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Dance of the Will o' the Wisps

"Deep in the meadow, hidden far away

A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray

Forget your woes and let your troubles lay

And when it's morning again, they'll wash away

Here it's safe, here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you from every…


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The Citizen Representative

Gemini Announces Elected Liason Position 

Dear Readers, today Gemini made an exciting announcement: the newly created position of Citizen Representative. What does this mean for our fair city? This will be a direct link between the citizens and Gemini's reclusive Board of Directors. Elections for this prestigious position have not yet been scheduled but please understand, dear Readers. This is YOUR chance to choose who will be your voice to the Corp that has…


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The Power, The Glory, the Women, and the Men

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

*** files enclosed ***

I just got a lesson in how Insilico really works last night. First, if you just got to the city in the last year, you don't know. A lot of activity that seems vaguely insane centers around corporate grudges from years ago. Of those, in particular, Tokuma seems to be a thorn in…


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The Blessed Child - Chapter VI

Keiko slowly peeked behind the wall to see three heavily armed men standing on the front door. They were wearing weird Japanese masks that covered their faces completely. Keiko noticed that their arms were fully covered with tattoos. The three of them were very tall and muscular. They were arranged side-by-side, and the one in the middle, who appeared to be their leader, was speaking with a heavy accent which made them obviously not Japanese. Why would they be there?

The leader moved…


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March Shipping Announcement: Changing Our Image.

After recent events lately, such as the Bunny Bomber in the city of insilico using our company logo for her own devices, We at March Shipping and Delivery have unveiled a new logo.  One suggested by newly hired pilot, Xerxes.\

We are currently changing all promotional materials, company vehicles, and…


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a visit to the hospital, meeting my first eve, unappreciated beers.

Agent Brando was still in the hospital, I came to south after selling Fisto to someone who seemed really enthusiastic about the bots defect.  boss lady and I went to visit, guy seemed pretty healthy.  I brought him a beer as a sort of get well present, found out he doesnt drink.  One of the doctors came in to check on him, one of the cloners eves, not too bad looking if a little short.  No sense of humor really.  We were talking to Brando as she did her, doctoring i guess, she interjected a…


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To Kill A Clone

Alice Liddel: Killer Clone or Innocent Victim?

Gemini hearings are rare these days. Our post THI world seems to suggest that the sensationalized trials are a thing of the past. But, last night major players in JSD, NyCorp and AGIS were gathered within a small room on the east side. Here, testimony was heard about whether Adam Caine had murdered one Alice Liddel. Ugly charges were brought against him: murder, kidnapping, blackmail, fraudulent security…


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Unfinished Business

She was standing in the rain dazed and confused by Adam's refusal to take her full statement, to haul her in for detailed questioning.  She had practically insisted upon it.  Yet, the director turned his back on her and any further conversation about it.  It was if he did not want to know, care to know, or that he himself already had the answers.  She was stunned that the head of IPS did not care, nor have time, for her to provide him with a lengthily detailed statement.  He was very…


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The Blessed Child - Chapter V

At eight o'clock Keiko was ready at the living room. She knew that her family was used to go to fancy restaurants only, and dinner out meant her father was going to make business with someone and would like to show his family to impress the client, so she dressed accordingly. She was stunning. Black short dress, black heels, nice and shiny earrings and collar, hair arranged in a ponytail which was pulled over her left shoulder. Her face was still sad, though.

Tatsuo and Sayuri were…


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Richard Lawson: the Man, the Life, the Legend

A City in Mourning, One Year Later

Man of the Year, IPS Director, Champion of the Pleasure Industry, Protector of our fair City's sanctity, Richard Lawson was many things to many people. January 20th, 2484, the city suffered a great loss that is felt even today. Richard Lawson was brutally murdered by persons unknown during a rallying speech about a victory against Tokuma Heavy Industries and the Ghost Dragon Syndicate. 

But just who was Richard…


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The Blessed Child - Chapter IV

The following weeks, Keiko was noticeably depressed. She wouldn't go to the charity foundations with her mother. She wouldn't even want to go sneak into the holodeck in the afternoon. She would just lay on her bed or on the couch in the living room. She wouldn't talk at the dinner table.

Sayuri noticed what was happening to her daughter, and was concerned about Keiko's happiness. One day, when they were home, she approached Keiko laying on the couch in the living…


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Insilico has AIDS

Gemini Announces IPS's Return

Insilico Private Security, once our fair city's premier protecting force, was disbanded months ago as Gemini made a shift towards centralized security measures. Yesterday, they announced a reinstatement of IPS but with a twist. Instead of recruiting from the populace, IPS will consist soley of AI's known as Autonomous Insilico Defense System, AIDS for short, and can be seen on patrol, by foot and in Heavy Insurgence Vehicle.…


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The Blessed Child - Chapter III

The next day was a regular day in Keiko's life.

It always started with a breakfast with her mother at the apartment's kitchen, served by a group of robot-housekeeper. Her father would leave to work before she woke up, so - except on a few Sundays a year - she rarely talked to him. Her mother would spend more than one hour talking about what Keiko thought to be futile things like expensive clothing and jewels, how her mother's friends were mean and senseless. Keiko's attention was…


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Caine's Journal: Into The Dark

Caine's Journal, January 16th, 2485.

The rain on the Eastern Sector has always had something special to it. As artificial as it is, it's mesmerizing, inspiring even.

I had no reason to go back to East, Nexus buildings here and there, AEON Holdings at the back, and…


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Mai O'Toole: Business with Skaggi

She twisted the allen wrench in her arm, tightening the panel and looked around the meeting place.  Under the hotel, in the sea of tents and lean-tos of the homeless.  She was here to meet an individual for a trade. Five military grade plasma weapons.  She didn't know how her connection got them, she was just making the deal.  The credits were badly needed.  After people saw her talking to that detective about the explosives she sold, business has been scarce.  This was the first deal in…


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Pigeons and Strippers

Skygate's Petting Zoo and Old Faces in New Places

Skygate Hotel and Spa has long been considered the place for relaxation, pampering and a quiet night's rest. Now you can add cooing and pooing to that mix. It seems that there has been a recent pigeon infestation and Richard Hughes, owner of the Skygate, is at a loss to get rid of them. He has reportedly been ripping out his hair and avoiding main squeeze, Nyusha Yamasuka, while attempting to deal with the problem.…


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So i just start to relax,  thinking Caine and company's pre-emptive strike, nabbing and executing  the biggest throbbing connection to the bomber we had.  All evidence was pointing to this girl, if she hadnt done the deed, she could have lead to whoever did.  And the giant offed her without a warrant, permission from JSD, or anything.  

Things did quiet down a short while, making it look even more like she was the bomber.  No explosions, kidnapping, creepy vids aired.  I was trying to…


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The Red Queen and Red King

[This posting is written to play off from the Looking Glass theme which is behind the Bunny Bomber attacks in the city. It is this very unknown subject (the Bunny Bomber) which has cast Nyusha into the role of the Red Queen in some insane plot going on.  Please keep in mind that Nyusha the character is not very found of being type casted and thrusted into this role by the Bunny. I felt OOC it would be entertaining to write from this perspective for a blog…


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it's raining bots

The Chesire Cat watched the recording on an open window, cackling every time a bunny bot exploded, watching the people running from the blast and swatting the small manhunter drones. Or, in one case, standing in the middle of the melee looking lost.  "well, if we don't find a new Alice, we have a real good Tweedle Dum from the looks of it. So far, aside from the Red Queen, the surface dweller and the new Issy chica look like they could be contenders."  

The Mad Hatter shrugged…


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Caine's Journal: Pain

Caine's Journal, January 11th, 2485.

I've been trying to sleep ever since I went back home. I'm not sure if I remember exactly what happened today. I remember Coraline sitting and listening. Blue blur, blinding lights... I also remember going upstairs, the lights were so bright, a tube and a…


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