The resource system

What isn't listed here is how much you get paid a month, how much it costs for drinks, a new jacket, that nice car you bought on the market place. Simply put there is no reason to keep track of every single thing under the sun. The resource system was designed for statistic changing purchases or large story changing investments. This is a guideline and meant to be simple. Not to be over complicated or embellished with micro managing everything you buy or sell IC.

Black Market
Street gear

The availability means how easy to difficult it is to obtain such an augmentation. Low is easily found and can be obtained at most stores located around the city. Medium are a little more rare and are obtained in only specific locations. High are rare and can only be obtained through private channels or ordered off world. Illegal augmentations may only be obtained off the black market. The availability also represents how long it takes to obtain the augmentations, while low may take several days medium and high may takes weeks to months to coordinate or order. There is a general rule of thumb here the harder it is to find an augmentation the longer it takes to track it down, order it and install it. Use your best judgement in this regard.

If you wish to purchase gear IC you need a contact who has the means to track down the kind of items you are after, this requires either an NPC, contacting a GM or a player who has a licence to sell items of a certain standard to players.

--- Lunar Travel, Cost 100c
--- Inner Planetary Travel, Cost 400c
--- Outer Planetary Travel, Cost 1200c
--- Conduit Travel, Cost 500c

Lifestyle (Paid Quarterly)
--- Low Lifestyle, Cost 250c
--- Medium Lifestyle, Cost 400c
--- Upper Lifestyle, Cost 800c
--- Rich Lifestyle, Cost 2200c

--- Fabricant Class A, Cost 6,000c
--- Fabricant Class B, Cost 12,000c
--- Fabricant Military Class, Cost 24,000c

Medical Expenses
--- Medical Checkup, Cost 250c
--- Emergency Medical Expenses, Cost 420c
--- Nano Surgery Expenses, Cost 600c
--- Pharmaceutical Prescription, Cost 150c
--- Psychological Examination, Cost 200c

Memory Implants
--- Recreational Package, Cost 250c
--- Mnemonic Transplant, Cost 600c

Vehicles (all license renewed quarterly)
---- Mining License, Cost 600c
---- Public Shipping License, Cost 800c
---- Security Class Vehicle, Cost 1400c

License (all license renewed quarterly)
--- Security Company License, Cost 1500c
--- Aesthetic Augementation License, Cost 2400c
--- Standard Weapons License, Cost 800c
--- Security Weapon License, Cost 1400c
--- Military Grade License, Cost 2200c (faction specific)
--- Medical License, Cost 1000c
--- Memory Implant Certification, Cost 1500c
--- Geneticist License, Cost 2800c
--- Psychological Certification, Cost 400c
--- Bounty Hunting License, Cost 250c
--- Nano Tech License, Cost 2200
--- Commercial Business License, (type varies) 1200c-2400c *speak with a gm

Black Market
--- Fake ID, Cost 600c
--- False Biometrics, 1200c
--- Bribing Officials, 10% Faction change, Cost 500c

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Comment by Naomah Beaumont on December 3, 2014 at 8:48pm

How do we earn CR? Given the low values on character sheets, we'll all be broke before long.

Comment by Stark Osterham on December 4, 2014 at 12:50am

credits are shared among players, you cannot make up your own values, you pay each other. otherwise you earn credits via mission boards (currently only mars) or events. You can also get paid via npc or storyteller, its ok to be broke because the credit system only covers expenses spent for items used to modify character statistics. routine expenses like drinks, bills, pay from working are not necessary to micro manage and only implied through rp. 

Comment by Naomah Beaumont on December 4, 2014 at 2:09pm

Thanks. I know we talked about that. Just wanted to see it in the docs. :)



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