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SK-Nod - 31082486 - IS-Docks

--------------------------------------------------------------║║▌█ OOC notice / Disclaimer ▌█║║This is strictly an OOC description of an IC happening--------------------------------------------------------------August, 31 2486Insilico-Docks. A flashing light – Silence – Evil laughing echoing through the shadows.Minutes earlier...Sparkling light seemed to has noticed meh on the deck as it flew by on its hover-board, slowing down and parking it beside meh landing softly and dismounting, the tiny…See More
Aug 31, 2016
Sher Kai is now a member of INSILICO
Jun 15, 2016

Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
A friend told me about.
GMT +1
When can we expect you online for RP?
I'm a busy bee, so I really don't know. It depends...
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
Not much to tell. I'm a fun guy, always up for RP, and not sharing much RL in SL. SL to me is to relax and have some fun.
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
D&D, The black eye, MMORPGs a lot.

Character sheet Sher Kai


║║▌█ OOC notice / Disclaimer ▌█║║

Character sheet below is strictly OOC.


Sher Kai




DOB: 2444 / 01 / 28

Race: Trans-HUMAN (Fcn.Aug.T2)

Gender: MALE


------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Endurance:.......HIGH (30) +5% = 35 (Longevity - Background)

Strength:...........MED (25)

Perception:.......MED (20)

Intelligence:......MED (20) +10 = 30 (50sp = 5sp / 1AtrPoint)

Strength:...........MED (25) +5 = 30 (Race Augments/Cyborgs)

Charisma:.........LOW (10)

Agility:..............LOW (15)

------ Skills ------------------------------- **

Knowledge........40% (int+per)

Medical.............35% (int+agi)

Science.............50% (int+end)

Social............... 35% (cha+str) -10 = 25 (See Background)

Subterfuge.........25% (cha+agi) (List)

Security.............55% (str+end)

Tech..................55% (end+str)

Vehicular............35% (per+agi)

Intuition..............30% (per+cha)

------ Specialized Skills ------------------------------- **





Jury Rig...............25% (Augments / Cyborgs (see racial))

------ Secondary -------------------------

Initiative:...............35% (per+agi)

Movement:............10 (Augments / Cyborgs (see racial))

Luck:.....................20% (intuition -10%)

Willpower:..............20% (per+char-10%)

Credits: 500c (-1000c Advanced Cybernetic graft)

Prestige: (accrued in game)

Pool: (accrued in game)

Salvage: (accrued in game)

Recovery:......1d10 points every 2 hours - day (up to 5 times)

Health:...........55 + 10 =65 (end+str +10 (Augments / Cyborgs (see racial)(damage that exceeds x30 is deadly))

Mental:...........50 + 5 (human) =55 (end+int +5 (Augments / Cyborgs (see racial)(damage that exceeds x20 is deadly))

Damage types energy / kinetic / mental

------ Backgrounds -------------

(may choose 2 positive and 2 negative)


1. Forgery - You are capable of forging false documents, while they can trick local biometric scanners they will not hold up under close examination. You can sell fake ID's and documents on the black market.

2. Longevity - You just don't ever quit, you were made to last, +5% endurance checks


1. Hideous - You fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. -5% Social.

2. Deranged - you are neurotic and strange which has an adverse affect on charisma with others, -5% Social.

----- Equipment -----------------

Armor......................+5% (Augments / Cyborgs (see racial))

----- Augument ------------------

Neural net standard

Advanced Cybernetic graft

-------Crafting -----------------------------------------------

------ Reputation -----------------

------ Achievements-----------------

------ Dossier --------------------


As I was born I faced an earth quite devoid of life. Most places were destroyed and the planet itself suffered on its history of failed humanity and nuclear war. I must have been lucky as I actually was born here and survived all this wasteland and its dangers. Though, I'd rather been not born then come to life.

Born human, my life never has been easy. Ancient word was written: "What does not kill you makes you stronger". Easy said if you have strength of a piece of paper compared to most "Homo Sapiens". Due to a genetic anomaly my body was gaunt and pale. So i suffered my whole life being the target of derision. Though my days have changed. I got to know the advantages of my body.

My gaunt shape made me an almost perfect deal for some suspicious individuals, working in mining facilities on earth. I learned pretty fast to work for my own good, though loyalty sometimes offers a great benefit, as my past life has shown.

Due to my life of 18 years in the wastelands of earth, I made my self a nick, "Snake". Supporting this alias, I took advantage of a full-body Tattoo, exposing a snake-skin. Quick, unseen in the dark of night, - Deadly poison. It is your own fault crossing my path.

I can't remember my Parents but I remember almost every day with this stranger who came from above the sky one day. He has worn this all black in black outfit that seemed to be made of some sort of synthetic fabric, though a tough, well protecting armor. He had different improving implants. He worn two Katana as weapons, and of course he knew to use them. I have never again seen one who fought with blades against threats equipped with auto fire weapons. His speed was just unbelievable. Almost unseen motion made him take advantage of his enemies. Later in time I got to know his secret. He was human just like me, but he had a genetic anomaly and was enhanced by highly improved cybernetic modifications.

He took me into one of those floating cities and I got introduced to some kind of a Syndicate, the Desert-Perl. They were a crime organization which had their fingers into everything that happened within the Underground of the City we called "Shadat". It was said that this Syndicate was lead and run by mutants like me, it never got proved. Though they weren't much, their influences along other Syndicates and the Mega-Corporations running the City were enormous and fed by fear.

They got what they wanted or within the next minute you just saw your home, your family or even whole districts of the City under torture, terror and unthinkable chaos - not to mention the point of just being plain dead!! So those leaders of the City "Shadat" did not really had a choice but to

accept the law of the "Desert-Perl".

So I found myself in the middle of a war between rivaling Syndicates and Corporations. One of the major tactics to destroy your enemy is to weaken its core. All kinds of "Drugs" were supplied to influence both sides, biological being and cybernetic creations. Bring them into addiction, and you got them by their balls. This was the philosophy of the "Desert-Perl".

I made an excellent living all these years until I turned 26. The radiation on the planets surface I had to deal with in my early years took effect. I got ill on cancer and was told I would survive only the next 5 months. First time

of my life I felt weak again. I never have been confronted with the possibility of death. Due to my high interest in staying alive somehow and of course my knowledge about the high technologies of the "Desert-Perl" I had to

take a decision.

Today, I'm a Fcn.Aug. T2 Trans-Human. 

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SK-Nod - 31082486 - IS-Docks

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║║▌█ OOC notice / Disclaimer ▌█║║

This is strictly an OOC description of an IC happening…


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