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Abridged files: Dr. Ann Faith: a summary of the 30th and 31st

Ann was in the lab calibrating a droid when the first warnings of the gas and call for medics flashed on the screens

Irritated, she immediatly went to where her Medi-armor was stored and suited up, remembering her respirator and headed to the medical center downstairs.

The Medcenter was chaos, with people all over, all the beds taken, the excess victims finding space on the floor, it took a few minutes to get straight what had happened, gas was released in West, near… Continue

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Fever Dream (1)

He woke, groggy, with a foul taste in his dry mouth. Rubbing his eyes he looked around. Joah was asleep on some blankets, rabbit plushie tucked under an arm. The floor was littered with feverish moaning citizens who seemed to be fading in and out of sleep with tired overworked medics and volunteers attending to them. He didn't understand - last thing he remembered was being given an antidote and falling asleep. Why were there so many sick people, and why was he still in medbay?



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As He Was Taken Away

Ziebzen paced across the stones of her indoor rock garden as she spoke on her communicator. She had been on it for the last few hours practically non stop with all of the viral outbreaks in the city. The GNN was a constant on the screen with reports of viral outbreaks in the city. The IPS officers that had gone out last evening were the first ones that started to experience symptoms, being so close to ground zero.  First it was Markham who collapsed in front of the Diner next to a pool of…


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A long long night.


Thats all i can say, im surrounded by fuckers. im now shoot on sight any were outside of west, because IPS cannot control there robots.

Fuck IPS.

Then i spent the whole night up pretty much running med lab in west because some fucker. yes there is that word again. any way some fucker released some kind of "Im going to kil you all" virus on the city, possibly at pandemic level already and the med lab is over full with us having to put people outside. and now im…


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Officer Down

            Roahm sat behind her desk trying to catch up on the latest news, she had just returned from an evaluation on Gemini prime the night before when the toxins in west had been released and hadn't had a chance to even go through her messages yet. Duke had quit while she was away, the message from Erich about it had shocked her to the core, to think a man she had trusted had been trying to spy on her....

            It mattered little in the long run she told herself as Erich…


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[OOC] A Pox On Both Your Houses

Last night an airborne bacterium was released during the attack on West. The nerve agent was merely a distraction meant to debilitate those in the area long enough to ensure an acceptable level of exposure. If your character was in the area of Fifth Avenue/Atonement at that time, then you have come into direct contact with this biological agent. Likewise, those your character came into contact with immediately following the attack also have an increased probability of being…


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The man sat on the dumpster right outside the Bowl, a baseball cap pulled low over his face, dark glasses obscuring his eyes. He held a battered guitar and his fingers moved seamlessly over the string playing a haunting, urgent melody. When Joah had asked him what he was playing, he’d said he didn’t remember, though he continued to play, and each note pulled at Joah, made her happy and wistful and sad all at the same time. Tao had wandered up quietly to listen. Her long dark hair swayed in…


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Boobie Trap

....The last fucking time I spend my goddamn night in West.


I laid down in my hospital bed in the South Medlab... again.  I knew this place quite well.  I knew every god damned line in the ceiling.  I knew when the staff shift changed.  Maybe I was just some stubborn asshole that refused to die.  At least he made me durable.  Too durable.  Sometimes I wish they'd put me out of my misery.  All this for some tits and chicken?  Next time I'm going to…


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Operational Report.




The contents of this memorandum is strictly PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL, intended only for Tokuma Heavy Industries staff. Do Not Distribute.…


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00.01.004: Combat||00.00.010:Oxygen

--Accessing Text Records--

::Download Complete::

--Amending Text Record--




Humans are interesting. Today, I observed the dangerous sport >event known as 'combat'. I had heard the word before, working along side J.E. the few times he served as medical officer rather than researcher.Observing combat is barely less dangerous than participating.…


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Warning: THI Eyes-Only. Security footage during blackout and Gas attack

The viewscreen flickers to life, a view of the street just past the Buddha's Bowl.  The image is Jerkey, partially obscured by a very odd heads-up display.  The lights are out, but the imaging in low-light is surprisingly crisp, flickering back and forth between normal spectrum and short-range thermal as people are screaming and pouring out of west, fleeing for the border.  THI Security officers can be heard screaming to evacuate.  Very measured breathing, as though through a gasmask can be…


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Skygate Hotel and Spa Security Report

At approximately 1700 hours combat erupted between VASC forces and Free Mars Initiative Radicals.  Apparently the FMI were posting open bountiesd on the heads of VASC personnel.  VASC was not in the city with authorization, and the combat carried into the lower levels of the Skygate hotel.

Multiple fatalities occurred around the hotel perimeter, all appear to be combatants, none are uniformed.  The Skygate lobby has been wrecked, multiple instances of gunfire and plasma weapons used,… Continue

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[The First Republiq]

  +++CHERNOBYL, UKRAINE - July 23rd, 2460+++…


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Reset 01 - What Went Before

Predawn, backstory. OOC only.



The ceiling was black.

Amid the fractured coding and the…

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Logfile 1000 - Evolution or Bust?

LauraDollOS 1.0-rc1


Loading Recording Module, No Encryption..... Ok


Begin recording... Recording...


Final day of leave, unsure if I enjoy this freedom or not, no emotions to judge with. Have been able to develop some personalisation skills, and have customised my casing to be more appealing, and blend in more.  Abey's childrens book upload helped a great deal here, since I am a child, in terms of operational hours. Explored more of these human…


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    [Yesterday is but today’s memory; tomorrow is today’s dream. - Kahlil Gibran]






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[NHK News] : Free Mars/VASC Turn City into Battleground!!!!

Rare Footage of a Free Mars Armed Activist


Terror rocked both Gemini and Tokuma controlled sections of InSilico today as a long…


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[NHK Culture]: PLUCK YOU Hot Chicks!

Tralala Loordes - Throwin Down the "Gauntlet"


Long time restaurateur Tralala Loordes had a message to convey to the upstart chicken shack in West InSilico... PLUCK YOU!!


The trendy and no-nonsense…


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