"Do you know what the chain of command is here? It's the chain I go get and beat you with to show you who's in command." -- Jayne Cobb, Firefly

The chain of command is simple and irrespective of your specialized role.
Boss -> Captain -> Officer -> Soldier -> Initiate

Initiate(藍燈籠 Blue Lantern) -- a two to three week trial window in which your strengths and weaknesses, and overall fit with the Syndicate is assessed by the leadership. It is incumbent upon you to make your place and help out where you can.

Soldier(四九仔 49er) -- All full members are responsible for ensuring the safety of all other members. We are all expected to serve this role, as we are a family, meant to be tight knit. It is simply watching the backs of fellow Syndicate members and the territory. It is at this point that you will pick a specialty, something from the roles below

Officer -- there are three types: Administration(白紙扇 White Paper Fan), Enforcer(紅棍 Red Pole), and Liaison(草鞋 Straw Sandal). Administration handles the finances and business. Enforcer oversees offensive and defensive ops in the day to day and large scale. Liaison works towards ensuring cooperative efforts between the different sections of the Syndicate.

Captain -- there are three types: Operations(先鋒 Vanguard), Deputy(副山主 Deputy Mountain Master) and Ceremonies(香主 Incense Master). Operations handles recruitment, organising and assisting ceremonies. Deputy is Deputy Leader, second only to the Boss(Dragon Master). Ceremonies oversees Syndicate rituals, ceremonies of initiation and promotion.

Boss(山主 Dragon Head) -- the Syndicate Leader, either handpicked by the Council or having taken out all other bosses to secure their position. Their word is law and second only to whatever god their people follow. all seeing and all knowing, they lead the Syndicate in all matters.

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