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Cyber Style: with Miranda Kei and Li Kusanagi-hime

While I was in the city, I got a message from two friends wanting to see me. They said they saw my report on Cyber Style and would love to be a part of one. How could I deny that!


Miranda Kei leans against the lamp post, watching you approach. When you are near, she smiles and flips up her shades. "Star," she nods with a smile.

I smile and nod at my friend, "Miranda! Good to see you, how have you been!"

Miranda Kei smiles wider. "I've been…


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INSILICO Report: Interview with Marlowe

Hello INISLICO, today we have an interview with one of your own! This report is spilt into 2 parts; for one was recorded some time ago and we could not continue due various reasons, the second part we meet up months later to continue where we left off.

Thank you for reading!


Standing in the parking lot next to the bar, I prep BIT for recording as the wind swirls trash around my feet. People are gathered near here; some in groups,…


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The Days of Swine and Roses (Almost)

[09:13] Awesomesauce Ragu: Awesomesauce Ragu throws bacon at you
[09:15] Vissy Adamczyk: EWWWW
[09:15] Awesomesauce Ragu: TAKE THAT, YOU BITCH
[09:15] Awesomesauce Ragu: <3
[09:15] Vissy Adamczyk: you tryin to kill me?
[09:15] Awesomesauce Ragu: Like hitler, yes.
[09:16] Vissy Adamczyk: HITLER DIDNT KILL WITH BACON
[09:16] Awesomesauce Ragu: May they porketh oinketh you.
[09:16] Vissy Adamczyk: I deny the Hoglocaust

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I knew it!

[03:41] Jagdea: (Saved 17:34:06 2013/Apr/20 )are you a gemini?

[03:45] Vissy Adamczyk: gemini?

[03:45] Jagdea: yes

[03:46] Jagdea: are you a gemini?

[03:46] Vissy Adamczyk: i dont believe in that, and no

[03:49] Jagdea: leo then

[03:49] Vissy Adamczyk: no

[03:50] Jagdea: taurus?

[03:50] Vissy Adamczyk: no

[03:50] Vissy Adamczyk: just a few left

[03:50] Jagdea: scorpio

[03:50] Vissy Adamczyk: nope

[03:50] Jagdea: pisces?

[03:51] Vissy…


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Cazadore leaned casually against a wall watching his target approach, noted

the assassin following her and gave him a look which made him hesitate, move

back, and wait for a better chance.

Cerise walked wearily into Atomic Comix and collapsed into a corner chair.

She noticed a rank smell, a mix of ammonia and ketones which she realized

was leaking from her own overloaded cybernetic life support systems as they

fought a losing battle against the wasting disease…


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Meal ticket

Deactivation is easy for him. He understands the difference between a person and a program, someone or something. Why people will pay him so much for this and yet so little jump into the market is beyond him. Maybe it’s how as fake as it is…


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MGBN/INSILICO Files: Interview with Jeff - Pilot of the Artemis Freighter

Hello there This is Star Raven reporting for Mars Global Broadcasting Network, Looking through some past interviews I found this lovely one I did with Jeff, a pilot of the Artemis Freighter which transport goods and people from INSILICO to Mars and so forth!

We filmed this during the rise and fall of Ragnarok and a certain killer was on the loose. Oh my!

((Had some minor technical difficulties, was a rez day))…


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INSILICO/Mars Report: Cyber Style - Star Raven's Flat

((Part RP/Part RL))


Avatars, apartments, flats, and sims may come and go, but what inspires you always starys in your mind. Mayabe it's a color, or texture, cut, or way it's built; either way it catches your eye. Not everyone has the same style, but that is what makes each of us different.

((I've been working…


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INSILICO Files: Seven Seas Formal

Hello and welcome to a segment I call Files! Files will cover past events and reports. This one covers the event held at Seven Seas by Demetra Holtz.

 Also special thank you to Demetra for the dress!


Standing off to the side double checking everything: hem tucked in - check, boobs not showing – check, omni-tool on – check, BIT online – check, shoes pinch – double check. I look in the refection of a shops mirror one more time,…


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INSILICO Report: Landing Zone 1

Hello INSILICO! Over the weekend Landing Zone 1 in South INSILICO was just buzzing with people! Spaceships, jets, and flying eateries oh my! I saw some familiar faces and lots of new ones. I wish I could have stayed longer but Mars calls. Anyway here is what went down after my hander, Gunnery Chief Toscha Vayandar, flew me to LZ-1!


Arriving at LZ-1 I find the dock will with people, some in groups, some standing alone, and some in the shadows. This city’s…


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MGBN Report: Tram Tango

Sometimes you just need a break...

A time to unwind...

A time to rock!…


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The winds of a broken city....smell like rotting sewers in the month of April.

Decay, rot filthy fucked up alleyways, where rats come to and from, dying or going to die.  Ragdoll had been noticing the disappearance of the dead lately.  Two weeks ago, Jimmy the hobo died from starvation.  He watched two hobos tear him up and eat him like a raw duck.  Ragdoll considered cannibalism once or twice, however, he figured humans would upset his diet dumpster dining. So, he stayed away from it.  You think after a while, he'd get his job done, but he'd been busy hibernating in…


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