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[Mars Profile Series] Wayfar: City Between Worlds

A special presentation of the Mars Global Broadcast Network and InSilico's News Network...

Mars Civilian Colony

Wayfar Outpost

Borealis N. Region (917)


Mars Security Division

Wayfar Outpost began as an automated mining installation for long range drone operations for…


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[MGBN & INN SPECIAL REPORT] The Conduit: Different Perspectives

Hosted by Star Raven of MGBN, and Iris Creighton of INN.

Artist Rending of a Trans-Spatial Conduit…


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the Watching

the dark shape on the edge of the rocks was hardly noticeable, just another lump on the massive rolling terrain. but the glowing eyes were taking in everything they could see about the activity behind those walls.

the ivory tower was still there, the train running in and out like a worm burrowing its way through her Mother. but the rest of it, glittering monstrosities that marred and destroyed the flowing lines of the world around them. she could see they were still…


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Galatea's journal : Solving loose ends, or is it ?

15 July 2483


It was thought to be yet another ordinary day in inslico, as it turns out to be the otherwise. I was taking a break resting on a chair when I read upon an update on my portable computer, as it send it a very small picture of the…


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Sleep well and dream no more

  The bright reds and cool purples colors were dancing still in his eyes, the smell of perfume mixed with designer sweat glands hung in his nose as he walked away from the scene in the Reaktor. The overwhelming feeling he was being chased ushered him further away quickening his pace.

 He had gotten too relaxed on the mood enhancers thinking it was a good idea to share some joy. His feet were running now as panic took over the good mellow feelings he had enjoyed in that dazzling shower…


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[INN EXCLUSIVE] Gemini Offers Glimpse Of The Conduit

Gemini Cybernetics Chairwoman, Robyn Chubachi, pulled back the curtain of secrecy tonight to give the public a much anticipated sneak peak at the InSilico side of the Trans-Spatial Conduit under testing in the South District. While few other details were given during the media event, the…


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New Deal

Klaus Rouge sat at the DataDesk in his Martian apartment, reading the 'Help Wanted' advertisement

from Hauer-Bosch with interest and some difficulty, as the two women reading over his shoulders were

already arguing over who would take which position with the company, and otherwise distracting him.

Maiko argued in favor of a strictly legitimate operation: Klaus as merchant, herself as pilot, and Scorpio

as security. Scorpio was sure there was more to the…


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[INN] "Bomb Cripples Major Hydroponic Platform"

Bomb Cripples Major Hydroponic Platform

by Gema Torino, INN's Nuovo Roma Bureau

When operators at AgriDome Argus 331, orbiting over the Mediterranean Basin Orbital Region, noticed slight malfunctions in the lower ventilation ducts, they had no idea what would come next. It would be less that fifteen minutes later that the malfunction, actually a high…


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Dancing the Night Away




1. An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.

2. An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one netcomm user to another.



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History Lesson, Recall, an introduction to Life Lessons.

In the memory, she could see a blanket of orange and blue light reflected off the youthful face of a woman in her prime. A woman with blond hair and blue eyes, who only had the intention of meeting new people in the West District. Unknowing what fate had in store then, each step brought her closer to the warmth and sound of sizzling noodles being prepared.…


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Wake up, time to die!

It was another day as the neon glowed against the steady shadows. Few deals here, credits exchanged, and the casual conversation that ate away at time. Sharing a few kind words with the local law enforcement he felt he could relax from their pressuring eyes as he did what he had to do for money. As he walked into the back he grabbed his crotch feeling that ache in his loins.

 Reaching into his pants to grip himself and pull the growing flesh to one side. A sleek black figure snuck up…


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INN & MBGN: Reporting for you!?


Star Raven: Y

Iris (iris.creighton) crackles onto the screen, clothes sleekly and darkly against the backdrop of Insilico lights, "Good evening, Miss.." She struggles visibly, leans forward, "What exactly do I call you, Miss SAT?"



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Permits and Lease [Caliban Inc]

[OOC:  This is not public information and cannot be used by anyone outside of Insilico Private Security in roleplay.]

H.Quimby enters the building and looks around looking for someone to check in with.

Demetra Holtz spread her hands over the hem of the blouse, a reoccurring habit of hers. "Detective, could you escort our guest into the conference room?"…


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The Sum and Its Remainder

Iris sat placidly, calm, shrouded by the man-made darkness of night and the self-perpetuated darkness of contemplation. She sat this way for a long time; hours, maybe days. Time bled into a muddle stream of events punctuating a long show of silence. Minutes gave way to simple oblivion. That is the way things, she thought, are destined to be. 

As she sat, she thought; at first, about all things, but then she began to think about others with calmed vehemence racing through her…


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Galatea's Journal : Tight Rope


14 July 2483




It appear that it is time that I learn the consequences of actions that I have taken in the city, each small ripple that I make will affect others or even myself as I begin my day on 14 of July 2483.


The day…


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A faint hum drilled into her ears as the three of them, Detective Galatea, Mike Gravers, and Executive Officer Demetra Holtz, stepped deeper down the tunnel that led to the IPS cells below the HQ. Her eyes squinted at the holo cell walls, and looked away from them. Inside the holding cell area were two metal chairs that faced each other. Many people, even those who used to be close to her, had taken a seat in those chairs, either to interrogate or receive. As soon…


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[INN] "FTL Tech News Causes Stock Gains"

"FTL Tech News Causes Stock Gains"

Josaiah Monroe, INN Financial

Stocks rose an average of four points yesterday as announcements of advancements in near-FTL travel were announced. These changes, with far reaching implications that could further bridge the gap between our world and the red planet, were first announced in an interview by INN, and then by NHK and other networks. Subsequently, when markets opened around the planisphere, a rapid increase in buying…


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What a tangled web (part 2 fin)

   As his belongings were took from him he followed them to the head quarters of IPS. Going through the security gates and escorted down to the interrogation chamber. Demetra said "Have a seat, Mike. I have questions for you about your suspicious behavior." as galatea kept a safe distance away, only could assume she was ready in case he tried anything. His corner vision could barely see her hovering there behind him in the chair he now sat in.He felt liek the walls were closing in on him as…


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For the sake of expelling her curiosity, Demetra held the touch pad in front of one of the terminals, and began to read the contents of the activity log, concerning Identification Cards being approved for the past twenty four hours. All the other IPS officers continued their day job and dared not brother with her for the moment. As soon as the name ‘Mike Gravers’ came up, by the look on her face, someone was about to face serious consequences. “You.” Dem’s attention…


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Oh what tangled web (part 1)


  The smell of sweets made of confectionary sugar and fruit wafted around him. Breakfast for lunch and dinner as well as the namesake interested strangers into conversation. With short talk and idle probing of conversation deals were made.The ticks had slowly made their way throughout the blue ant to piggy back the signals of recording devices. Without disrupting them he was able to alter the signal just enough to make it appear as nothing out of the ordinary was happening for a…


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