is honest. I upload data, I transport it, and I download it for a fee. I don't take data. I don't steal. The stuff I accept is contracted under the…


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Red Tide Part 2

Red Tide: Part 2

9 Days later

I don't know if you've ever flown the trip from Earth to Mars. To say it sucks is... well, like saying lemons are a bit tart. Its like saying country music only sucks a little. Its like saying the food at the Ant isn't THAT bad. Yea, its like that. The trip is long. 7 days. There is frell all to do. The whole trip I'm in contact with Agent. The plan is simple. Make myself known to as many people as I can, that means risking going into some places I…


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Welcome Home Mr Hughes

Richard Hughes Is Alive and 'Well'

He reappeared with no shoes on, hunched over as if in serious pain and too exhausted to stand upright. A hood covered his head but there was no denying those flaming locks. Like a phoenix, he has arisen...not from the flames but from the IPS cells fittingly nicknamed 'The Tombs'. Arrested by his supposedly bereft fiance, IPS Director Coraline Sirius, under the dubious claim of 'not believing' that he was who he claimed to be.…


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Red Tide Part 1

Red Tide Part 1

Three days ago: Mars Research Facility

Interestingly, dust tends to settle far more slowly on Mars than it does on Earth. This is due to several factors, gravity,

atmosphere, and the consistency of the dust. So when it is disturbed, it leaves a distinct trail behind whatever disturbs it. However, because of the crazy weather patterns of Mars, the winds are rather brisk and the finer layer tends to hang in the upper atmosphere, not lay on the…


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The Lucern Conspiracy

The Lucern Conspiracy.

Waste. Trash. Garbage. Rubbish. Call it whatever you want. We make tonnes of it every day. Like the saying goes, one mans treasure is another mans trash. In this case, not so much so.

Now you know there is a crap fest of trash on the surface. One might argue, that includes the inhabitants. Heck, some

might say that includes the whole surface. So Waste Management has been working on how best to deal with it. You see, we sit up here in our floating…


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Blown at the Ant

Waiting... I hate waiting. The contact said specifically, 11:00pm. Now, maybe where they are from, that means oh... whenever the frell you get there, but to me it means 10:45pm and get ready. So I wandered past at 10:45, looking for the orange vest. That was the only thing I was given as far as identifying them.

11:00.... still no orange vest.

11:15... nothing

11:30... Im on the wire to my Agent. "Oh, Shelby, yes thats right, I got a message, they…


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Character Sheet - Shelby

║║▌█ Shelby ▌█║║

Rank: (None)

Faction (FL)

Division: (None)

DOB: (Currently 2470) (True Date Unknown) (True Date would be 2462 but nobody knows for sure)

Race: (Human)

Gender: (Female)

Serial: (FLFH70-1370)

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 15

Perception: 20

Endurance: 25

Agility: 30

Strength: 10

Charisma: 35

------ Skills -------------------------------…


Added by Shelby Maddix on August 19, 2014 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

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