[17:00]  Carthalis Rossini: Hello everyone
[17:01]  Project 23 smiles politely.
[17:01]  Ziebzen Avril: Good evening Mr. Rossini.
[17:01]  Ysanne Korpov: Good morning.

[17:02]  Elspeth Placebo is Online

[17:02]  Ysanne Korpov: *whispers* Novi, holster your weapon please

[17:03]  Alexx Novi nods: "Yes Ma'am"

[17:03]  Hain Heliosense: Good evening and Good morning department heads. On behalf of Gemini cybernetics, and the good grace of the God AI, I thank you for being able to make it here on such short notice. I know you are all busy men and women.

[17:04]  Ziebzen Avril pauses to take some notes along the way on her datapad, acknowledging the attendees with a pleasant smile.

[17:05]  Alexx Novi positions himself next to the entrace and listens to the director

[17:05]  Jenn Torrance salutes

[17:07]  Jenn Torrance nods to the director

[17:08]  Hain Heliosense takes a drag from his cigarette and burns it into a nearby ash tray. "Welcome Ms. Torrance." He turns to the rest of the crew. "This marks our first official business meeting that is to establish a more formulaic approach to our interests and operations, from security to research to public relations, even our internal operations."

[17:08]  Ysanne Korpov nods to the director first, then points with her fingers towards her security team and let them move into formation. A quick and absolutely silent move

[17:09]  Ziebzen Avril: Thank you, Director. This is a great opportunity for us to become acquainted with each other as many of us have such a wide variety of positions. We do not always have the chance to see the faces behind those departments.

[17:09]  Alexx Novi does as he is ordered to

[17:10]  Ziebzen Avril moves her violet eyes to Hain and then scans everyone present.

[17:10]  Jenn Torrance stand silently

[17:10]  Carthalis Rossini glances down at his fingers and flexes the digits while listening to the director

[17:10]  Hain Heliosense: "You are all here because you represent the best and brightest that Gemini has to offer. Your leadership is integral to our continued success in the field." Smiles, possibly at the general lack of the Internal Operations Director not hampering his usual rhetoric.

[17:10]  Ysanne Korpov moves into an "at ease" position and listens carefully

[17:10]  Alexx Novi: [btw cart your outfit combo looks badass]

[17:11]  Project 23 doesn't move much.  In fact she probably looks like some kind og mannequin.  Her eerie gaze fixed on Hain.

[17:12]  Hain Heliosense: "As such, it is an opportunity for you all to express your concerns, as well to synchronize our operations and relevant information with eachother. Consider this to be Tier One security relevance." (And I don't expect everyone to divulge all their dirty little secrets heh).

[17:12]  Ysanne Korpov: I would prefer to hear the other voices first.

[17:14]  Jenn Torrance shuffles her feet nervously

[17:14]  Hain Heliosense: "But of course." Hain smiles, nodding to Ziebzen, a gesture for her to turn on a nearby display with a corresponding password on the console)

[17:15]  Carthalis Rossini smiles to himself and glances up and looks at everyone
[17:15]  Ziebzen Avril: ((uhh... gonna pretend its this here display! <_<))
[17:15]  Hain Heliosense: (( Yeah sorry! Implied ))
[17:15]  Hain Heliosense: (( Thanks! ))
[17:16]  Ziebzen Avril turns with a nod and wanders over to the screen, operating the console to begin the holographic presentation that Hain has prepared.
[17:16]  Ysanne Korpov stands absolutely still. Only her eyes move in constant routine, scanning the area like a spy satellite

[17:17]  Hain Heliosense: "This is a map of our intersteller trade and patrol routes. It is the reason in which I have brought you here today. We are planning for an operation away from home." *points the display to mars by swiping the touchscreen with a gloved hand

[17:18]  Jenn Torrance: "permission to speak sir?"

[17:18]  Alexx Novi listens carefully

[17:18]  Hain Heliosense: "As some of you may know, Gemini, under the guidance of IPS, contracts penal colonies and high security space charters to Mars for shipment of dangerous criminals." He pauses, go ahead Torrance.

[17:19]  Jenn Torrance: "you have answered my question Director, excuse me sir"

[17:21]  Hain Heliosense: "I didn't expect you to know thatSergeant, but rest assured you are about to be filled in fully" Hain grins

[17:21]  Jenn Torrance: "yes sir"

[17:22]  Ysanne Korpov nods and listens

[17:23]  Hain Heliosense: "Three days ago we got word that a certain high-profile criminal departed on one of many of these charter flights to Mars. What's so special about this one? She's linked to the mass killings we experienced several months ago. The ones performed by the assailant which the press referred to as a 'Monster'. Do you all remember what I'm talking about?

[17:23]  Carthalis Rossini nods "yes"

[17:24]  Ziebzen Avril nods quietly.

[17:24]  Jenn Torrance nods

[17:24]  Ysanne Korpov: Negative.

[17:24]  Alexx Novi nods slowly

[17:24]  Ysanne Korpov: But I have read about it

[17:25]  Hain Heliosense: "Allow me all to refresh your memory. Mr. Rossini, if you'll be so kind as to lead us into the secure room behind you.

[17:26]  Carthalis Rossini: of course

[17:27]  Hain Heliosense: "Thank you, Head Researcher" Hain motions towards the tank.

[17:27]  Carthalis Rossini smiles looking into the tank

[17:28]  Hain Heliosense: "This is monster the press was talking about. Subject: NOMAD. We were able to recover it shortly after the incident."

[17:28]  Nomad watches the people enter the room as her spines extend, hoping for food.

[17:28]  Ziebzen Avril pales slightly, seeing the horrifically mutilated individual inside. She keeps her cool regardless and her brows only raise.

[17:29]  Ysanne Korpov: Crappy bioware... *she whispers*

[17:29]  Nomad examines Carthalis's coat and narrows her gaze. Her body fighting against the magnets holding her in place to get closer.

[17:29]  Jenn Torrance looks at the thing in the tank with no emotion at all

[17:29]  Alexx Novi looks at the thing and takes a deep breath, remembering how he scratched it off the atonement floor

[17:30]  Hain Heliosense taps a light panel near the tank. An plastic arm extends into the fluid of the tank , dispensing a dark cloud of liquid 'nutrients', although it doesn't look very organic, more like smog.

[17:30]  Carthalis Rossini places his hand on the tank and watches the individual

[17:30]  Ysanne Korpov lifts an eyebrow and watches the scene carefully

[17:31]  Ziebzen Avril clutches onto her datapad tightly. She doesn't move her gaze off the thing.

[17:31]  Hain Heliosense: "It's been like this, contained here in a weakened state. We were very fortunate to have it already weakened, it made transport and this setup quite a bit easier. Control would have most likely been impossible had the circumstances been any different. Ladies and gentleman, what you are looking at is the greatest advancement in nanotechnology the recent world has ever seen."

[17:32]  Ysanne Korpov: hmpf...

[17:32]  Alexx Novi: hmm..
[17:32]  Alexx Novi clinches his fist

[17:32]  Jenn Torrance mutters under her breath

[17:32]  Carthalis Rossini smiles and pats the tank gently gazing at the others

[17:33]  Ysanne Korpov: It dies not look like that. What is special about it=

[17:33]  Nomad gets injected with the food source and calms down more. Her head rolls on its shoulders to Avril, staring at her heard. A low hungry digital growl emits from her muzzle.

[17:33]  Hain Heliosense: "NOMAD consumes a wide range of metal and alkaline based matter into usable organic energy in a highly efficient process, even from natural sources, although here in Insilico, it is most at home.

[17:33]  Jenn Torrance shakes her head

[17:34]  Ysanne Korpov: I see *she nods*

[17:34]  Jenn Torrance: "this is NOMAD?"

[17:34]  Hain Heliosense: "What you just witnessed is a small dosage of what we provide feed, to keep her alive."

[17:34]  Carthalis Rossini: "indeed it is"

[17:35]  Ziebzen Avril swallows hard as her eyes lock with the creatures. Her jaw clenches once. "If anyone told me I was working here this entire time in the same building with this thing I probably would have been a bit more paranoid." She giggles uneasily, adding in quietly.

[17:35]  Carthalis Rossini: "there is nothing to worry about at all"

[17:35]  Jenn Torrance: "the virus is in it?"

[17:35]  Hain Heliosense: "Now, I bet you're slowly getting a better idea as to why we decided to keep her." Hain smiles, glancing over at Carthalis momentarily.

[17:36]  Ziebzen Avril gives a lopsided, nervous grin at carthalis, then moves her eyes back to the thing.

[17:36]  Ysanne Korpov raises her hand "Can i have a short description of the virus?"

[17:37]  Hain Heliosense: "Who created her? What purpose was she made for? Why is she in Insilico? None of these questions matter right now, when compared to the potential...let's call them benefits.... of such a technology."

[17:37]  Jenn Torrance: "sorry captain, it was my understanding that NOMAD is a virus of some kind"
[17:38]  Jenn Torrance: "and ecuse me for interupting Director"

[17:40]  Hain Heliosense: "A pathological effect of coming into contact with this subject has been noted. At the time, it seemed to affect mainly cybernetics, or those implanted with them. The effect hasn't been recorded since the incident. We've failed in most of our attempts to recreate it virtually as well. A live experiment may prove too dangerous...."
[17:40]  Hain Heliosense: "Whether it was due to contact, or something else remains to be seen."
[17:41]  Hain Heliosense: "Our systems were largly if not entirely unaffected, that is primarily why that effect is of little concern to us now."
[17:43]  Hain Heliosense: "Unfortunately, what we've been able to uncover, has been of little use to us and the research team. There seems to be a piece missing from the puzzle. We didn't know what that piece was, until now.

[17:43]  Ysanne Korpov: The nanite crushers for metal might work like my fuel cells and food processing. Though i can not chew on steel bars
[17:44]  Ysanne Korpov: Sorry, I was just thinking loud. Part of human convenience program. I will shut it off...
[17:44]  Ysanne Korpov: done

[17:44]  Hain Heliosense laughs , "Indeed the applications are multifaceted. By all means, speak your mind Captain. This is why you are here, and why all of you are here."

[17:45]  Jenn Torrance coughs
[17:45]  Jenn Torrance: "mr. director"

[17:45]  Ysanne Korpov: Affirmative, rebooting subroutine... its online again.

[17:45]  Project 23 speaks up in a very soothing, gentle voice.  "Director heliosense.  I shall memorize this conversation for further evaluation."

[17:45]  Jenn Torrance: "what are your plans for this.....thing"
[17:46]  Jenn Torrance: "if i may say"
[17:46]  Jenn Torrance: "i would kill it now"

[17:46]  Carthalis Rossini: "In a s/me raises his eyebrows

[17:46]  Jenn Torrance: "director"

[17:47]  Ziebzen Avril just keeps her eyes on the tank, there's a trace of sympathy in her heavy stare.

[17:47]  Ysanne Korpov: Let us safe retorical questions for later and move on. You have said that you have the clue?

[17:47]  Hain Heliosense: "I'm glad you asked Sergeant, but I can't reveal that right now. The benefits of this technology are just too great to waste. That is why we must proceed in its development, at all costs. the God AI has already came to a 3:1 consensus that this is a valuable endeavor. Please follow me..."

[17:49]  Ysanne Korpov: Sergeant! MOVE!

[17:50]  Hain Heliosense points back at the space system map, his finger on a slow moving ship. "VSC.3992 Headed for Mars. It's currently carry 105 VERY dangerous criminals. And on this ship, we believe to be the creator of both the Nomad virus, and the physical subject itself, the technology inside of it."
[17:51]  Ysanne Korpov: Can we intercept it before it reaches orbit?

[17:53]  Hain Heliosense: "We've prepared an experimental stealth ship, equipped with our latest gravity well propulsion system for sublight travel. The pursuing ship should come into contact with VSC.3992 just before it reaches the colony on Mars.
[17:54]  Hain Heliosense: "You'll be playing cat and mouse, Ysanne, but I think we should be able to handle it."
[17:54]  Hain Heliosense: "...or whomever you assign...."

[17:54]  Ziebzen Avril: Do we have a pilot for this experimental ship...?
[17:54]  Ziebzen Avril perks a brow curiously.

[17:55]  Ysanne Korpov: I have to stay here, it would take to long and I am not in the mood for taking free time at the moment. But I have someone reassigned for the mission

[17:56]  Hain Heliosense: "The ship will be guided by our pilot AI, remotely linked via bursted telemtry to our orbital receiving network. It should be smooth sailing, and manual control will be available with an experienced naval crew on hand."

[17:56]  Alexx Novi nods slowly and loves gemini's technology

[17:56]  Hain Heliosense: "I need your team to extract the creator, and return her here unharmed."

[17:57]  Jenn Torrance: "if i mat ask"
[17:57]  Jenn Torrance: *may
[17:57]  Jenn Torrance: "this will require EVA activity?"

[17:57]  Hain Heliosense raises an eyebrow "EVA?"

[17:58]  Jenn Torrance: "outside the ship"
[17:58]  Jenn Torrance: "in a hostile enviroment"

[17:59]  Hain Heliosense laughs "Ah , right extra-vehicular activity. We suspect you'll need to physically leave the ship to intercept the target on the ground."

[18:00]  Jenn Torrance: "im ready for that as my Captain has trained me so well"

[18:00]  Hain Heliosense: "That said, we also HIGHLY suggest the team go armed, and wear combat-grade space equipment. You'll need weapons as well, but I think you knew that."

[18:01]  Ysanne Korpov: I have already a team in my mind made up.

[18:01]  Hain Heliosense: "...You see, Mars is a bit different than Insilico. You're almost dealing with lawelessness down there, not to mention experimental technology free from the bounds of any ethics committee. Additionally, the colony is overseen by Vander Space Corporation, who have known connections to dangerous mercenary elements on Mars."
[18:02]  Hain Heliosense: "We contract through Vander, but our cooperation ends when they take our 'cargo' and we pay them."

[18:02]  Ysanne Korpov: This is why we will send a small, r e l i a b l b e, well trained team

[18:02]  Jenn Torrance: "im sure i can handle anything there"
[18:02]  Jenn Torrance: "sir"

[18:03]  Ysanne Korpov: I am not, but we will talk about that after this topic.

[18:03]  Hain Heliosense: Mr. Rossini, you are of course welcome to participate, or send a proxy to collect data for your department.

[18:03]  Jenn Torrance: "may i suggest something sir?"

[18:03]  Hain Heliosense: "Excellent, Captain. Once she is secure, we can proceed with phase two. You will all remain informed."
[18:03]  Hain Heliosense: "Go ahead Torrance."

[18:04]  Project 23: Doctor Wraithwire is currently performing research on Mars.  Should you require his assistance please notify him immediately.

[18:04]  Jenn Torrance: "since these scientists know so much they should go too
[18:04]  Jenn Torrance: "

[18:04]  Carthalis Rossini nods "excellent there samples I wish to collect from Mars"

[18:05]  Jenn Torrance: "i dont want to be stuck with some unknown virus"

[18:05]  Project 23 smiles politely at Carthalis, then to Jenn.  As polite as it is there's still something eerie about it.

[18:05]  Jenn Torrance: "sir"

[18:06]  Ysanne Korpov: Sergeant, you will not be contaminated with this virus.

[18:06]  Jenn Torrance: "and Captain you know this how?"

[18:06]  Hain Heliosense: "This is a rare trip indeed. We don't usually touch Mars on such an official premise. All opportunities should be considered, however remember, safety comes first, as well as the reason why this mission is being funded...NOMAD."

[18:06]  Ysanne Korpov: Patience

[18:07]  Jenn Torrance: "yes ma'am"

[18:07]  Aurora Maracas coughs "sorry i am late..."

[18:08]  Hain Heliosense: "Not to worry Ms. Maracas, there will be a full debriefing after this meeting. You can read all about it" Hain smiles

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