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Lies, Lies, and More Damned Lies: The History of Our Insilican Century pt1

Warning label: "The information presented here should treated as IC interpretations, opinion and hearsay, and should not be automatically assumed to be canon." …


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Lynn raged, somehow, that woman with the rack managed to slip in another virus, Moto didn't know about it, but Lynn could feel it worming around, and no matter what she tried could not kill it, so she threw up digital walls to lock it up until she could find out what to do. She had had the deal earlier with that gun dealer when she first noticed it, the slight glitch she thought was Moto coming out of idle at first, then realized what it was. it was locked for now, but those firewalls…

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Shady deals

[14:08] Ambrose Fairport: You got my number from someone, you know what I have to offer..." he says, without turning.
[14:08] Lynn Tetra nods and smiles "you the guy with the explosives?"
[14:09] Ambrose Fairport: I am. What exactly did you need?
[14:09] Ambrose Fairport speaks tersely, but clearly. He is a rookie at this, but he's trying hard not to look like one...
[14:10] Lynn Tetra: ohhh, I got my shopping list, some c4, some plasma grenades,…

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Effects of SnoCrsh.D

So you've heard of it... but wonder what it feels like?

Ever hear of that old tech called a CD player? Those things went bey the wayside in a nano as they skipped like crazy.

Imagine that, the same few seconds of a song over and over... but replace the audio with a sensation.

Base Jumping, stealing something and getting away, hell that last time you came so hard you lost feeling in your toes... Over and over....…

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It's On the Inside What Matters...

"And at that moment it stared me in the eyes with it's burning red eyes, it's horrific sounding gears clicking and it's insides ticking like a clock. The metal monstrosity stares back at me with it's cold glass eyes and clattered loudly as it shifted into gear. I held my breath and the giant clockwork beast loomed over my insignificant human form." --The Clockwork Beast, Bedtime Stories 2476

[20:38] Hibiki Ochs lays on the brushed metal,… Continue

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RELEASED! Secret Sex Tapes...

So this is what your RP hosts do behind closed doors at odd hours of the… Continue

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[IC] Another Place to Hide (Update on Eden)

It's been months since Eden has been kidnapped--the last anyone has seen

her is when Arbitor dragged her sorry little ass to the Medlab. Well,

good samaritans are hard to come by--and she has been passed out through

her skull anyways.

Eden wakes up in bed, inside the medlab, feeling sore and woozy from more drugs. "Crap," she whispers, and

struggles to sit up and look around. Her eyes hurt from the lights and

she feels like she'd rather claw them out than… Continue

Added by Eden Pyrithea on August 29, 2010 at 10:57pm — 1 Comment

Out on the Table

[16:19] Ziebzen Avril stops and blinks at Jodie. "Did you.... shrink since the last time I saw you?"

[16:20] Motoko1207 OHare: wow, that ant is ugly

[16:20] Jodie Keng squints at nothing while she considers the question... "Did you ....die...since the last time I saw you?"

[16:20] Jodie Keng pokes her tongue out

[16:21] Ziebzen Avril grins down at Jodie, "Actually I did."

[16:21] Motoko1207 OHare: hey living dead girl, hey midget

[16:21]… Continue

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The Burning Times

"Didn't you come to Insilico to get away from the violence?"

Urdith glanced at XueXian00, one of the hovering maintenence robots he befrended over time. He wondered if Gemini knew this one went rogue. Probably not - it ingested the memory engram of an obsessive compulsive. It cleaned with more fervor than most, but never changed its patterns.

"I did indeed." They watched a docking arm in the spaceport burn. The terrorists planted a compact thermite charge by the fuel… Continue

Added by Urdith Istmal (Andrija Popovic) on August 28, 2010 at 1:43pm — 1 Comment

Arbitor Waverider: A illustrative story

[[Trying to compartmentalize Arbitor's nature in a different form of expression]]

"And at once, the one was three, and the three became to live in the one vessel, intellect, emotion, and strength, locked in a constant state of discord, but harmonious discord, a perfect imperfection."

"The boy asks: What makes the sky blue? The man asks: Was there any times the sky was not blue? The Elder asks: What lies beyond the physical sky?"…

Added by Arbitor Waverider on August 28, 2010 at 12:21pm — 1 Comment

illness this last week

i'll start out by saying, i wasnt away by choice. due to a medical situation (right on the heels of a family member having a medical issue just before) i spent most of last week unconscious, or wishing i was. (i had waaay too much thyroid stuff in my system.) after a medication change, this is slowly lowering to something more normal, which we're hoping will return me to a bit more myself during that, i'm resting at my parent's place. i hope to return home and to something close to normalcy on… Continue

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You Have a Big Heart, Tin Man

[12:31] Ziebzen Avril strolls along with a heavily distracted stare, there's a certain emptiness that is like a black hole, sucking the life out of everything within a certain radius of her. It is until she finds him there and her gaze moves over to him like a ray of light just broke through her dark clouds.

[12:32] Hibiki Ochs: Insilico's high empress...Avrilen Ziebzen..." he says with a small bow.

[12:32] Hibiki Ochs:… Continue

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In a secluded empty apartment, a redheaded figure sat on the floor in just her underwear. The panels of her torso were pried off the cheap shell, electronics, servos and tools surrounded her while she worked.
Carefully disconnecting the wires from the detonator as she reached in her and snipped the wires. Moto had set up the android body to explode if tampered with, or systems were terminated, just enough plastic explosive to damage the Lynn body's insides and make her…

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The Chariot

The Fool is close to completing what he set out to create long ago, back when the Magician revealed those tools to him. But enemies are now standing in his way, devious human enemies, bad circumstances, even

confusion in his own mind. There's no more forward momentum; he feels he

is fighting just to stay where he is. Walking along the shore, watching

the waves come in, he puzzles over how to defeat these enemies and…


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((kind of Moto's inner thoughts on her past few months, yeah, she's not just some flighty AI, deal))

She paced around her apartment while the GNN broadcast played through again on her terminal.
They'd set the timers for an hour (aside for maybe the one at IPS) and STILL the idiots couldn't manage to disarm the one at the highway. more civilian casualties, yeah, people died constantly, yeah, she herself killed a good amount of people, In Insilico, they were mostly bad…

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The Empress

Having decided what shape his future will take, the Fool strides forward. But he is impatient to make his future a full-grown reality. This is when he comes upon the Empress. Her hair gold as wheat, wearing a

crown of stars, and a white gown dotted with pomegranates. She rests

back on her throne surrounded by an abundance of grain and a lush

garden. It is possible that she is…


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Illegal Alien

((Sorry about the timestamps for the first part))

[19:27] Xander McMasters seems to be stacking up delapidated overpacked boxes, he looks worse for wear, grubbier than usual, seems like hes been in a fight or two.

[19:28] Aemeth Lysette passes the junkyard on her way out of West. Spotting the familiar figure, she runs towards him.…

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As the Fool leaves the garden of the Sun, he feels that he is near the end of his journey, ready to take a final step. But something is keeping him from doing this, holding him back. He gazes up, hoping to

find guidance from the Sun; instead he sees above him a fiery angel,

beautiful and terrible.…


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[GNN] BREAKING NEWS - Terrorists' Deliver Explosive Message in a Bottle

A group of unknown terrorists attempted to cause mass panic and disorder today by placing several improvised explosive devices in heavily populated areas of the city.

The first device was located outside of IPS headquarters shortly after the terrorists' threat was broadcast over the public address system. Though the effort to disarm the bomb was valiant, it ultimately proved futile, and five IPS officers who stayed behind to clear the area of civilians were killed in the resulting… Continue

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Night work (viva revolution 2)

((unfortunatly a crash made me lose half the chatlogg leading up to tonights bomb setting, so doing what I could from memory))

Two figures work in South, near the gate to IPS, they met in the women's restroom in East and started talking, about Gemini, and freworks, before they left for a walk.......

>>a redhead covered in tattoos and peircings leans aganst the wall with a soda bottle while a…

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