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Bagged Lunch, and a Visit to Agis

So we had a delivery at the office.  A citizen named Dart apparantly brought in a paper bag, in a box, and in the bag were a set of slimy lungs.  Like the sloppy kind, not the carbonfiber ones they used to sell at Smoker's Choice. 

From what Boss Lady says, the guy found them left outside Terra Firma after a wanna be harvester tried to sell them to him or something?  The Amature Harvester in question is a known courier for the Ghost Dragons, and not one considered especially…


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Ripe Streets

So, going over the scenes where the body parts were found (Still there too, cordoned off so as to prevent anyone tampering with any evidence, and days later reeking like hell.), Having had some training in the new Holonet pads Boss Lady issued.  They scan the crime scene, and process everything, like right down to the air quality and if someone farted.  Or at least that's what the packaging says, "Hey! insert a DNA sample to get a result!"  except you still need access to a database of…


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010 Job Application: Epilogue

A direct call to my neural network woke me up.

//Incoming message:// do you accept the charge y/n ?

I grunted and opened my eyes.  My head ached. "Hmpf.  Depends...on how much you charge... Hell.. Yes, I do"

//E.Dimitriaski:// Thank you for taking the call, I just wanted to contact you about what you found.

//D.Hellsland://  I´m not sure of what I found, but whatever it is, I have it with me.  The damn place was poisonous, by the…


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009 Job Application: Radioactive Ghosts

I went back home with the card in my pocket, not having a clue about where that JSD lab was.  But if you had the key, in many cases you could also find the door.  What Eve had given to me was just a copy, and all the user data had been removed.  But they had left enough information on it to obtain an approximated position.


It turned out to be an area near the space docks, some kind of office in a secluded spot. I felt like a guinea pig, sent there to test how long I could last.…


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A Fond Farewell

           An outrider class space freight leaves the InSilico hanger. It's destination currently uncharted as its captain looks into the rear cams as the city she grew to love shrinks into the distance, a line of long-range cargo vessels follow. The ship's engines flare up as the planet comes clearly into view. "Stan.." She says in a low voice, "Sell it all."

          The ship's voice speaks up in a pitch of monotone depression. "Which all? I'll need you to specify. You have.. a lot…


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008 Job Application

I had been around for a while...and was still alive.  Moreover,  apparently nobody from Karlsson had tracked me down yet.  I had been able to walk in the streets, even had rented an apartment without major problems.  Really good hearted people had guided me through medical scans and paperwork to obtain the citizenship, and either the city AI had checked my records at Ny Stockholm and bought in, or most likely, they had not even bothered,  leaving me alone as long as I did not cause trouble. …


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Several days ago a safe at our office was burglarized. While the contents are of moderate value, nothing classified was in the safe at the time. Several bars of gold and a document were removed. Any information regarding this will be rewarded with the value of the gold. If the person responsible is brought to us, dead or alive, the reward will be three times the value of the stolen items. Any information can be directed to myself, ISS Agent Molly Reilly, or ISS Director Nyusha Yamasuka. No…


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The Dead Rise!

Lawson's Reappearance Proves Zombies Truly Exist

All hail this wondrous day and its most wonderful tidings! Richard Laweson himself lives again! Dear Readers, I won't take up too much of your time today with my own ramblings and speculations. Instead I will be giving you the entire speech from Lawson himself. While there were many in tears and a few asking questions, I feel the great man can only speak for himself so here is his speech in full:

 'It has…


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Speeches, Cold Cases, The Space Elves take over, and moving day.

So I missed the Laweson Day speech, sleeping off a hangover (I took the day off since it's a holiday)  But Boss Lady sent me a recording.  A clone of the guy (the baby grew up already? damn) was going on about how great he was for drinking and hooking up, (I drink and try to hook up all the time, and you don't see me having speeches about how great I am.) And made official what we found out from one of the files that turned up while investigating the IPS bombing, and what some conspiracy…


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So someone's not only left ISS a present in front of the Nexus Building, (The more things change, the more they stay the same.), But they left more body parts all over East and South.  So far, last count, we're at one hand, one foot, one arm, one leg, and a torso.  I'm not sure if the old IPS ever brought anyone in for littering, (doubt it, with the number of trashed cars and droids laying around on the streets, in some cases still smoking years later), But this one's a real…


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Character sheet

║║▌█ Eliza ▌█║║

Rank: N/A

Faction Underground

Division: N/A

DOB: current year 2459

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Serial: UNFH**-1988

------ Attributes ------------------------ *







120 points to spend no stat to exceed 30 or fall below 5

Attribute: Stat +0 difficult / +20 medium / +30 normal

------ Skills…


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Missing in the City

CEO, Citizens Disappearing From the Streets

IPS has only been gone for a month yet it seems that there are no smooth breaks on our fair City's horizon. Following the recent crime wave, reports have begun rolling in that of a steady increase in missing persons. While many disappearances can be attributed to the overwhelming chaos following the destruction of the IPS building and Gemini's subsequent loss of control on our fair City itself, what about the…


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Entry 016 - To The Moon and Back (not literally).

I have yet to understand how it happened. These were fourteen days of the one thing I will call for no other words but madness.

Every good researcher has nearly infinite supplies. But, there comes the day where infinite reaches finite, and more of the same becomes a necessity. So, what do I do? I put together the mad will to travel, as much Gorgonzola I can carry, recruited my new assistant, and I take my ship and a pair of proper…


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007 Going through hoops

I had not gone through that medical scan at AGIS yet.  Tae had told me to show up whenever it was convenient but...being handled by medics was not my idea of fun, and I had kept putting it off.  Moreover,  these AGIS folks were not just street splicers,  possibly I´d better wait for an appointment. 

When the appointment came, I had to repeat to myself that it was only a harmless scan.  The memories of the doctors at Karlsson AB playing with my brain were still too fresh, and too…


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Evidence Game

The whole IPS building going up in a smoldering BBQ pit, had drastically changed everything in the city.  Mr. Rivers and CSI Holly were able to only collect so much from the ground zero site.  It was painfully clear that JSD was holding onto some of missing puzzle pieces.  There was an uncanny oddity of the prospect of AGIS tech involved in this incident.  She had wished that ISS would have gotten their hands on the mysterious canisters which China White had been transporting, namely "the…


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Joyride 2000: The Parking.

Reported in at the south office last night after moving my car again, and catching a shower in the spa. (yeah, I'm still sleeping in my car, still no luck finding a new place, real estate here is a hot commodity.)  I caught Boss Lady standing in front of the office with one of her ever present cups of coffee in hand.  Talked about work and current cases when we were joined by the two new agents, Jeanne and Chilka.  (Real nice, uh, personalities on those two.)  Boss Lady decided to show us…


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Voice Recording 005

[Start of Recording]

So... this holiday thing that I've been hearing about... it apparently all culminates in a big end of year celebration. A new year is... a big thing to some people, it seems.

[A pause, and a deep breath could be heard.]

I wonder how old I am. I've never really bothered counting the years. Or the days, for that matter. Being blind was... well, all days sorta melted…


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006 A Helping Hand

During one of my idle wanderings around the city, I had stopped by Terra Firma to have a coffee,  and was sitting alone at what already was my favorite table when Riowyn walked in.  She poured herself a fresh cup, leaned forward on the counter top and spoke to the little bot running the place.  She seemed positively surprised at its satisfactory performance.  

"Moogie. Come here...You make this coffee, mate? And get some for that guy? Wow, all right!"  

The little AI…


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INN Report: A look back at 2485!

Happy New Year Insilicans! We hope you enjoyed the party at Fusion last night/early morning! It was full of drinks, music, dance, and familiar faces! May 2416 bring us lots of excitement, because it is what makes the news (and my job as a reporter), newsworthy!

Now after the celebrations die off, the drinkers stop drinking, the looters stop looting, and the homeless stop peeing in my plants; let us take a look back at 2415 in all its…


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