This memo is intended for employees of Insilico Private Security, Internal Affairs, and Public Relations.  If you are not employed under any of these departments, then you have received this message in error, and should report to the Internal Affairs office for a neural redact.


I'd like to remind everyone of the delicacy of the PR situation in IS.  While we are all aware of company policy dictating preferential treatment by the IPS towards Gemini employees, and a general focus upon IS issues directly linked to the company's well being, this does not translate to being flagrantly abusive of the citizenry.  What you say in private is the business of you, those in your company, and (potentially) all of your superiors. 

However, whatever feelings you may have towards the general population of Insilico should be kept in check while operating in the public space.  A model IPS officer is able to interact at least somewhat personably with the proles and dredges of IS, regardless of their actual feelings.  If you feel you cannot control your emotions, then you will be given complimentary psychical therapy by one of the company's psychoanalysts.  Gemini employs a full psych staff under the IA branch for this reason.

Given recent events and smears to Gemini's public image in Insilico, the upper floors have become concerned, and demanded action before something more serious comes of it.  Intelligence reports suggest a substantial increase in delinquent activities, and a general resentment towards the company for mismanaging the city (particularly the security forces).  If history will teach us anything at all, it is that resentment grows into violence and uprising.  We have reason to believe that potential rioting and citizen-sponsored terrorism is a clear and present danger facing IS.

As always, I am remotely available at any time during my working hours, from 0800 to 2200 standard.  My routing information is contained herein.


M. Sabahi

Director of Internal Affairs, Insilico Division

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