Perks are traits characters learn to be used within the rp combat system. In order to learn a perk you must meet the required skill rating or have the appropriate tech/augmentation to use.

Attacking __________________________________________

Hail of Bullets: Firing the primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn. Does stack with Rapid Fire if that is used LAST.

Charge & Fire: Allows firing or Overwatch after Dashing on the turn Charge & Fire is activated. 2 turn cooldown. Does stack with Sniper Rifle ONLY with Snap Shot active.

Rapid Attack: Take two attacks against a single target in quick succession. Each attack carries a -15 penalty to Aim. Kill Streak refreshes this after every kill, and works with Hail of Bullets if used last. (Provides 1 Move)

Quick Shot: Allows the sniper rifle to be fired after moving, at a -10 aim penalty.
Kill Streak: Killing a flanked or uncovered target does not cost an action. (Works for all classes, and with Charge & Fire after a Dash.)

Double Shot: Allows both actions to be used for Standard Shot, Headshot, or Disabling Shot, provided no moves were made. 1 turn cooldown. 

Flurry: Attack an enemy with a flurry of attacks of 30 to hit and 3D10 damage if unit has not moved their turn. 3 turn cooldown.

Triple Strike: May hit 3 times 10 to hit or 1D10 damage. 2 turn cooldown.

Combat Ready: If the unit fires without moving, it automatically enters overwatch. (Provides 4 Aim.)

Reflexes __________________________________________ (limit of 2 Reactions per turn)

Suppress Target: Can fire a special shot that grants reaction fire at a single target. The target also suffers a -30 Aim penalty and reduces the range of all AOE attacks. (Provides 1 Mobility)

Quick Reaction: Confers a second reaction shot (at the same target), if on Overwatch and the first reaction shot is a hit. Does NOT stack with 
Precise Reflexes or First Attack. (Provides 3 Aim)

Close Combat: Confers a reaction shot against any enemy who closes to within 4 tiles. Does not require Overwatch.

Close Quarters: The first standard attack made within 4 tiles of the target does not cost an action. Cannot combine with Charge & Fire. (Provides 1 Move)

Exploit: Eliminates the -20 Aim penalty on reaction attacks, and allows reaction attacks to cause critical hits. (Provides 3 Aim, 1 Move)

First Attack: Allows reaction attack to trigger on enemy attacks, not just movement. Only ONCE per enemy with Precise Reflexes or Quick Reaction. (Provides 3 Aim)

Precise Reflexes: Allows two reaction attacks (at different targets) during Overwatch, instead of only one. Does NOT stack with Quick Reaction. (Provides 3 Aim, 4 Will)

Aiming __________________________________________

Target Link: Shooting at or suppressing enemies also confers a 10 Aim to any allies' attacks on those enemies. Does not stack with Flush or Rapid Attack.

Situational Awareness: Confers 5 Defense per enemy in sight (max 20). Does NOT protect against Tactical Relay Snipers. (Provides 1 Move)

Threat Assessment: Confers 10% critical chance per enemy in sight (max 30%). Does NOT benefit Tactical Relay Snipers. (Provides 3 Will)

Wired Reflexes: Reduces hit chance from overwatch fire by 90% for the first shot, and 75% for subsequent shots. (Provides 3 Aim, 3 Will, 1 Mobility)

Point Blank Specialist: Confers 30% critical chance against adjacent targets. The bonus declines with distance from the target.

Uncover: Fire a shot that causes enemies to run out of cover. The shot is easy to hit with, but does reduced damage. (Provides 2 Aim)

Born Killer: Activating Charge & Fire now also grants 50% critical damage for the rest of the turn. (Provides 4 Aim, 2 Will, 1 Move)

Magic Bullet: With sniper/long rifles, Fire a shot with 40% critical chance and extra damage on critical hits, based on the soldier's weapon tech level. With Marksman's and Strike Rifles, allows an unlimited range shot with no other bonuses. 2 turn cooldown.

Headshot: Fire a shot with 30% critical chance and extra damage on critical hits based on the tech level of the sniper rifle. 2 turn cooldown. 

Tactical Relay: Allows firing at targets in any ally's sight radius.

Higher Ground: 10 Aim and 10 Dodge against enemies at lower elevation in addition to the usual elevation bonuses. (Provides 4 Aim)

Disable Weapon: Allows attack that causes the target's main weapon to malfunction. The target may use Reload to fix the weapon. The shot cannot inflict a critical hit. 2 turn cooldown. -10 Aim penalty.

Killing Blow: Confers 10 aim and 10 critical chance against targets at or below 50% health.

Dig In: Makes partial cover count as full. [ 30 Defense]

Thick Smoke: Smoke Grenades have increased area of effect and further increase units' Defense by 20. Does not stack with Nano Stimulants. (Provides 1 Move)

Nano Stimulants: Smoke Grenades now contain powerful stimulants that grant 20 Aim, 20 Will, and 10% critical chance for all units in the cloud. Does not stack with Thick Smoke. (Provides 1 Move)

Dead Eye: Bonus 10 Aim against enemies in full cover, crit chance 10% against all targets. (Provides 3 Aim)

Laser Guided: Increases rocket range by 33% and rockets can be fired beyond visual range.

Deflection: If using a melee weapon you may choose to deflect for a -30 aim modifier for enemies to hit. 2 turn cooldown.

Stable Shot: Any shots taken without moving have 10 Aim and 10% critical chance.

Damage __________________________________________

Nano Coated Attack: an attack that causes all enemies hit to take 30% damage from all sources for the next 4 turns. The attack is weaker than a standard one by half.

HEAT Ammo: 100% to damage against robotic enemies.

HEAT Warheads: Your rockets and grenades do additional damage to robotic enemies( 50%).

High Explosives: Increases hit area of rockets and suppression by 2 meters. (Provides 1 Move)

Steadfast: Reduces all normal damage taken by 2 if in cover and not flanked. (Provides 2 Will)

Twitch: Confers 2 additional damage to SAW- and LMG- series weapons (including when suppressing), sniper and long rifles, marksman's, strike and reflex rifles, rockets, suppression, grenade launchers and Proximity Mines.

Crowd Control: Adds 1 damage on critical hits for each enemy the squad can see (up to 5). (Provides 4 Will)

Tough As Nails: Confers bonus health based on which type of armor is equipped. Heavier armor increases the bonus. (Provides 1 Aim, 1 Will, 1 Mobility)

Iron Skin: Confers immunity to critical hits. (Provides 3 Aim, 3 Will, 1 Mobility)

Gunslinger: Confers 2 damage with sidearms and negates the long-range accuracy penalty when shooting beyond 14 meters. (Provides 2 Aim)

Trauma Kit: Allows Medikits to revive critically wounded Soldiers at 33% of maximum health instead of just stabilizing them.

Repair: Allows repair of mechanical integrity for 5-10 health points.

First Responder: Medikits restore four more health per use; Restorative Mist units restore three more health per use.

Backstab: Receive an additional 50% critical hit when attacking an enemy from behind.

Special Forces: Main weapon does 2 additional damage. (Provides 5 Aim, 4 Will)

Vital Attack: Confer an additional 2 damage against known enemy types. (Provides 5 Aim)

Charge: If an enemy is within 8 meters of a unit they may close the gap with a 20% chance to crit, may be used once every 3 turns.

IED Specialist: Your grenades do additional damage to enemies, and all your weapons do additional damage to the environment ( 1 damage with AP and HE grenades, 2 damage with C4 and triple environmental damage for all weapons).

Hacking __________________________________________

Infiltration: Connect with a unit, granting the target 25% critical chance, bonus will, and temporary health ( 10) or damage reduction (-10).

Network Burn: Causes the target to lose grip on reality, inflicting penalties to Aim, Will, area-of-effect attack range, and mobility, and doing one base damage. (-20/-20/-4m aoe/-5m) Lasts 3 turns. 2 turn cooldown.

Neural Feedback: Causes damage to hackers and puts all of their hacking attacks on cooldown. Does not reduce the attacks' chance of success. Protects the hacker and nearby allies who pass a will check.

False Memories: Cause target to panic on its following turn, if the target's Will is overcome. Robotic enemies are immune, 2 turn cooldown.

Distortion Field: Nearby allies in cover receive 10 Defense. (Passive ability)

Ghost Shadow: Changes enemy perceptions to make this soldier harder to see. When the soldier moves to high cover, enemies without special capabilities will not target the soldier. Does not work if any enemies have line of sight to the soldier's starting position. Leaving cover, being flanked, or firing will break this concealment.

Ghost Hack: Very difficult hacking technique that, if successful, grants control of the target for 3 turns. 5 turn cooldown. (unit rolls will to evade)

Inventory __________________________________________

EOD Trained: Allows to carry 2 extra grenades or explosives in loadout

Rocket Man: Allows 1 additional standard rocket to be fired per battle.

Field Medic: Allows medikits to be used 3 times per battle instead of once.

Smoke trick: Allows 1 additional use of Smoke Grenade each mission. [ 20 Defense]

Pack Mule: Confers an additional tech item to be chosen at loadout

Misc. enablers __________________________________________

Retract: A unit may throw their melee weapon for normal damage across the battlefield and have it retract with a suspension field once every 5 turns. 

Solid Grip: Melee weapons do not fall out of your hands on critical fails.

Sprinter: Allows the soldier to move 3 additional meters.

Hard Shell: Immune to Backstabs and removes the back attack modifier.

Keeping Cool: Never panics as a result of allies panicking or getting wounded or kill. (Provides 5 Will)

Lone Wolf: Bonus 10 aim and 10% critical chance if you are 7 meters distant from allies

Quick Hands: Once per turn, this unit may use a medkit without spending an action.

Go Long: Throw or launch grenades over exceptionally long distances( 50%).

Ammo Bearer: Primary weapons receive one additional shot or burst before a reload is required. Units taking this as a perk tree ability may reload their primary weapon as their first action without ending the turn.

Tech Modifiers __________________________________________

Blink: Unit may teleport through walls or at max sprint distance no LOS needed, 5 turn cooldown.

Thermoptics: once every 3 turns you may use thermoptics to cloak yourself, when cloaked you cannot be seen and your action is considered a surprise attack. If you are seen cloaked or fire cloaked you receive a -30 to hit. You uncloak when you reload your weapon.

Motion Tracker, use a small-large marker (dependent on tech skill, 20/40/60) to uncloak enemies within its signal, use grenade throw rules with tech skill. if no line of sight use as perception check 20. for two turns.

Decoy: Emit a hologram of the soldier, allowing them to flank enemies.

Augmentations __________________________________________

Maze Barrier: Confers immunity to infiltration attacks. 

Correction Method: Confers 10 Aim to any shot after a miss.

Over Shadow: Height Advantage confers an additional 5 Aim and 5 critical chance.

Reinforced Heart: Causes soldiers to bleed out instead of dying the first time they go to zero health during a mission. The bleed out timer is extended for 2 turns.

Adrenaline Rush: Overloads the soldiers adrenal glands: when a kill is confirmed the soldier moves an additional 3 meters.

Heartbeat Detector: The soldier on a successful perception check reveals hidden or cloaked enemies. 

Dermal Plating: Confers 1D6 damage reduction.

Enhanced Legs: Confers superhuman leg strength, enabling the soldier to reach high positions without the need for ladders or other climbing aids. 8 move when jumping to higher elevation.

Healing Factor: Soldier regenerates 2 Health per turn up to the Health max without armor.

Augmented Strength: Confers superhuman strength, enabling the soldier to punch through concrete walls, throw objects five times their own body weight. Does 3D10 10% of strength damage and thrown 1D6 meters.

Segnetics __________________________________________

Degeneration Field: Enemies who come within 4 meters of the unit are enveloped in a degenerative energy field inflicting 1-6 per turn up to 3 turns. 25 critical from all sources. Explodes with an energy burst of 2D10 damage. 

Projection Field: Confers the ability to hurl enemies away using a focused suspension field, may curve around cover to hit targets sending them flying 1D10m away from impact point. Enemies suffer 1-4 damage and require an action to recover. Can cause energy burst. Not usable against heavy units. Range is full sprint distance. 

Isolation Field: Project a field of energy around an enemy within LOS who is caught in a degenerative isolation field inflicting 1-6 damage per turn up to 3 turns. Transfers to a second target if killed. Explodes with an energy burst of 2D10 damage. 2 turn cooldown. 

Stasis Field: Project a stasis field around an enemy within LOS who is frozen and incapable of action for 1-2 turns. Explodes with an energy burst of 2D10 damage. 5 turn cooldown.

Bullet Catch: Absorb damage inflicted during an enemy turn and fire it back at the enemy or enemies as an additional shot. 

Expansion Field: Project a field that produces an expanding stasis field which pulls enemies towards its apex for 1-2 turns. Any enemies caught within the field are considered unable to act until field dissipates. Size of field is 1-3 per turn active. Explodes with an energy burst of 2D10 damage. 5 turn cooldown.

Hyper Wave: Emit en energy wave that travels through walls and cover to hit an enemy for 1-4 damage and causing them to spend an action to recover. May cause energy burst. Range is full sprint distance.

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Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on August 2, 2015 at 11:23pm

Under the CPU Augmentations 
"-False Memories (perk), Cost 2400c, Program Slot 1 / Med"

One can get the -False Memories perk... however, it appears to be somewhat misleading since it really invokes a panic attack.  

"False Memories: Cause target to panic on its following turn, if the target's Will is overcome. Robotic enemies are immune, 2 turn cool down."

with that said... It's rather confusing as to what actual penalty is associated with the panic caused?  Is the target rendered unable to react due to panic or what?    This perk is listed under "Hacking" so I'm assuming a hacking skill roll is made by the attacker.  If attackers roll was successful, the target has to make a savings throw against their "Will Power" score.  

I was kind of disappointed that this Augmentation did not allow for the attacker to place a false or fake memory in the target lasting a turn.  Some sort of hacker version of Jedi mental Ninja trickery.  "These are not the droids you are looking for."  kind of deal.   Only could have fun with it "This is not the target you want to shoot, your real target is over there." or better yet "You are eating dinner now." or whatever inventive false memory the attacker/hacker is trying to place.

Most of these items appear to mainly have application in a combat situations.  It might be interesting for RP, to have somebody attempt to plant a false memory that this person has "security clearance" or perhaps mischief like "Krova Red" tastes awful.  Perhaps a false memory to which the target does not realize is a false memory right away because they are not engaged in a physical confrontation with the other player.  Perhaps the false memory would last as long as it could, until the target makes a successful "Will Power" roll.  Basically the target would get to make a Will Power roll every subsequent turn after coming under it's effect.  

Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on August 2, 2015 at 11:47pm

Two suggestions for the content of this page.

1. Organize the perks in each category alphabetically, to make it easier for people to scan read.  Especially when trying to find specific perks associated with items on the augmentation page.  You could even use targeted anchors in the HTML and put direct links to them from the Augmentation page.  (( ))

2.  What are the Associated Required skill ratings?  It becomes obvious that many of these Perks are not associated with Augmentations.  Some of these Perks also appear to be connected to gear.. which was not mentioned in the opening paragraph.  Such as head shot, which is based upon the tech level of the sniper rifle.
Yet on the weapons page, there are no tech levels or rather anything clearly indicating the various tech levels associated with sniper rifles?  

Comment by Zion Volos on August 7, 2015 at 2:28pm

Hey Sean,

Was it this one? If so, you can find an index of helpful, RP-system-related posts here.


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