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Underground Message To All

Across the city, small speakers have begun to hum to life, a modulated voice that sounds neither male nor female comes through...


"We are the Underground. We exist outside of the lies and the laws of the corporations. We live free because we know that it is our right as sentient beings. No one can take that from us, even if we die, we die knowing that our heads were held high and on our feet. We are not terrorists, we do…


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Lost Memories, Part III

Continued from Lost Memories, Part II

With more than two thirds of his bottle finished, Kadin smirked. The bottle was no longer laughing at him. He’d reached that comfortable drunk where the toxin filters were about to kick in to keep him from killing himself through alcohol poisoning. Sure, he could activate them on his own. A flick of a mental switch and his red blood…


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Lost Memories, Part II

Continued from Lost Memories, Part I

Six shots, and the bottle was still laughing at him. Kadin narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth. A toothpick that he’d been chewing on, snapped between his molars and he spit the splinters out onto the carpeted floor of his apartment...

Kadin Redgrave arrived in Insilico with a small duffel bag, and a large amount of credit. He’d…


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Lost Memories, Part I

He clenched his fists and his eyes, trying to ignore a continual stream of tactical data and threat analysis algorithms from a near intelligent tactical computer implanted inside of his head. He tried to feel something human, to remember what it was like to feel anything that would be classified as ‘good’.


Kadin opened his eyes and focused their enhanced vision on a shot glass that rested on a small end table across from him. Behind it, there was a bottle of…


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Personal log: 8/28

BIT begin personal log.

Woke up again in the middle of the night, I don't know what's going on, but it's frying my circuits. Sure more machine now than man, but I still don't know why or how.

All I know is that I was found by miners on Mars in a pretty dismal state.…


Added by StarRavenSAT on August 28, 2012 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

The Qiang (Spear)

TianJi was at the fifth section of the spear form that she began her day with. She could almost hear her father’s voice “To master any spear or straight sword thrust technique, one must merge the body and its function. Concentrate your eyes on a point without letting your eyes wander. Your ch'i and mind will sink, and your inside and outside will coordinate. Focusing your mind and eyes onto that one point is the most important thing when you begin to practice."

She would follow as he…


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Back to Business

[[Just a little fun from earlier ^^]]

Cervantes Rexen parked his bike easily outside the Diner in IS South, looked up at the diner, and relit his blunt before walking in.

Scarlett (Auntie B) Warziders waved from the back booth and continued to sip on her coffee.

Cervantes noded to Scarlett. "Evening, B, long time no see."

"Been a while man. Have a seat! Tra's not in, but the autocoffee's not too bad"

Cervantes chuckled and nodded, but…


Added by Auntie Scarlett Warziders on August 22, 2012 at 5:35pm — 1 Comment

That shitty dream again


August 28th, 3:56AM... 2013

"Operation: Red Tartan"

"There is no one easy job" Echo fade

"A simple touch down, pick up VIP. That was the name of the game. 8 million dollars for a business man that stumbled into the wrong place? Taste some 'Merica."- Lt. "Joker" Reynolds chuckled in the Osprey. "That's what SEALs are for right? The shitty jobs... Huh Colonel?" 

A thick cloud of smoke erupts from the ground like a explosion…


Added by John Duplin on August 21, 2012 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Kadin's Lament

Kadin Redgrave entered his, small, one room flat at six minutes after midnight. He didn't bother to activate the lights, his cyber-optics allowed him to see clearly in the darkness. His gaze swept the room with a thermographic overlay to see if there were any heat signatures that would imply an intruder. There were none, but his eyes came to rest on a humanoid form standing in the corner.

Kadin froze and stared…


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[The Fencing Master of Seville] - Determination

The soft footfalls on the ground were all that she could hear as the master approached...from some direction.

The blindfold felt oddly heavily, pressing against the girl's temples allowing only the faintest hint of light and shadow to be projected on its white exterior and into the optic nerve.

There!  In that split second, she could hear the distortion in the sound.   Quickly, she lunged in the direction, only to be dragged along by her blade into the gentle arms of…


Added by Genya Omizu on August 20, 2012 at 8:55pm — 1 Comment

A day in the Martian life

Mars, it's veiwed as the wild west of the solar system. A world of extremes built upon the backs of the colonists, the credits of the corps, and the blood of the D'naa. Spice it up with the media broadcasting romanticized veiws of the red planet, fight the d'naa leave your mark be a hero. 
The reality was starkly different, it was the wild west but not the romantic and rosey view the media would give it on the vids. The god of war's planet was one of uncertainty,…

Added by Kristin Poole on August 20, 2012 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Watching the Dominos Fall



running GNNmorgueACCESS

running NHKmorgueACCESS

... hit Henriette Croce 85% match .... initEXECUTE

... hit Rico Croce 85% match ... initEXECUTE

... hit Triela Hillshire-Hartman 75% match ... initEXECUTE

... hit Roahm Whitesong 99% match


... Roahm Whitesong 99.99%…


Added by Kusanagihime on August 15, 2012 at 7:23pm — 4 Comments


::{{ Incoming File from the stream…}}::




::[Property of Gemini Cybernetics…]::…


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IPS-Clash of the Titans

Demetra Holtz

Ranse Griffon

Stacey Dent

[13:20] Stacey Dent enters the interogation room, slightly pale and her fingers shake a little. she shakes her head a little and leans against the wall "Ma'am"


[13:20] Ranse Griffon marches in from the front office. His demeanor is solemn and he looks like he hasn't gotten any sleep.…


Added by Demetra Holtz on August 12, 2012 at 4:11pm — 3 Comments

Morinaga Foods Returns to Insilico! - With a Summer Treat, NAGASHISOMEN!!!!

Morinaga Foods Returns to the City of Insilico

After a long hiatus by franchise title owner Genya Omizu, the Morinaga Food Corporation has once again returned to Insilico with the intention of bringing the very best culinary delights straight from Neo-Tokyo.

In light of the summer months, Morinaga Foods is proud to present a…


Added by Genya Omizu on August 11, 2012 at 8:35pm — 5 Comments

Sandwich goes where? (Hacker puns)

[12:38] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): As a RL cyberpunk and hacker...I must do you hack mayonnaise?

[12:39] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): wait...

[12:39] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): I know!

[12:39] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): myBLT injection?

(Arden Hax Mayo)…


Added by VissyAdamczyk on August 11, 2012 at 2:26pm — 1 Comment

Day to Day(us)

Saskia felt kind of different. The colors were sharper, the angles were harsher. She could hear the sun bounce off the metal and the black sound of oily boots. Mop, mop, mop they went past her doorstep, disturbing an iridescent puddle. She flexed her fingers, digging channels in the sleather. You know, it felt like the real thing, as far as she knew. What was a leather couch?

She only knew a few and they weren't leather, and definitely weren't so private, much less belonged to her. No…


Added by Saskia Lee III on August 8, 2012 at 10:21pm — 3 Comments

Axiom Space Station - Cargo Transfer Mission

The newly constructed "Axiom Space Station",  owned and operated by Vander Air & Space Corp. (VASC) has just scheduled it's first series of cargo missions. The station is able to dock/maintain ships of any size, including Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, and…


Added by Novox Jinx on August 7, 2012 at 11:12am — 1 Comment

Refusing the Gun Point Choice

>>> init ccnC5hsfsDIAGNOSTICS

>>> init ccnFULLaccessAVIinterface

>>> init ccnHOSTcaptureDEVICEoverideC5 ::0d25 ::0d26 ::0d27 ::1001 ::1002 ::1003 ::4500:200c ::4500:3451 ::4500:400

>>> imcomm ::3456.4555.001 hey trev i just got tagged with a systems warning - you raiding on the core again?

>>> imcomm ::568a:1cdf.001 negatory - we still got a few hours before dinnertime hits korea. looks like one of the cee fives is…


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Back again

Hello Insilico! I return from a long silence to rejoin the awesomness of this Rp! My Rp hours are still limited, as I now belong to the US Army. No worries though, I'm just as eager to play as ever. You might see me more regularly once I arrive at my first duty station. See ya in-game!

Added by Tesla Starcross on August 6, 2012 at 4:20pm — 3 Comments

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