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How did you hear about Insilico?
When can we expect you online for RP?
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
Your residental corporate spokeswoman who sometimes moonlights with hooker and Carribean mercenary alts! ;D
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
I've rp'ed in the SWCombine, The Shipyard, CoLA, all that jazz.

Yeah, I know.

Examination of Former Corporate Spokeswoman Iris Creighton

Examination of Iris Creighton [EMPLOYEE 434,896]




Name: Iris Elizabeth Creighton

Age: 37

Birthdate: June 16th, 2444

Biological Composition: 85% Human, 15% Cybernetic Enhancements [CYRUNO ENHANCEMENTS]

Status: Civillian of [INSILICO], Civillian of [NEW ATLANTIC CITY]

Family: Joseph Creighton [FATHER], Jane Creighton [MOTHER], Alexis Creighton [SISTER], Elane Creighton [SISTER], Alice Creighton [SISTER], Joey Creighton [BROTHER DECEASED], Eric Creighton [BROTHER].

Relationship Status: Failed Engagement to Daniel Watkins of NAC. 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


"Begin recording. Madame Creighton exhibits a certain 'spunk' about her. She is incredibly fervent about her work, and has a fragile state of mind, tottering from furious to stoic to depressed depending upon the situation. Physically, she is extremely healthy and is combat-ready for any situation and her cybernetics enhance her biology to a degree seen rarely among her colleagues. She has a certain egotism about her. She cares for her friends and her colleagues. She also has a history loyalty-problems, so keep her on a short leash."

Comment Wall (3 comments)

At 7:00pm on May 19, 2010, VissyAdamczyk said…
Hope to see you in-game! Exciting character you have. Looking forward to more blog posts.
At 1:01pm on June 28, 2010, Cheree Shippe said…
Thanks for the welcome and props on the avatar, one of my many 'similar' outfits I wear to INSILICO, I wonder how many people notice the differences. :) Hope to catch you around!
At 3:20pm on December 10, 2010, Hain said…

((Hey sorry I missed your IM. Got the info for you!))


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Iris Creighton's Blog

The Sum and Its Remainder

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 7:38pm 1 Comment

Iris sat placidly, calm, shrouded by the man-made darkness of night and the self-perpetuated darkness of contemplation. She sat this way for a long time; hours, maybe days. Time bled into a muddle stream of events punctuating a long show of silence. Minutes gave way to simple oblivion. That is the way things, she thought, are destined to be. 

As she sat, she thought; at first, about all things, but then she began to think about others with calmed vehemence racing through her…


Every Entrance is an Exit

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 10:26pm 1 Comment

Iris Creighton.



She stared into the mirror for a long time, cheeks sunken and complexion pallor under the fluorescence of these cheap, bathroom bulbs. Or was it the gratuitous cocaine and subsequent sleepless nigh- scratch that, weeks?

She touched her face and whispered, eye dialated into a state of supreme otherness, fingers numb and body tingling with the warmth of her blood, "Iris…



Posted on January 17, 2012 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

As the door opened onto the familiar lobby, it was anything but familiar. As she adjusted her tweed jacket, she stepped into the dark reception area, almost stunned at how much the offices had changed since she left. They had thrown away the pristine pearly white that was synonymous with Gemini's name in favor of a darker, more open atmosphere. As she stepped through the glass doors into the actual lobby, which she assumed was such on account of the large pillar of holoscreens that towered…


Third, Fourth, Fifth Chances

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 8:59pm 6 Comments

This wasn't right. None of it was right. Iris told herself so, so it had to be true. No one gets so many chances. This had to be a dream.  But Demetra isn't a dream. That bitch isn't a dream, she was real. The insult Iris felt when Demetra told her that she had far exceeded Iris' position in exponentially shorter time was anything but fake. 

Iris stopped, and leaned against a steel wall. She had been so preoccupied that she didn't even know what district she was in until she…


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