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.01312483-Entry 01-Faith, Omega


The time before West was dropped was largely spent cataloging equipment and prototypes, and overseeing the workers pack it up in crates marked THIRes.  After her activation, she hadn't progressed as far on most of them, spending her time mostly focused on improving her own upgrades, and determining how to go about things.   

Once the laboratory had been packed and moved to a Tokuma storage facility, she had left the city as the section of the city was…


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MGBN Report: Interview with James R.

The Med Bay was quite busy that day, but I managed to get a short interview with one of VASC’s own. Medic James R.

Major Sliverweb and Munro had their hands full with some... Martian problems we’ve been having. I fear this one maybe a game changer, for better and for worse.

So in the calm before the storm let’s learn more about our fellow Martians.


BIT Follow…


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she couldn't actually hear the crunching under her boots as she walked. it was all in her head and she knew it. but that wasn't the point, the point was that she could hear it. how long she'd been walking she didn't know, it didn't matter. was she awake or dreaming, was she simply drifting and letting time pass with each step she took through the sands and rocks. thoughts were her guide, sight only there to ensure she didn't run headlong into anything that would block her forward motion.…


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[INN] Breaking News: Gemini Scales Back InSilico Presence

\\Internal Message\\ *OK FOR DISSEMNIATION*

Beginning with its foundations as a research platform, the -now- city of InSilico has held a special place in the corporate structure of Gemini. It was here that our corporation took a leading role in the salvation of society in the wake of terrestrial catastrophe, and it was from here that we extended our influence beyond the terrestrial markets.

This city is more than a piece of a property; it is a cherished symbol. Yet… there…


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Insilico Report: Between a Rock Star and a Hard Place.

So I… won some tickets out of millions of fans to get a date with the rock star of INSILICO Ms. Yamamoto Rei.  This is how the date went down.


Yamamoto Rei waves from where she is lightly balanced upon the black piano.  There's an odd…


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The Jackboot

"Return to your duties, officer."

Unceremoniously, the door whisked closed behind Ellie, leaving the blond man alone in the conference room.

Were this the city of lights, he could walk away entirely certain she would carry out her duties unquestioningly. There, where he and his comrades sat by the seat of their corporate masters' thrones, orders were orders and men followed them or paid.


He scowled; tucked…


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Day in the life of a reporter: Looking for answers…


Star Raven: “BIT I need to stop having these dreams. Come on let’s go to the Med Bay, not like it’s far or anything.”

BIT: “Yes.” *floats across the hall with Star, and enters the Med Bay in the VASC Base.*

James R. is typing into his computer furiously…


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Another Night, Another Investigation

    Erich watched the Hook fall as he gave it a swift kick off of the platform. "Cya around, Tommy.." He wasn't sure if Roahm would survive or not, at this point he didn't care, She chose to take this path. He spun around to face Hana who was leaking some blue fluid from her torso, he himself was bruised in the face and bloodied from where a few rounds had managed to scrape his skin. He was about to speak until Gustav showed up. "You missed the party.." Erich spat the words out, Hana had all…


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another night another show....

 Another weekend, another show finished, Roahm walked slowly to Atomix and was getting set for her flight back to mars. The first sound she heard as she entered the shop was the tell tale click of a revolver being ready as the familiar voice of Erich piped up, “greetings sweet heart...” he said, that old smile on his lips as Hana strode from behind a book shelf, an assault rifle in hand, “Mask off, now” Erich spat out and Roahm raised her hands, taking the upper section of her mask off,…


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INSILICO/Mars Report: Youtube


Hey everyone! Star Raven here!

Did you know if you type in "INSILICO" on youtube you might see your house and beautiful vids on our region! Yes you can!

Youtube's INSILICO Results

And a user named …


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The D'naa

To be D'naa is to be born free, this is the center of all spirituality in their system of belief. They are born to the planet, Mars is their mother and home; They guard its secrets and its majestic beauty fiercely. When they arrived centuries before the corporations got to mars they wanted to…


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Man on the Run

Saturday, January 13, 2483

His head was tilted down as he stumbles through the streets. Steps behind him were two IPS bots, who moved swiftly and mechanically. One had his assault rifle drawn and was poking the cold metal tip into John's back and the other kept out his black baton. The trio made their way to the ship docks for loading into a shuttle going to Gemini Prime. They prowled through the dark and gritty streets with low lighting,…


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Demetra Holtz straightened her posture, "Yes. You have done plenty wrong and--take a seat, Lieutenant." She patted the chair for him to sit down. "I need to get something across."

Erich Zufreur took his glasses off swearing inwardly but wouldn't dare say it out loud, not in the mood Dem was in.

Demetra Holtz snapped since the two officers went on to their duties, "I blame you, Lieutenant for the Sergeant disrespecting me. You must have.." she glared at him, "..been your soft…


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MGBN Report: Reaktor Party 1/13

A little birdie at the Reaktor Party in INSILICO told me it was quite... amusing.

Many colorful clothes, personalities, and creds to boot.

I know this birdie had a good time and other have... well some have. The birdie told me she saw a couple fighting, watchful eyes all around, someone not getting sake, and random karaoke.

The DJ was awesome I also heard.

Sorry I wasn't there, I was busy preparing a trip for earth soon, I have... business to attend to. You know a…


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1.e4: King's Pawn Forward Two Squares

She waited quiet, patient upon her barrel in the broken down underbelly of the North. She pointed to the chair before her and nodded, "Welcome to my office. Have a seat."

Her words were a still as steel as she continued quietly, "So ... you are the ... reporter ... who lives behind the…


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Foiled Martian Coup

Foiled Martian Coup

Last week a coup d'état was foiled at PROTUS outpost 15. This followed immediately after VASC investigators were sent to discover if any corporate protocols were being violated within the outpost. Acting captain Victor Adler was sent as an internal investigator earlier last week and…


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Welcoming Our New GM's

We want to take this time to introduce our newest additions to Insilico GM staff.Cervantes RexenDemetra Holtz…


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MGBN Report: FUSION Grand Opening Party (remastered)

((Remastered the original))

Hello again! Star Raven reporting for MGBN!

BIT and I took some pictures too!…


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The Red Button

[17:00] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): hai

[17:00] look1268: hii

[17:00] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): haha that looks like skillz on TV

[17:00] look1268: is your house?

[17:01] look1268: hashas

[17:01] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): no

[17:01] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): its skills' house

[17:01] look1268: hum

[17:02] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): ooh

[17:02] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): click this button!

[17:02] Vissy (vissy.adamczyk): screen goes all crazy

[17:02] Vissy…


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