a Syndicate Member may seek specialization where a unique skill set generates roleplay and allows the leaders to give skill orientated tasks. Roles are chosen upon full entry to the GD and are different from rank.

收割者 | Harvesters

Syndicate enforcers who work for the Red Pole, they have become addicted to augmentation. To satisfy cravings for new upgrades they remove the cybernetic augmentations from unlucky citizens who wander in dark alleys and the lower levels of Insilico City. After years of self-upgrading, they barely look human, hiding their appearance under hooded robes. Syndicates use them as shock troopers to enforce their imposed laws, inspire fear and intimidation. Back alley Docs and Clinics will make deals with them, often trading free work, or even outright paying, for the Harvesters special removal skills.

Sadistic and possibly insane, they are notorious for the particularly violent and gory murders their victims suffer, gaping holes in the body a clear indicator of a Harvester run in. While they are particular threat to the augmented, that does not mean that they will not claim whatever organ they have a contract for, leaving any and all citizens at risk for a brutal end at the hands of the Hooded Killers.

天文愛好者| StarGazer

Notorious for their belief in the astrological impact on their daily lives, the Syndicate always employs those who study and read the celestial bodies and their movements. Those who have proven their skill in this find themselves in high positions within the Family,

Little happens without consultation of the Family's Stargazer, key events are planned and dictated on their word and success or failure can often lead to reward or punishment. A wise or brilliant StarGazer can find ways to ensure success and prosperity for the Family they are attached to. But those who try to fraud their way into this position, or who show themselves to be failures may find themselves receiving a very unpleasant death.
The Incense Masters are invariably StarGazers.

軍醫 | Medic

while this role is mostly self explanatory, open to all types and interpretation of the medical field, being a Syndicate medic also includes unique opportunities.

Some things that go along with this role are: black market dealings in conjunction with the Harvesters, creating new addictive drugs, torture during interrogation, and various other things that can be thought up. The Medics are also in charge of various medical attentions within the Family itself and should expect to be on call at any moment due to the ongoing nature of the business.

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