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INN Report: Cyber Style with Raven Jenovich

Hello and welcome to another Cyber Style with your host Star Raven!

Today we will be interviewing Raven Jenovich with her unique Cyber Style!

Star Raven: "Thank you so much for letting me come over for this edition of Cyber Style Ms. Raven! and I must say you have style, I love your place!"

ŘαѴεη Јεη brushes hair out of…


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Good Morning, Sunshine!

((OOC knowlege, obviously.  Not useable unless aquired IC.))

  She arose from the nightmare like a bird shocked into flight - the chill of the room around her striking her as she thew the covers from herself.  Nearly tangled, the restriction on movement had plunged her unconscious mind into somewhere darker than the formless black of sleep.  Hard training was the only thing that kept her soundless as her mind rose to the surface of wakefulness, starved for exterior…


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You know LESS than you think you do





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Caine's Journal: Of Red Gods And Towers

Caine's Journal, February 21st, 2485.

In this time and place, if you don't have resources and friends, you are nothing.

My stay on Mars was a productive one, I got to know the sector, I got to see Lemuria, and I got to learn and…


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A truth and a Lie

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

In my quest to understand how Insilico works, I realize I have been chasing an impossible dream. I very much suspect that, as with Petro companies in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, a global understanding of corporate actions in Insilico is a complexity problem. Nobody really understands it.…


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Incident BR-5711572 // Classified


Model: LY-N13L

Manufacturer: Lycrian Enterprises

Type: Gynoid // Pleasure Bot

Serial Number: LYEHSIN13L004244341161020100127

Firmware: Corrupted

Software: Unknown

Status: Unknown




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Caine's Journal: Order

Caine's Journal, February 21st, 2485.

It was bound to happen one way or another.

I have been busy, as it has been the norm with my life lately. I haven't been outside for a while, still working on Xia's damaged helmet and storming ideas. Someone once said…


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Bomber: death

She was waiting when they showed, the mines spread around the platform, the plasma bomb wired.  Her bunnybots haven't responded since last night, hacked, the 'guests' atthe tea party had called her an amature.  It had been fun and games, but it was time to end it.

 "Stay away from those barrels and the device, I got you on my sights, I'm going to give you one chance to turn yourself in, take it"

"you'll have to come and take me in, it wouldn't be fair to give up…


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Broadcast 248, The Bunny Bomber's End

This just in, tonight, the Bunny Bomber that had been blowing up locations through the city,including some never reported by the official newsfeeds, attacking the CEO of Nycorp with androids, has finally been ended.  we got this footage from our drone, 

*vid cuts to footage of a figure wearing a chesire cat mask, covered in blood, and leaning precariously over a ledge underneath the park, being held up by the arm by a black haired woman, explosions occur behind them, and the masked…


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The Eye of Insilico

* the video streams through the network, broadcasting to the various neuralnets, vid screens and listening devices tuned in*

We are the "Eye of Insilico" network, the only source of unbiased news about the city, without corporate product placement, or corporate strictures.  We tell just the facts, and only the facts.  Our sources come from the streets, people who are there, and our team of drones roaming the town.

Think GNN gives you the whole story? the Eye…


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Visit us at the Sci-Fi Convention!



Exclusive items made by Stark will be sold only there for a limited time! Get them today!

Hello INSILICO! Today starts the annual Sci-Fi Convention of Second Life!

This year we set up a booth there to show off our wonderful sim and we hope to see you there! There is a scavenger hunt, events, and general merriment all in the name of Relay for Life!

Please click this link for more details!…


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A little Philosophy, Maestro

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

It is, perhaps, entirely human, wild or otherwise, that we sometimes get so caught up in our own bullshit, mostly from our pasts, that we forget the present. I got shot the other day. No worries, healed up nicely, although rumors among the wild humans of my wolverine-like healing are greatly exaggerated. I come from hardy stock. I also have an…


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Public Undress


This video showed up on the net this morning, showing it was posted late last night. It is publicly accessible to anyone.

Event link.


A man in aviator shades, with a rounded glass of dark red liquid next to him, sat in a familiar scene with his hands folded on the surface in front…


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Consolation Prize

It was the world's most uncomfortable chair and he'd been sitting in it for hours; no doubt one of those influenced the other. The office was dimly lit, as his work space nearly always was, and he was slouched in front of a large screen. It would be easy enough to think he was asleep with his eyes open; his head cocked to the side, propped up on his fist. The screens activities were reflected in his eyes as he seemed to stare right through it and out the window to the city.



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Caine's Journal: Standalone

Caine's Journal, February 17th, 2485.

I was invited to a Tea Party a couple of days ago, the invite was short, scrambled, but to the point: There were going to be answers. I've recently gotten quite busy finding Mentors willing to lend…


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Journal 3

((This audio-log is stored on an object on Lunhilde's person, and can not be otherwise accessed.))

"You know, I thought I heard something today.  There's something valuable about the new place -- despite the massive amount of sheer space - that's just pointless extravagance - there's silence up there."

"Well, when I'm not blasting the holoscreen anyway, and I have NO direct neighbors -- even better.  Went out and got a good…


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Bomber: after the Tea Party

She had disconnected from the terminal with a huff, this was supposed to be her stage and the queens and knight turn it into a roast.  Maybe she hadn't explained things well enough? the Knight's intrusions were distracting, it was true.  If she hadn't gone in planning for the ice to be disabled, she would have been more irritated by the whole thing.  

She deleted the Wonderland Node around them in a fit, she lost her cool, she shouldn't have actually lost herself in the persona like…


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Comic Goes Atomic

Only Massive Crater Left Behind

Atomic Comic, the oldest surviving shop in North, has gone from us. This afternoon, a massive explosion decimated the little corner store, tearing a hole through the street and sending debris plummeting onto the unlucky Underground. Death tolls are unreported as of yet and it is unclear whether anyone was inside Atomic when it blew. 

Atomic Comic was a private collection of Fifth Aeon's, which he turned into a shop. It was…


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Futurewave: The Digital Revolution is Now.


As we all know we have a very awesome mall that offers futuristic and cyberpunk gear all year round. This is a wonderful thing, but not all stores in SL dabble into our genre.

At the Futurewave event they do once a year.

Last year Cinn and I witness the 1st Futurewave event and it blew our minds. We knew we had to have a small part of INSILICO involved. We are the best at being cyberpunk after all.

Aryn and I made the sim store:…


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Caine's Journal: Circles Within Circles

Caine's Journal, February 12th, 2485.

I've been working on a small project of mine. In this project I'm stepping in unknown territory, I know the basics, I know little things, but I need more. It's a prototype so far, when I got it, it…


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