one unselfish love, i m born fighter...The prophetie? one wedding ((strictly ooc))

i sing all the day, and pray.

i do the round of city for purification the palce where i know they are dead ...

all the place where people dead...

i have do the purification of the hospital in same time... when i m out of the location someone waited after me one friend of long time....

"you have miss to me my puppy love , i believed your death..." ophelie cry to hapiness to refind her friend

i m returned to meditation and sing for every creature of the city, and the people on mars in the two camps

do one one round in city for breathe the air down in the street, meet friend evrybody work, and are busy. Whithout i know why my feet have take direction of the fusion club. I m pass by the street with my boardi m enter inside and Mister Sullivan are inside. We have talk to what we doing in this moment. "Me too i respect this person so much" one warm think have up one tears of my eyes, he haved to do about him job and he have leave for do him duty. It's one guy honest. I m returned to my job after have take one glass of vodka. My life have change, some people think it's good to delete memories when some hard things have be lived...i don't think!

Yes sockies! my memories is full of darkness, and full to of horrible picture of my past...but it's what it do what i m, my identity, with my strong , and my weakness...i m not perfect...i m only human.

He don't give me of new, since all the recent even't, maybe too difficult to support someone like me, i m pretty hard sometime. I don't know how to do with people, i have not learn to do...i m born fighter. My puppy love you are here you are always here with me! i see with my hearth what you say in silence to me ...

Sometime i stop what i do, for hear the tears of the gemini child! just probably my imagination...

"I live in peace here, my job was simple. I try to down of this tower for meeting people sometime. And i hear the song drive by the wind, and all echoes do by the gemini child. He was go… Maybe it’s too dificult for him…It’s too dificult with all the man who love me!
Sockies you are here it’s all who count ! I have friends and i don’t want enter in relation anymore, with anybody, not for now… All my hate was going. My anger down slowly… The job here… Hum… Sockies i would présent you thunder, i m sure she will love you, and you have right to be happy too my puppy love. But now, i know really who i m and i have to silent myself about. The question who subsisting is why ? Why they have let me all this years, why they have do nothing for help me ? It's fun, and i m pretty sure they laugh in they corner when they think to the next asshole play they will use for trap me ! Maybe they except i will down in city with one gun for shoot people,or what i know ! I have all lost sockies, all what i haved. But now i have one family. I have no hope, no future, and no future to hope ! I just have to do my work to the best i must. It's my only way. No rebelion exist in this world, no way for freedom, i have just to live and wait the death... I have nothing to loose, cause i have nothing. Freedom is one illusion in this world. I m just born fighter. Why my truth parents have abandonned me to this couple of monster... But finally i believe i don't care about, my only mother are this women who have take me out of trash,, exactly like have do senpai sama for me. Sockies... Well now i have to do dish in the dojo... Do one round, and if you see one cute lady cat white it's thunder... Have fun with her sockies. And don't forget...i love you forever my puppy love..." I have forget the song of bird, forget the sun in the sky, forget too the wind. I walk in darkness and my eyes have been close by the force, with the same force they have Hurt my body, hurt my heart, and the heart off they mother. The hell have one name and float in the sky. They have all close in darkness, the people, the hearth, all the occult secret of they domination. They have use ritual of darkness for build they city, and close the door to the light. But the door is open... The door is open insilico. I know all your secret and the secret number who hide the name of the beast. This is my prophetie, the old tower who create darkness are up, and colapse the new tower, and where is down the child. Since the place of ancient power the light will come and open the closing eyes. The slave of darkness will be free, and the servitor of the darkness down under one storm of lightning. After all that one day coming and the sun will be see everywhere. The lawson is one daughter

Today to the dojo, i have the surprise to see Dereck train himself , i have offer to him one cup of tea and some of my job attribution benediction.

my second friends thunder have find way to join me ...and sockies. The love appeal have work

My two puppy love have do sound for salute they self and do one sweet hug. They are rest with me one moment and are go together visit the city... That have make me happy to see they will have good feeling together.

Now they walk in the street like the day and night, and they are welcome if the thing turn bad for they. I have celebrate my first wedding ceremony... Really i love my job.

<3 Sockies and thunder just married =3

All my wish of hapyness together^0^

more later in the day i m going to the Balconny hear the song up by the wind and i m be surprised by one visitor who seeked visibly for training.

The dojo was close, and Senpai Sama was intervent for advertise the visitor, i m going near of her that have rassured me.

She have finally invit him to enter and i have prepare the tea.

Mister Derreck are enter to Dojo and i have offer to him one cup of tea too, i have do my job for protect him to the dark aura who linked him, and ask to the godess  Quan yin to protect him.

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