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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 2486-6-29 "Many Irons"

In times past the crafting of a katana was a demanding exercise in perfection. From the gathering of iron-rich sands and the days-long firing in a crucible required to produce tamahagane steel, to a forging requiring the sole focus of a bladesmith and his apprentices before the finishing touches of a master polisher, it was an arduous and exacting process decided to produce a blade of singular reknown.…


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From Madrid I want to send a hug to all the families of people who are persecuted and tormented, either because of…

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On the razor's edge

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Live Free Or Let Me Die

-He left peaches to his work, moving upstairs gathering the nessecities he needed leaving his armor behind he attaches his raptor 16 and his badge preparing to go back out into the field he moved down the stairs he placed onto his face his visor, he cracked his neck some "So....back to the grind" he just put on a casual grin onto his face,…


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Caitlin Baily is diggin ...

Mr James chuckled again "This ain't the fuckin' church, Ms. Baily. Pretty words an' appeals won't be buyin' my faith, nor will fears of some damnation should I be feelin' otherwise...No. What I'm need is proof. Verifiable fuckin' proof… Which you'll be searchin' for in the two weeks…


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The Transmission - The Day After-

((Post may be used for ic knowlage))

He walked threw the eastern sector of insilico the synthetic rain falling onto him, he had his hands in his pockets, for most of the way down having flashbacks from yesterday, remembering some of the looks on the face after he cut loose and killed his own brother, 

" There…


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It Starts

The road to cannily in the ancient tongue,

Vendetta, is never a straight line . It curves and moves like the ever changing tide. She knew it can be very easy to one such as she  to get lost in it's hell fire. weeks without a word from her contact here. Then finally , a knock at the hotel door. on the ground was a small digital box. She knew it was time to go see him,and it wasn't in the best place to go to.

Before heading out , she grabbed, her Katana. All she could do is stare…


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"Was that an earthquake!?"

Public Notice: Do not be alarmed by the tremors! The city is NOT under attack! Any vibrations you might feel are in fact a sign of progress...

AEON is currently in the process of decoupling the Northern platform so that it can be relocated to the south-east in order to more efficiently balance the city and its resources. Citizens are advised to take extra care in their movements between sectors during this period. Watch your footing, hold on to hand rails, and be…


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Final Moments

-He laid there as the synthetic rain flowed over him, after the battle, his arm severed laying on the ground, he rolls over looking up at the sky, he coughs up some blood, he just grinned, to himself, some locks of hair flowed over his face, he laughs lightly before coughing up blood onto…


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Data File 6/21/2486 "Respect thy Enemy"

So I spent a few weeks working the docks at Shoda. Waving in VTOLs, scanning cargo, checking manifests, doing maint work on a few craft, supervising loader droids. Dumb as walking forklifts. Well I suppose they are walking forklifts, so that kind of makes sense. Honest work but grunt work none the less. Biding time to get a shot at securing my local pilot certs. Its tight airspace up there, between billion credit towers, and a lot of the air traffic is drone controlled anyways, limited…


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What IS done is done the final battle Cale Vs Derrick

(( The fallowing may be used for IC Knowlage from the fallowing transcript from the battle with the viral - natalie sullivan death arc coming to a close ))

[11:38] Cale Sullivan: "Welcome fitting.....this takes place infront of an aichi sign... a fitting death for you is it not worry soon you will…


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To Finish This

- the echos of his foot steps could be heard, slowly looking around the allyways, he was looking for his brother from the other day when he put a few bullets in him as a reminder not to fuck with him he moves forward once again he looks back to what it looked like some typical street punk " Don't.....just...don't you won't live to see…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-06-20 “Chess”

A shade of a man, worn tuxedo, shades and a cigarillo between his lips forms out of the stream of people passing The Blue Ant. As he reached desired location of choice, look focused onto a well known figure standing there. He hasn't seen…


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ϛ͵ Hunter

"...The man smiles with a feeling of just getting educated, 'You sure know your drinks.'

Ellie brushes her ponytail from over her shoulder while grooming the falling strands, "It is something of etiquette I've learned in my present days of living.'

The man looks at her for a while, hoping she…


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The Stage is set

-a blood trail could be seen leading to the nothern sector of the city he held his arm across his chest staggering his way into the shades, moving into a lab there, he leaned on the table bleeding all over the floor, he laughed " finally you awaken what your truley capibale of "  he begins to laugh taking a pick, moving to the 4 bullet wounds prying at it to move the bullets out of his skin " any lesser man would of been dead....." he grunts some picking at the wounds removing each bullet…


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Murderous Intent - The Awakening

(( this plot dose tie into a post made by abaddon on june 12th please read that one first before moving onto this one ))

after reviewing the security footage of june 12th 2481 derrick came out of his neuro net stunned, his eyes began to change to almost a cold killfull filled look.

Jeanne stood behind him as…


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Entry 207 - On the Milky Way

Most likely I will be returning for a visit soon.
I have missed the city and the suspended gardens immensely.

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038 - VASC Training Day - Ghost in the Forest

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Combat Log - 2486-06-10             

║║▌█   Location: VASC Protus Outpost 15, Borealis Region, Mars

║║▌█   Trainer: Lieutenant Kristin Poole

"Well, you do remember your survival training I gave you, central has a few mild O2 zones thanks to the work of AGIS. So we can go a bit longer, rest up, then head back.  Haven't had a firefight in the forest in ages so this should be a…


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Filler Entry
Soundtrack from Syndicate, enjoy :)

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Venus and Mars and Terra Firma

EDMasVenus and Riowyn at Terra Firma

Venus goes into the first respectable looking bar she finds after leaving the Docks,

looks around to make sure it is not one of_those_ bars, and takes a seat away

from the other customers. She taps into the Autobar and orders a liter of spring water,

a bottle of Blood Orange soda and a shot of StonedNight vodka delivered to her table.

Riowyn heard the door open and gave it a second before looking back.

Slender and exposed…


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