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Things are never what you think.

After Aemeth stormed out and Judge gave his parting words Knight sat at the ledge in front of the Ant looking down debating how far a drop it was.

[18:04] Knightly Gearbox look up. "Oh, hi."

[18:04] Elspeth Placebo: I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. You look deep in thought.

[18:04] Knightly Gearbox: Just figuring out how far a drop it is.

[18:05] Elspeth Placebo: Math's not my strong suit.

[18:05] Elspeth Placebo: Probably far… Continue

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[OOC: My apologies]

Terribly sorry i haven't been around in a long time. I've been busy with a bunches of real life things as well as ISL drama. Those who i met and crossed paths with over the short time i was around, my apologies. Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the near future soon. As well as a detailed specifics on how this character came to be where he is now. Again, i apologize. Take care and see you ingame!

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Ready or Not

Hello, sister...they tell me you've been looking for me.

Who are you?

Who am I?…


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I saw Xiang only twice after the night she tried to kill me. She was pleasant… friendly, even. She had no idea who I was. I’d be a fool to think that was pretense. Either Omika or Moto, or both of them, must have erased all recall of that night.…


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He's Still Watching.

After his encounter with one of the mercs his "benefactor" hired during the morning Knight decided to hunt the man down and finish the job. Only to have a surprise waiting for him.

[21:34] Ryu Goldrozen walks up close behind you and slowly peeks around the way you are facing "Whatcha waiting for?"

[21:35] Knightly Gearbox jumps slightly and spins around. "The fuck!"

[21:35] Knightly Gearbox sighs slightly and holsters the pistol.… Continue

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Ocean Skyline

Home. Urdith paced around the unfurnished room, feet clacking against the bare metallic flooring. The secure crate with his spare legs and running suit sat in the back corner, waiting a biometric scan before opening to the world. He left it there, and stared out into the skyline. Across the way, several stories down, the 7th Seas club swam in an ocean of sapphire holograms. The Ant peeked out from behind atmosphere processors, one antenna sticking in the… Continue

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browsing the network

After out shopping, Moto returned to her apartment to find the door wide open, and a couple credsticks on the floor.

"Oh shit, someone broke in!" not sure what on earth she owned that anyone could possibly want, she remembered the android shell. When Xiang was ordered destroyed after Gemini mesed up her mind, Verika had signed over the shell to Moto. Moto hadn't been too sure what she was going to do with it, so left it in a crate propped against a wall in the corner. She had considered… Continue

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Moto had been divng in the network of the city, to the point she knew it fairly well, she was there again, in her avatar, a short maid with tentacles, flying arounf the datalines, Just killing time and exploring, until she came to the node full of windows, where the same people yelled in German. She kind of watched, trying to understand it, as she hadn't dwnloaded german into he rheadware yet, before shrugging and headeing off, smack into someone. the avatar was a giant smilely face, "You're… Continue

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The Hippolytan

Hibiki's sample was a good sample. Omika was happy. She had not wanted to bother Dr. Gajraj with the process of analyzing it, but she had to be sure. Even for the messenger she found a strange affection for, she had to be sure. Her delicate womb could not be risked, though she was still a brisk forty-six years young. A third of the way through her life.

Hibiki's sample was good. 87.5% chance of the firstborn being a daughter. Excellent quality. It would be stored. The context of his… Continue

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[IC] A Fateful Choice

Knight was reviewing the latest emails for the hundredth time now. By now it was early in the morning and he'd finally made his choice. Pulling the coordinates up from his eye piece's memory he inputted them into a map system he picked up a few hours before and quickly pulled up a listing for pilots.

A few minutes later he had convinced a pilot to fly him to the location listed on the note. Sighing as he sealed his helmet and met the pilot at the docks he…

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[IC] Late Calls

A pool party? The idea still shocked Urdith. His last memory of a pool involved drones armed with mini-guns and microwave deterrent systems jealously guarding the penthouse water reserves of the current financial sultan. Only the most privileged of corporate servants could indulge. The job required scaling the building, entering the pool and leaving a data drive in a locker. His partner, Kamal, lingered too long staring at the women in scandalous bathing… Continue

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Insilico a year later: 2478-2479

If life was difficult in the beginning, he didn't know it. That his body had unthawed early last year made little difference. For nearly a month he sat on the floor of the storage facility, the arabesques of light rezzing the world again from black.…


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- Judge reduced acceleration, there was no point in coming in hot and heavy and he wasn't in any hurry... after all, they *did* ask for him. Strange though, perhaps unexpected was the right word. He didn't like it; non-calculated moves were not his forte … which could explain why his normal mode of transport (an absconded Talon) was missing from this equation. 'Let's see how they deal with a fully loaded Molay' – he chuckled to himself. The best response for something unexpected, was to do…

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Promotion?! Well who else were they going to give it to? *laughs*

Ada walks down to the bottom chambers of the medical lab and pushes over some papers of research. She picks one up and squints at it. She giggles seeing that it is a tic-tac-toe game. Some of the crew must have been passing the time as they watched over the med scanner for her. She glances over at the body in the scanner and sighs lightly. She watches the body softly hover inside as the woman's hair wisps around her face. Ada walks over to the scanner and places her hand on the glass. She… Continue

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What Lies Beneath

...why do you seek these memories?

"Who are you?"

...what I am is inconsequential to that which you seek.

“What do you know about what I…


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I’ve been mulling over that first meeting with Xiang and everything that came after it. More often than not, I find myself staring into a noodle bowl or an empty drink glass or a static-filled holovid, my thoughts circling themselves and failing to arrive at any useful conclusions. I had tried, and failed, first to locate my sister, then my sister’s memories. What I had found instead was a warning, and in the words…


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The state of the nation

Hibiki coughed twice.

When a cyborg coughs it's usually to mask something that would otherwise seem strange to a human being. In this case he was expelling a cloud of frozen nanites in the form of a glowing, blue paste. They had just sobered him from his high, and they were a godsend. He loved them with all his metal heart. The nanites flashed their brilliant azure then faded with wisps of vapor, melting into the air. He rubbed his fingers together briefly, for effect. No…

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Corrupted file

Moto was working at the Ant, as she worked, she suddenly recieved an interlinked communication from Xiang, the lat communication had been to say goodbye. Moto had heard she had detonated an EMP at the 7seas, something about that building and EMP devices. This new communication...Xiang apparantly was now 2, one was the backup from Omi's terminal, the other was in her original body, and walking around. Xiang's communication told her, be careful of this other XIang, just before… Continue

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Blue Ant Morning.

[8:10] XLR8 Galaxy: hello
[8:10] Vissy Adamczyk: Hiya
[8:10] XLR8 Galaxy: it is very calm today
[8:11] Vissy Adamczyk: "No cops, no killers...and no damned bartender"
[8:11] XLR8 Galaxy: true
[8:12] XLR8 Galaxy: at least it seem... free
[8:12] XLR8 Galaxy: hmmm... what's your poison?
[8:12] Judge Hocho: stop
[8:13] Vissy Adamczyk: "Oh great. Guys in funny hats..."
[8:13] XLR8 Galaxy: ho at…

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Taking Leave

Do to some untimely PC trouble. My graphics card is dying, so I'm ordering a new one. Until it arrives, I cannot play ANY games, including SL. It may risk the life of my pc as a whole. I'm not sure how long it'll take. I should be back by early next week. As SUCH the murder that should happen Sunday won't. Instead I'll postpone it for a while, or risk my PC by logging on just long enough to make a scene. I can't stay on and RP, though. I'll be checking the site regularly, and I'm on Skype often… Continue

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