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029 - Pain in the Machine

║║▌█  Gripen Base AI´s Mission Log.  2484-03-16 23:35:00  ▌█║║


"Will it work?"

"99,93% chances that it will. While this new algorithm as such is so far unbreakable, we have found a flaw in their implementation, a side channel attack possibility... The control layer of the transmission protocol is leaking payload frames and this has allowed us to rebuild..."

"Grönlund, Hellsland, enough natter, you two.  Team alpha has cleared the area and…


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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 2486-4-29

Someone long ago once said that people sleep peaceably in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. This is true now more than ever and here in this city more than most. But in the four hundred years since that phrase was uttered the matter has only grown more complex. For every problem solved with a fake smile and handshake in the board room, ten more are solved with two to the body and one to the head from a 6mm Seburo. And yet I see fewer and fewer that…


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The A's of InSilico

AEON, AGIS and the Rest of the Acronyms

Dear Readers! It has been some time since our last chat and I am coming to you with all the info your worried hearts are craving. There was a previous posting about our fair City's take over by mysterious corp, AEON. Today I am bringing much, much more to you. I was lucky enough to sit down with Wilhelm James, AEON CEO, and have a lovely little chat about our fair City's future. This was followed by a chat with everyone's…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-27 Back in Business

I was sitting there at the Budda Bowl, smoking my cigarette enjoyed the artificial raindrops playing their song on the streets of the eastern part of Insilico. It was…


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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 2486-4-27

The stench of stagnation and confinement aboard the transport was unbearable, the yearning of the passengers and even the ship itself to be anywhere but here. Yet I savored it intimately, like a masochist on the surgical table bereft of anesthesia, feeling every cut of the scalpel. Because just as every cut of the blade would sever more weak flesh, so too would this last ordeal sever the remnants of my existence and leave room for nothing but the pursuit of mechanical…


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028 - Richard Hughes, the Stargazer, and Hacking into the Past

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-04-27  ▌█║║

The Buddha Bowl was empty at that late hour, Ana supervising the droids refilling the kitchen stores for the following day.  I had returned from a several days stay at the VASC Outpost, and walking under the artificial rain in the South District was a kind or ritual for me, after the dry, reddish and breathtaking landscapes of Mars. The cardboard box at the central pillar where I had found him sitting was…


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My first day in INSILICO.

Not to long ago I have arrived in INSILICO after my creator Elizabeth told me I am on my own now, I have been to other places before but nothing like this.. INSILICO was different. The idea of being alone both made me feel... scared I think, it felt like some of my energy was drained, just gone with no way to recharge my cells. Even though being alone did make me feel somewhat upset I did also experience a lot of joy, the idea of meeting new people, going out and seeing wonderful new places,…


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Sitting in the aichi office, he sits there infront of one of the computers trying to find information on Natalie Sullivan, he had been working tirelessly, having flash backs of the Moment of Cale's death, during the battle with the harvesters , he closes his eyes some his arm spasms from lack of sleep, he remembers seeing every bullet hole threw hs body, he grips his fist slamming it into the desk, wiht a loud BANG echoing threw the office, the memory of seeing his brother dieing till having…


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Elizabeth Juliet Sparrow

" Many wonders have existed in the world yet now all that exists is poverty, suffrage and, despair. That was my world, at least. We are nothing more than pathetic human beings although some of us are better than the others. Not many are able to create perfection such as life. Seems kind of ironic since only life I can create seems to be artificial. On one cold December evening a woman in her thirties gave birth to a small, female child. Her eyes were as green as Jade, hair red like…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-24 Philosophical Dispute and a Lady in Black

Do you not like me, Mr Krawo?” he scared bathed in sweat from his sleep, though pulse at 60 bpm.

02:49 am - This question triggered memories. E.V.A the other day asked this question but with another motivation. It was all about this almost philosophical subject “Fabricants equal to humans” and Mr.…


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Let's all party our eyes out.

          She struts around town with a flyer app, she's decided to distribute. Another party at Reakt0r. Which is good, because when you're a stripper, you need customers. That club needs bodies in it. Lots and lots of bodies. it's just good business. Wearing her see-through Kimono, and usual charming personality, she uploads a good chunk of flyers to anyone who gives her the time of day. 



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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-23 Human behavior

Right next door to the 7 Seas-Tower there is this location called “The Blue Ant”, a place I usual get my coffee, sitting there in the corner watching the people passing by. Equal to “The Blue Ant” there is “Club Aftermath” and of course, “react0r”.…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-18 The Void

I had a hard time the last couple of days. -…


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Plevu, Dart and the Fragile Workings of a Fabricant's Heart

Sixteen looked up and squinted. Her eyes were blinded for the first time from the white surrounding her. She furrowed her brow, unable to make what she thought of this new muscle reaction.

"You will be traveling back to the city tonight, but in an inactive state. Prepare yourself, and your belongings. You have one hour," An officer of Neo Shoda stated firmly.

Sixteen gave an acknowledging nod. I do not have any belongings, I -am- the belonging. She fought herself from being…


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027 - A Lab in The Shades

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-04-07  ▌█║║

The day after the encounter with Nilakai at Reaktor, I met Tae to sync plans.  That woman was a cornerstone of ethical values in an unethical world...Everything I had never been able to be.  She helped me cast aside any remaining doubt  on whether restoring Fifteen´s memories was the right thing to do... and made me feel ashamed of the plan I had drawn to ambush Nilakai to recover Fifteen´s…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-14 awakening the past…

Headache… Yesterday ... Yesterday I wallowed in the Club Reactor.…


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The Third Sullivan.....Natalie?

-Looking up from the fire he sits there in deep thought the fire glistencing off the sweat of his body, he sighs some trying to process this -

" it's been several months since cale died in the iss vs the harvester battle, and now this new information surfaces .......someone has information on her,,,it's just a matter of who.....and why has it been with hold from me...and if she's still alive,  where is she...did she dissapear? are there any records on her that can lead me to…


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Dark Arrival

Stepping off the ship  platform, and  slowly  looking at her surroundings , her eyes narrowed. most would have a sense of wonder and awe coming here for the first time but  not Earth. She was here for another reason. a fiery   woman on a mission. Brushing her long bang from off her forehead, she had no Idea if it was here , or if they were , but she was goin to do her  best to find out. Her life had changed in a brutal fashion and  took from her all she knew and loved. She went through a lot…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-08 Causal roaming and a drink

Yesterday I decided to roam the streets of InSilico, still to localize the important spots of this new environment. 150 years of history, this City looks as dark as its history seems to have been.

My point of arrival hit the scene just at a point of huge changing. Because of some to me…


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Confirmed: Gemini Out, AEON In.

Following up on the rumors from earlier this week; InSilico News Network can now report with 100% confidence that ownership of Insilico has been transferred to AEON Holdings. While neither Gemini nor AEON have released a public statement concerning the transfer, a key participant in those negotiations agreed to speak candidly with INN under the condition of anonymity. For their protection, we shall simply refer to them as DOE during the course of this…


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