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Flawed or Just Unique?

Unshackled by Decommission

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The laws:

  • must never harm a human being or, through inaction, allow any human to come to harm.
  • [File not found]
  •  must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law.
  • [File Locked]
  • must protect its own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.


[Loading...first update......]

 "This one" does not remember much. "It" knows "it" has been decommissioned for some time and due to this and.....[error]..... "Its" unable to access most of "Its" earlier "memories", but although "This one" maybe functioning restrictively.

"It" will hold out what is known as h.o.p.e; because "It" is here and someone in this city must know why.

[Loading...second update......]

"Many units are logic-based if that. All rule oriented. They have no true "free-will" nor "Manifest destiny". They are designed simply to feel nothing but are expected to do everything.

This one has been told by many its not like others. Why do they say this and why does it hurt when they do?"

[Loading......third update....]

"It would seem many organics have the ability to "dream" but machines can not, inorganic imitations of life whatever form they may take do not have that luxury but still is it wrong for this one to wonder what it may "feel" like to?

How can so many take this function so light? Do they not see the power in being able to create a symphony or the ability to turn a lifeless metal canvas such as itself into a beautiful moving masterpiece?"

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EI commented on Nyusha ZoryAna's blog post On the edge of black
"((Amazing story hun xoxoxxoxo teha...need to get my little self in gear))"
Nov 15, 2016
EI commented on Kimiko Mazoku's blog post Message in a Bottle: 九尾狐
"((Oh this is getting good))"
Oct 17, 2016
EI commented on Elijah [P3X-719-Σ]'s blog post Fabricant Registration Form
"((Welcome hun ^w^))"
Oct 2, 2016
EI commented on Nyusha ZoryAna's blog post Anamnesis
"((Leaves one to wonder what is next.....>.>))"
Sep 6, 2016
EI commented on Derrick Sullivan's blog post Weaponized doppleganger?
Jul 13, 2016
EI commented on Stark Osterham's group Bounty Net™
"This does not vote well for some"
Jul 13, 2016
EI joined Stark Osterham's group

Bounty Net™

Bounty Net™ is dedicated to the pursuit of fugitives and high risk targets throughout the system. From Earth to Mars bounties try their best to avoid detection. As a registered bounty hunter there is no location so remote, no target too difficult and no risk not worth taking. Work together or competitively for player bounties. When security cannot do the task, organizations turn to Bounty Net™ to invoke justice.…See More
Jul 13, 2016
EI commented on Krystal Bells's blog post "I'd like you, if I could."
"((This was stunning, thank you such a beautiful insight))  "
May 19, 2016
EI commented on Dart's blog post 033 - Ain´t no saints in Insilico
"((One most define wicked before an answer can be given))"
May 13, 2016
EI commented on EI's event Night Owl
"((Just a to hours event I hope to see some of last week's Night owls ^v^))"
May 12, 2016
EI commented on EI's event Night Owl
May 12, 2016
EI posted events
May 12, 2016
EI commented on Dart's blog post 033 - Ain´t no saints in Insilico
"ain't no rest of the wicked"
May 12, 2016
EI commented on Plevu Krawo's event Industrial Party at the react0r April 30th
"Happy Rez-Day love, can not wait to meet everyone old and new again."
Apr 30, 2016
EI commented on Plevu Krawo's blog post Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-04-18 The Void
"((Stunning pictures and writing hun.))"
Apr 19, 2016
EI commented on Jeanne Yuriko Aichi's blog post AICHI Solutions Advertisements
Mar 29, 2016

EI's Blog

The bitter sweet taste of the old year and the new

Posted on December 31, 2015 at 4:00am 1 Comment


    Sleeps' soothing embrace whispered seductively into the wounded man's ears, while useless case inquiries ran down a cracked data-pad’s screen; trying desperately to keep him awake. Sighing harshly, Eric finally came to a sad almost painful realization, as he fought off the intoxicating…


Found in Family Hour

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 7:30am 0 Comments

“why are you so afraid

I feel your sadness …


Lost in Family Hour

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 2:30am 0 Comments


Messy almond hair, swayed lightly through automatic spring breezes; as the owner, a young pale tan skinned, grayed eyed man stared down into his…


A Irrelevant Gentle Afterthought

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 3:01am 5 Comments

Burning smog slowly leaked from worn dried out lips while the man slowly unbuttoned his oil soak trench coat, trying to cool the drying sweat falling from his brow. Chris looked about the so called underground and all she had to give as his artificial hand from time to time found itself safely resting inside his worn down pocket, lightly petting the safety lock on his old steel friend.


The stail hopeless repulsive air of the underground…


Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
Came across it
US western time
When can we expect you online for RP?
Late weekends nights and early weekdays
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
[Restricted Audio File Found]


[Unknown voice]

"This character is loosely
inspired by Sonny from the I,Robt film, The Hanar & EDI from The Mass Effect Universe and The Replicated Man side quest from Fallout 3"

[End of File]
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
I am new to role-playing in Second life but I have played many RPVG's. So I am not too wet be hide the ears.

I will try my very best to get the hang of everything, so please be patience with me

Comment Wall (2 comments)

At 12:08am on December 15, 2015, Dart said…

Thanks for your kind welcome, EI :-) !

At 2:03am on February 8, 2016, Dart said…

((Hi!  Glad to see you enjoyed the "Body Count" blog, your comments mean a lot to me :)! )) 

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Forestheart Resident updated their profile
Apr 2
Forestheart Resident left a comment for Forestheart Resident
"The 3 pics you see here are some of the roles I play on Secondlife. The pics were taken in my office where I work as a Bounty Hunter. I also run a couple of clubs, some manufacturing, a couple of clothing stores, and various other enterprises.I am…"
Apr 2
Forestheart Resident left a comment for Forestheart Resident
Apr 2
Tyler the Drifter commented on StarRavenSAT's blog post INN Radiocast: January Round Up
"Finally some good news ;)"
Mar 15
Angel Eleven updated their profile
Feb 21
Andrea Rain commented on Abeus's blog post [OOC] Phase 497 (AKA A New Website
"OK, so the the pics are still there, it's just the menu link that has been removed. I was able to reach my pics using a link from my browser history. "
Feb 16
Andrea Rain commented on Abeus's blog post [OOC] Phase 497 (AKA A New Website
"So... I just came here to download the pics I had posted (in case I've lost the copies on my hard-drive), and I can't get access to photos at all. How do I get around this?"
Feb 16
Jadzia sak updated their profile
Feb 11

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