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our lives are not our own.

All boundaries are conventions.

[the character is freely inspired by sonmi-451 from the book/movie Cloud Atlas. Anyway, for obvious reasons, I changed her lore to fit Insilico's background, as I didn't want a perfect copy of the movie's character, but just inspire my character's story basing on it. She also have some connections with Cinder Lihn, from the book "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer.]

------ Attributes ------------------------ 

Intelligence = High (70).
> Perception = Med (50).
> Endurance = High (70).
> Agility = Low (40).
> Strength = Low (40).
> Charisma = Med (50).
> Security = 50%
> Medical = 50%
> Piloting = 60%
> Sneak = 50%
> Science = 60%
> Mining = 50%
> Interrogation = 30%
> Charm = 30%
> Barter = 60%
> Hack = 60%
> Investigation = 60%
> Repair = 50%

Employer: MANAGER at Fusion Club, Insilico East
DOB: (current year 2484): 2463 (21 Y.O.)
Race:: Registered AGIS clone
Gender: Female


Year 2463, Neo Seoul, Oriental Commonwealth.
"The requirement of cannon fodder is high. Where animal clonation failed, human clonation won everything. They create people, they rise people, they use clones and let them work and live, with hope and promises. One promise, the biggest, shines in every clone's dream:
Sonmi was born this year, in September, the 9th.
AGIS laboratories in Asia created her for medical and cosmetic sperimentation purposes, and she was raised by a nurse-bot in laboratory until, at the age of 13 -when she was developed- she was sent to ASOL Pharmaceutics to take her first test.
She and the other Sonmis worked and lived in laboratories of ASOL, until the promise of freedom got honored: she was released, free to live her life.
Anyway, the life on the surface wasn't like she expected.
Clones were treated as subhumans, an inferior species, merely considered on a par with animals of little importance. Out there, Sonmi didn't find any friend, or job, and didn't have the opportunity to make a family as she was teached to dream at ASOL.
She remembered the nights spent talking with other Sonmis about marriage, love, and eventually, kids.
She realized that she had no money, and no money, in the city, means no home. No home, means a very short life.
Women were wearing colorful cheongsams, silky qipaos and had beautifully colored long straight hair. Men were all dressed in bright colors and young girls were all well dressed, with neon accessories and strange hairstyles. She had a flash of her companions at ASOL, all dressed in the same way, and all having the same short hairstyle. It was obvious who she was, between all that people...
I can't say if it's a luck shot or not, but ASOL still have power on clones even after they're released. That's why she was sold to an old woman, even if she was supposed to be free.
The old lady, Kim Ma-Leu-Da, was a sour, spoiled, rich, megalomaniacal, misanthropic person. But she was very smart too.
All she wanted was, substantially, a servant. "You're a good investment. You don't need a salary, you won't talk to me if it is not strictly necessary, you won't touch me, never, and you won't speak to anyone about me or my house, when you go out." That's what she said to Sonmi the first time they met.
You can think it would be a hard life, but all that Sonmi said was: "Do I... Have the permission to go out?"
Ma-Leu-Da was severe, but she was one of the best persons Sonmi have ever met.
Soon, they became friends, despite the severe rules the old lady had put on the first day. She taught her to read, to write, they read poetry toghether and watched movies, and talked about licterature, philosophy, science, math. It was obvious, Sonmi was special, smart, and she had the opportunity to become someone, through knowledge. Ma-Leu-Da gave her a present, a copy of the book: "Lihn Cinderella".
When Sonmi was 19 years old, Ma-Leu-Da died, at the age of 98.
The last words on her last will were: "To my son, Jiyong Chang, I give my dear fabricant Sonmi."
The word "fabricant" was incorrect and obviously offensive, but the notary fell right in the trap, and didn't prevent Sonmi's transfer.
Jiyong Chang was a good man. He, his daughters and his wife, Gain Chang, adopted Sonmi as a daughter. Because Ma-Leu-Da bought her, ASOL didn't have no more rights on her.
So yes, she was finally free.
Soon she began her battle for clones rights, and she fell in love with a rebel, named Jun. Despite it may look like a good ending, it is not.
Jun Park was an active member of the Rebel Union, and he obviously got in troubles a lot of times. He got arrested soon, and after a jailbreak - helped by someone inside the jail - he was killed by security, with the pathetic excuse of "self-defense".
After this episode, Sonmi was in danger. Coercers would obviously investigate on her at the next attack by the Rebel Union.
A few weeks after the death of Jun, Mr. Chang died too, of heartattack. Gain Chang married another man a few months after his death, a man that dislikes clones and obviously hates Sonmi, and treats her like a subhuman. Gain is very submissive with him because he pays everything for her and her daughters, and accepts this all. He suggested Mrs. Chang to push away the clone from her family, because it is obviously a dishonor for him to live with that creature. Soon, Sonmi moved to Insilico, with few credits, trying to escape from her past, avoiding her last link with the thing called "family": Gain Chang and his cruel husband. She started a new life, with the surname "Lihn", like the girl of Ma-Leu-Da's book, promising herself to never join rebellion again.
In Insilico, clones, fabricants, humans, cyborgs... Everyone seems to have more rights and a better life. But is it true?

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Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
A friend took me there inworld!
Rome, Italy
When can we expect you online for RP?
6:00 AM / 6 PM (SL time) it depends!
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
21 years old, Sonmi Lihn came from a very far city, called Neo Seoul, the second biggest metropolis in the Oriental Commonwealth, where she's born as a clone.
About her, a few things are known: she moved in INSILICO with her family - mother and father, and she cares a lot about them. The actual father, though, is the new husband of her mother. Her "true" adoptive father died a few months after her adoption.
She has two older stepsisters, but relations with them are unknown.
She really likes books, stories, knowledge. Everything that can make her feel more complete than before.
She loves people and conversations, and she cares a lot about human/clones rights - so she may be considered a rebel but, you know. She didn't anything to anyone, so she's "safe".
That's not a mistery, she doesn't like too much politics, law etc. But she keeps on living by the rules.
She doesn't do anything suspicious and she basically lives a peaceful life.
She keeps on avoiding talking about her family or her poor life in Neo Seoul. She liked it among all the tortures, the sperimentation and the slavery she was condamned to, but she moved away from there, as her memories did.
She now search for someone to teach her how to live, how to socialize, a mentor and a new family, no matter what they do or who they are.
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
Yes I had a roleplayer past but I didn't do that for such a long time... I'm re-beginning here in second life. Unfortunately most of the times I'll be tired XD So maybe some errors can come. Please be patient with me! I LOVE details in a roleplay chat. Movements, looks, expressions! Hahahah
Anyway, please be active with me! I really like to talk, so if you see me, just do the first step! <3

Sonmi Lihn's Blog

[B.O. POST] Nothing but them

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 12:30pm 3 Comments

[LOADING DATA.................]

[SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22..................]

The music slowly reaches my heart, flowing in my throat like a dense, soupy icy fluid.

I ask myself "What am I doing?" and a sexy soft voice says to me: "Just lose yourself into the night."

This is probably what I am doing. And I like it.

I don't feel like I'm doing it to fit…


A cake-flavoured bomb.

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 1:00pm 12 Comments

I was all by myself cleaning some dishes, when a bizarre couple came into the Fusion. The woman was a fancy dressed girl, wearing a skin-tight colored minidress, a giant pair of sunglasses - what the hell...? -, high heels on and blue, long waving hair.…


Falling to pieces.

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 11:04am 5 Comments

I don't know how it happened, but seems like "The Reaktor" became our daily meeting point... Well, until today.

I was searching for someone, heading the club, when I found it completely desert - except for this strange guy hanging alone at the entrance.

I wave at him politely, going to the counter to pour myself something to drink. He looks at me, so I tilt up my head with a smile. "I am not a thief, don't worry. The manager of this club is a friend of mine, and I work for him in…



Posted on February 14, 2014 at 6:30pm 4 Comments

What happens when your closest friends belong to different factions?

What happens wehn you're right in the middle of them, with both of them trying to recruit you?

What happens when they are in love, but they can't live their love story in the light of the sun? What if they have to fight, to hide themselves, and you feel like you have to protect both of them?

If you know how to manage this, please call me.

Because I don't know how to move.

I think that both Coraline…


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