The legend tell, the white tigger lived in one great forest surround by tree and the river.The little tiger lived in peace with her family of wolf, and haved love and all what dreamed one little tiger. But One day hyène coming in the forrest, and kill the family of the little tiger girl. They captured her, and infliged to her one great pain, in her hearth, in her flesh. they closed her in one cavern where she haved not right, and all the day hyèna comed infliged pain to the little tiger, and haved joy to see her sad and suffer much.

One day the little tiger growing and become one beautifull tiger women, and hyèna do her more suffer. The hearth of tiger changed progressively and without family she begin to become more wild. 

The young tiger killing one hyène, and take the way of freed She returned in forrest and the animals around don't reknew her, she haved change, she haved been transformed in one wild tiger and all the animals haved fear to talk with her. So she beginning to isolate herself for don' hurt the other animals. Sometime she tried to meet other animals but she haved forget how to talk with other, how to be kind. The tiger feeled her sad, to see the other don't understand why she haved do for become like she was. But she don't falled courage, and returned again and again meet her forrest friend, she knowed they probably never understand how she feeled and the love she haved for the forest member, but she never give up. 

In the forrest she meet one old wolve, and one young eagle. The tiger have forget she is it and ask to her new friend "who i m?" but the wolf and the eagle don't know what answer but try to help her. The eagle fly, and tiger try to gard him near of her, but eagles are free kings of the air and soon the eagle haved disapear. The tiger haved her friend the old wolf and he trying to learn her to hunt to the manner of one wolf... Sadly the feline and the canide have to maneer to hunt and the instinct and nature of everyone have sometime reason of the wise... And the tiger goin in chase again one giant , one snake haved breathe to her, "go chase this prey, go you are one wolf...", and it's one fox who saved her.

One day she meet one dragon, more old and more wise, and she beginned to find rest and peace near of her friend. The dragon girl and the tiger girl shared no long talk, But one link out of word beginning to grow like one flower grow slowly, one story with one sister, like the sister wolve lost long time ago.

The dragon beginning by breathe with her mouth one breathe of dragon, one magic breathe who health the wound. Because the wound of the tiger haved wait long time to be care and no one haved try to help her because the forest was the forrest, after all the tiger was one dangerous predator for lot of animals. And the tiger eyes looked like one dangerous look for lot of animals. But the dragon haved understand that's sadness than the other animals seeyed in her eyes.

The tigger tried to be kind, but she haved been become really awkward, with everyone and more she tried, more she falled and infliged to herself pain one her wound don't close. So one day she asking to the Dragonn to live in her home, for try to stop to hurt the forrest living people, and stop to reopen her wound.

This story is not ending, because the tiger live again with her friend the dragon...

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