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Unexpected setbacks in research

((events that happened while Ann's been away))

In the Ys facility under the waters of the New Texas Sea, Ann was standing in the observation booth overlooking the test chamber "And, begin."

The door opened as three armored forms emerged, holding their rifles, and scanning their surroundings, the Ghost units chattered to each other in binary as they spread through the maze.

"Dr. Faith?"  Ann turned to the lab assistant, a young girl with short cropped…


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“All stories are true,” Skarpi said. “But this one really happened, if that’s what you mean.” He took another slow drink, then smiled again, his bright eyes dancing. “More or less. You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.” - The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss

Chronicler had spent three, long hard-scrabble months gathering the stories of fourteen Beckettsville miners. Day after day she had prodded and…


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Hell In the Child's Eyes (Part 2)

   One smoke ring after another fell from from Cervantes' mouth, as he sat at his desk, legs propped up on the top of the surface, and crossed lazily. His shirt hung open, revealing fresh bandages he'd attained from Medlab,  courtesy of the good Doctor.

    He wasn't in his usual focused state, but more of a day dream. He'd just finished watering his plants, and now had taken a break from the mound of paperwork piling in his inbox. His mind was far away from his office and his wounds.…


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One Life for Another (Part 1)

Written by LoopyLou Sugarplum:

Loopy had no recollection of anything prior to her 7th birthday.  Now, 18 years later, she wished she could forget a lot more. She'd obliterate her earliest memories if she could, memories which transport her back to the stinking rat infested streets of Macau, China. Graphically clear recollections of  cramming her undernourished, skinny little frame into the smallest of spaces, of lying uncomfortably still, terrified to move,  scared to breathe,…


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OOC: New Cyberpunk Video Games and a Cultural Divide

In the tradition of Risa Hirano's excellent reporting of things like Deus Ex,allow me to present some fun video games for 2012

Syndicate for those with a traditional bent for Cyberpunk

Of course with games like these, there is a story and everything has its price...…


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Ramifications and Decisions

Part I

“You cannot be disciplined in great things and indiscipline in small things. Brave undisciplined men have no chance against the discipline and valor of other men.

General George S. Patton Jr


Roahm walked down the corridors of Insilico, her armor covering most of her body.  She had only just returned from New Avalon to find out about the senseless attack on the Tokuma…


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an unexpected, unwanted opportunity

Stacey looked at her wrist computer that had just bleeped.

//Time Delay message for S. Dent from R. Whitesong// Sergeant I have decided to turn myself over to THI. I have to shoulder some of the blame for what happened in west as Ranse was my subordinate, I'm entrusting the city's security to you while I'm away. Roahm Whitesong, Commissioner, IPS //End Message//

She looked up from her bath at the message...she was not happy. She had been promoted to her rank…


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Win 500L [Trolling] She Makes EIGHT FIGURES. Vote for best insult

I'm very ill in RL, I didnt notice I'd logged on to my friend's account (YAY! Saved passwords!) so decided to camp and get her some free stuff from prizechairs, when this smack-talker wanted to bring her game.

Respond with what you'd thought was the best comeback or insult, and I'll give someone 500L. No, from MY account!

It's long, so you deserve a chance to win cash for reading it.

Just lookie dat azz!…


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what the hell?!?

Roahm walked into her apartment and dropped her bag on the floor. She had just returned from a memorial service marking the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on her home city of New Avalon. She was tired but decided to head to her computer terminal to check her messages before getting some sleep. After the first few messages she saw a link to footage of her officers in in the western sector, firing upon thi employees. She dropped back, her hand hovering in front of her face and hissed. "What… Continue

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G.J.W.T.H.F. Pt 2

Half way through the call of making reservations, Demetra was faced with a few emails on the screen of her computer about her being needed in this crisis, but it only made her not want to help all the more.  After an hour went by, an email hit her screen of one of the higher ups having found out about her reservations and told her to cancel if she wanted to keep her job.  With the job she had, she could afford anything and had VIP passes to all the greatest parties, amongst other perks.  A…


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Prologue: A simple Box in The Land of the Death

His knees hurt.   The pain emanating from his joints seem to radiate up and down his tired legs.

The dampness of the cargo elevator did not make matters better, but given the situation it couldn't be helped.

He watched the yellow numbers on the cracked display screen tick onward as the elevator made its descent beneath the waves.   Every so often he could hear a heavy creaking sound, no doubt a sign that the amount of pressure on the elevator was increasing.  …


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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

"They did what?"  Demetra asked into the com device while at her desk up in Gemini HQ.  The black furniture and small office paled in comparison to Inara's amazing one upstairs.  'Damn that woman.' Such a thought occurred in her mind multiple times a day.  Back to the conversation at hand, she hissed into the com, "Roahm can deal with this."  Out of annoyance, her eyes rolled up to the ceiling, and her response was a flat, "I don't care if this is my problem too.  I'm.." she hit a couple…


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Big Damn Heroes

A sky plane caught fire over Los Gatos canyon

Like a fireball of lightning, it shook all our hills

Who are all these friends, all scattered like dry leaves?

The radio says they are just deportees.

The steel door was cool. It was cold. It was stainless.…


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"Are you quite certain you want to do this, dear?" NaiNai's kind, wrinkled face was furrowed with concern. She picked up the fat-bellied little teapot from the table to refill Joah's tea bowl, then she noticed Joah had barely touched it. Sighing, she set the pot down and took Joah's hand in hers.

"Something's not right," Joah murmured, finally looking up to meet NaiNai's eyes. "And he left this..." Joah pulled her hand away and took a piece of paper from her pocket, not even synth…


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I run forewards...the corridoors race past me. as I reach the edge I jump into the air...there is a roar and the push of G force as the jump pack kicks in and im sent soaring into the air. im air born, my jump pack burning driving me onwards moving towards west. the rest of the ips officer are moving on foot and I know i can trust them to cover my back as I know they trust me.

Seurity work is all about trust really...trusting your sqaud mates and superiors to cover you and…


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Ball Room Dancing

Miki heard Cerise gasp, and glimpsed a look on her face that would have wormed a dog, before

her professional mask slid back into place. Following her gaze, he saw a man in a fancy suit

entering the ballroom. Cerise spoke in a low, cold voice: I have seen that uniform before,

and I _really_ want to find out more about the man who was wearing it then; Do you have my back ?

She curved one eyebrow into a question mark. Miki sighed, nodded, and watched nervously as



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Under Family Fire

    Cervantes stood tall, today his outfit was casual. Perhaps too casual for the conversation he was having. So what if he was wearing a cargo jacket and his favorite t-shirt, depicting a woman's hands holding on to his chest in an almost scary realness. Perhaps he'd been taken more seriously if he weren't wearing his headphones, and if he'd made even the slightest effort to hide the long blunt that currently dangled from his mouth, then maybe the old men on the many hologram displays in…


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Graves...the new top-seller in FIRST Life? WTF?

eBay Auction


I was about to report this to Graves; at first I'd thought the seller was trying to sell an in-game full-perm outfit or something.





Added by VissyAdamczyk on February 4, 2012 at 4:00pm — 10 Comments

Building a Better Scatterbrain

Lock and ...


>>> time stamp 248*.01.10.0900

Konnichi wa!

Scroll incoming mail, routing to personal - why is this always empty - routing to work in progress, sort by contract, prioritize by deadline and record of payment, red flag Blue Rose, no credi no avi, politeness level CRIMSON - routing to out bound proposals, follow up on Della Femina versus Matushita…


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Y'were supposed t' slot that in yer DNI

tralala Loordes: Tears her eyes away from watching Unplanned Pregnancies of the Stars on the monitor "Hi babe... welcome to the Diner...yah hungry?"

Kadin Redgrave: 'Evenin', darlin'.Coffee? removes his jacket and hat.

tralala Loordes: Nods."Sure. Pours a fresh mug of Colombian and pushes…


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