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Memories unlocked

I'm floating.

I'm floating and I cannot move anymore.

I'm floating, I cannot move, and soon I'm going to die. Like a sailor lost at sea.

Like a sailor I keep looking at this star, brighter than the others, my only hope. Though it's too late. I'm about to drown. And the star will let me. A thought crosses my mind... there is worse death than dying looking at the stars.

I wake up suddenly, covered with a… Continue

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Out of Jail

What happened is the most unlikely course of event leading to Bang and I being freed out of Jail.

After 36 hours of detention, it was becoming clear the IPS was toying with us. Toying, like amateurs. No search, no medical exam. Bang still had a weapon on her, and I was myself carrying a few spare clips.

But despite Saskia's efforts, and the lawyer she sent to represent us, they were not about to release us. Their purpose ? Unknown, since we were not questioned either. Our… Continue

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_XS HOST No. 032

_SYSTEM VERSION No. 9090404.23.2GG

_LOG No. 5986-44-S



_ This log is intended to make available a complete and comprehensive information archive targeting the operation, design, capabilities and usage of the… Continue

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Change in plans

The silver Gemini sped quickly through the aeroways coming to a near abrupt halt when it approached the exclusive home of the Deerhunters. The person at the wheel, young, cold in her looks, her eyes covered by her dark Giabano glasses.

At two kilometers away, sensors had already detected the approach of her vehicle and began to alert the staff in the home. Several cams and sensors confirmed the oncoming vehicle, Gemini Corvette X8 and the driver, Priscilla Deerhunter. No other passengers… Continue

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Downtime in the Ant was becoming a regular occurrence, and though Chantal was not one to regress into regular inebriated state, the staleness of the atmosphere was beginning to wear her down a bit. Nothing new piqued her interest, the same crowds flocked to their alcoholic trough time and again. Clearly there were no more clues for her to find here, and she was dangerously teetering on the brink of stagnation.

The PDA she’d acquired since her ‘awakening’ held innumerable speculations… Continue

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"Good Cop...Very Bad Cop"

Seargent Adam Muldoon of the IPS is the very definition of the term walking contradiction, he barely fits into his patrol armor anymoe, has a fetish for cyber erotica and child pornography, subject to bribes,and generaly slovenly appearance...but he was not always like this.

About a year ago as a beat cop the good Seargent happened to find a certain nightclub with an unusual clinetele, those who had a thing for the cybernetic and he found out like many it was a lifestyle he enjoyed,… Continue

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Discovery of Gemini 1st "test victim"???

Two salesbots have a chance encounter with dissorientated human ...

[21:01] GAV-N: welcome to Food Nation .. open 24 hrs .. 7 days a week .. my name is GAV-N my assistant .. LUC-E are here to help you with your purhcase .. crackle

[21:01] Chameleon Blinker jumps. "Woa…uh…h-hi there…"

[21:09] GAV-N: todays lottery winning ticket has been drawn .. the winning numbers are .. 25 46 18 22 64 - 22 .. did you purchase a lottery ticket perhaps

[21:10] GAV-N: the magazines are… Continue

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Results from Terra 5

Ilmatar looks at the report recieved from the contacts on Terra 5 with disbelief. "Negative"

The report started out stating that they were immediately suspicious for the paperwork stated it was equivilent to a old 20th century drug Selegeline. This drug was in tablet form, these came in vials.

They ran their typical tests and came up with negative result of any know drug.

I talked with my brother's and sister's. We decided to let the drugs go… Continue

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"The Drugs Transaction"

Malcom Burner: hey kiks. you know a good dealer by chance?

Malcom Burner: the kind of not askin too much n stuff

KIKI: i know a bad dealer.. always goes bad.

KIKI: oh wait i think i might i d have to find the name..

Malcom Burner: the guy bumped you alot eh?

KIKI: who?

Malcom Burner: the dealer

KIKI: yeah.. but i know of this other guy..

KIKI: weapons ?

KIKI: but dealin in what

KiKi Nikitin: lol comes up upside down

Malcom Burner: nah… Continue

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Mishi Rossini strolls into the bar, visibly pleased with himself, and takes a seat

Chantal Forsythe caught that odor on the air, the wafting of latex and a non water based lubricant assaulted her nostrils. This, in turn, would cause her to look around her placement for the source of the ill scents, that would be when she caught sight of Mishi as he was moving into the ant. Quizzical uprise by left brow before moseying after.

Chantal Forsythe suspiciously slides into the… Continue

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Monologue: Hijack

"This is it," he thought, "I can't fuck this up now."

Mishi was stood in a shadowy alleyway across the street from a small, quiet garage. It was late, and the apartment windows lining the passage were dark as the city's residents slept. Mishi's face, dimly lit by a nearby streetlight, was one of intense concentration and deep thought. With his eyes fixed on one solitary truck and his ears wary of any sounds approaching him, he didn't seem to notice the persistant rain that was… Continue

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"Gynoid! Stand up with your hands up now!"..

Orders were barked around me... at first, it was like a distant chatter. Who are they talking about ? Me ? No. It can't possibly be me... I'm human, don't they see ? Why can't they see it ?

A giant firework of blooming flowers was invading my vision... it had the same color as my hud, that hud that kept flashing red alarms about the level of psychotropic drug in my bloodstream.… Continue

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The Moment of truth

I eventually got it from Hibiki, thanks to Bang. The drug Perri mentionned... She wouldn't have brought it up if it wasn't meaningful. Yet I doubt. How will my bioshell react to it. Supposedly, a synthetic brain wouldn't even feel it. Supposedly... If I'm human, I'll be tossed to wonderland.

It's too late to go back. I gave my weapons to Bang. I can't take the risk to go high while I'm armed. The club is packed and I have explosives at home. Unsafe. The Breathe will be as good as… Continue

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OOC post

(( OOC post, weeee >x333 I hope it's okay to post this here. Anyway, I like to draw, mostly idiotic fast drawings that are poorly made but who cares. I drew Van, here she is, with the new hairstyle that he has... Nothing super big, I made this in a less than a hour. Maybe next time I actually spend time drawing her ))…


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How does Trust fit in a Risk Management strategy ?

Who can I trust ?

That's the question I asked my clownfish today. And I got the answer I was expecting. Or maybe I just got what I deserved.

Modesty is desperate with her position of challenger in the drug market... The already established syndicates won't let her cut a share in the business without a serious fight. Now she has lost me as a source of revenue, how will she react with what she knows ? Was she close to me because she was desperate ? If she intends to sell me,… Continue

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Speaking to God.

[[Warning. This is super effin long. I apologize. I ended up cutting a huge portion out and editing here and there, but as you see it's still ridiculously long. I hope you all will enjoy reading about our little 'adventure' yesterday 'cause I enjoyed playing it out greatly, laughing my ass off the entire time XD]]

Last night.

It started as a rather boring night. My friend Kevose and I where just chillin' in our favorite bar, The Blue Ant, and there wasn't really anything… Continue

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Terri's Reactor Escapades... [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

Ok, I'mma be posting my emotes from my React0r performances here for general perusal by the masses. Feel free to comment, but be warned they get dirty as I get more into the RP. I will not often include anyone's emotes or comments other than my own unless it enhances my performance.


My first performance was on Thursday the 21st of May, and here it is from start to finish:

Terrifying Soup peels the tape off of her breasts and drops it to the… Continue

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Ambrose Fairport's phonecall with his uncle, on the day he arrived in Insilico.

Uncle Dorian, hello.

No, the flight was fine. No hangups. I sent Pierre back to your place, thanks again for letting me borrow him.

Heheh, he said you'd say something like that.

I've got my itinerary here, it's all arranged. I've got a few tours of our facilities on the outskirts but I'm staying in the city proper. I've arranged for the fourth floor in our towers to be vacant. I promise not to throw too many wild parties.

Hahahaha! Yes, I remember… Continue

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PRESS RELEASE : Employment opportunities at BCSS

BCSS is announcing the hiring of several trained professionals to sustain their growth.

** Security officers**

Description : the Security Officer is responsible for the protection of our customers staff, assets, property and equipment, against any threat, including but not limited to unauthorized entry, theft, vandalism, spying, assault. In addition, Officers will provide support and monitor the systems critical to BCSS operations. Officers can also be asked to conduct… Continue

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Progression & Idle Inclinations

He was already there when she came wandering up to the Blue Ant. Worse, she tripped on the ramp en route and was thankful for the second time in a week since her damned memory was heisted that she possessed amplified reflexes. Graceless catch of herself was immediate, and luckily no one paid her any mind.

“Seat thief,” she muttered. Not angry in the slightest, but that for the spell of their morning tryst it had been the second time since she managed to finagle the ever popular booth… Continue

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