“I can think of no nobility greater than to give yourself to a cause. My mind, my body, my soul all venture forth towards the security of our children. When I am united with their dreams and memories we will remain as one soul, one light among the countless stars in the heavens.” -Laasya Rishika, 2434-

NeoShoda is an AGIS corporation genetics factory. This science station which houses numerous labs and facilities has been steadily converted to a city. Ever since the Insilico buy out, AGIS has been moving its conduit technology to Shoda for security reasons.

Conduit technology is the experimental means to fold space allowing instantaneous travel between two points. The station itself was designed with the purpose of traveling to the stars to begin the generation long terraforming process for eventual human occupation.

Humans that make their way to Shoda will find work, shelter and for those with the means, citizenship. The Shodan Citizens are well off and covered by AGIS contract ensuring longevity of life and the means of cloning for future generations.

The rich and powerful find their way to Shoda however the doors are open to everyone. Crime is kept in check by SOL security and businesses are allowed to register for profit. Welcome to NeoShoda and remember Biotech is future tech.

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