Avatars are source number one for INSILICO sim lag. Now some will say "but i am always laggy when i look at the mall" - see, those don't even know what lag is. Of course INSILICO needs good hardware for FPS and is considered a high end sim, but i am talking about SERVERSIDE lag. The Kind of lag that freezes the whole sim up to 20 seconds on every singleTP (there's ca. one teleport per minute here..) the kind of lag that eats your letters and chat lines, it makes you drift through walls, pauses the looped sounds around you, freezes every avatar. The mall and apartments need a decent amount of script time of course, but the actual problem are the lag spikes.

Nowadays the biggest lag problem is mono-scripted attachments during teleports. Most of the people don't realize that every prim of their shoes contains one or more scripts. Resizers in clothing and hair etc made by creators who are afraid of making their items MOD. You don't need your insane hug&kiss yiff combat HUD 3000 in INSILICO, thanks but no thx. No need for radar HUDs, use Emerald instead. Attach those things when you really need them, that's common sense. You are bogging down Sims to a halt all over SL on every TP. Of course you don't notice but everyone else in the sims does. And no, I don't blame you but lame creators who don't know how to script efficiently. The end-users don't even have a way to measure the lag they produce (yet). LL is working on parcel based performance monitoring and thanks to Moy Loon, one of the next Emerald releases will include a feature that - if you enable it - notifies you of total script jumps in the sim, kinda like this:

[13:46] Melodee Moonites has left the sim.
[13:46] Total scripts jumped from 7700 to 7200(-500)

yes this person was wearing freaking 500 scripts, and that happens all the time here from what i've seen so far... I consider this griefing, unfair use of region ressources and service abuse.

So please, people, try to be not so ignorant and help fighting lag, you may simply just want to be left alone and "play this game" but nope, it's not a game it's the internet, you need some kind of basic knowledge of how things work to ensure a smooth experience for everybody.
my bots will warn laggy avatars more strictly now with this message:

[14:22] GEMINIbot Inventor: Hello skills hak, you are receiving this message because you are currently in violation of Insilico's guidelines. This message has been sent from a bot, so no need to reply. You will most likely not receive a response.
You are wearing scripted attachments/HUDs causing excessive script lag (). Please help us keeping the experience as lag free as possible for everyone and remove them or we will have to remove you ;). Thanks!!

That being said, no need to panic, it's not all that bad. I just don't want INSILICO to be another ugly lag pit like toxia & co. and i believe the only way is to educate creators and users. Just keep an eye on your script usage and delete unneeded scripts like resizers (child prims too! most of the resizers you can delete via menu) or detach things you don't use. If you want to wear that cool gun just for the looks then try deleting the scripts inside. I hope we can put out this feature with the next emerald release!

some more info:

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Comment by Core on August 25, 2009 at 3:30am
That's neat. I hate these moments when the sim freezed for 10 seconds.

Can you tell us if you base the logic of the bots on the number of scripts, or on the total time consumption of these scripts ?

In the past, I believe the script consumption was available only in the Estate Manager tools. In Insilico... that means we need to bug you if we want to check out precisely how friendly our AV is with the sim and what script is screwed up. Are you saying that a feature will be pushed in the next Emerald release allowing everyone to check that for her own avatar? That would be a blast.
Comment by Korwyn on August 25, 2009 at 8:40am
Guns usually have no more then a couple of scripts in them. the holsters usually have ONE... they're not the big blame.

Thing is, I have no lag in other sims, and in IS I've only had it at the Ant/Reakt0r area when there is more then 10 people there.

And when that RSS feed and the #irc is going, it gets way worse.

Other then that, as she says, shoes with an ao in them for the sexy walk, plus your normal AO, plus sound in the shoes is bad. As is color scripts in hair and stuff like that.

and the WORST scripts are listereners, and the ultra worst are open channel/challen 0 listerns.

1 channel 0 listener will process EVERYTHING said in open chat that you can hear to see if it was a command it's looking for. it's just wrong to ever use that, and most AO's for some reason are STILL using channel 0 (open chat) for commands.

Everytime I see someone in open chat go "ao on/off/reset" it irks me that the ao maker didn't have the ability, no the drive, to read the llListen article in the lsl wiki... it's just lazy scripting.
Comment by SKiLLS on August 25, 2009 at 4:27pm
if the script involves recoloring, do I just pick the colors first, then take out the script? <- yes that should work
the irc thingie is pretty low lag actually, rss runs over irc too, it's less laggy than most of the vendors in the sim

the bots go by total script time consumption per avatar, the emerald feature will go by number of scripts.
Comment by Perri on August 25, 2009 at 6:52pm
"and the #irc is going, it gets way worse."
That irc thing is always going. :D
Comment by Korwyn on August 25, 2009 at 8:55pm
Yes but there is not always chat going on. I've had a lag spike every time it does the HTTP call and then gives a responce to new posts in the chat.
Comment by VissyAdamczyk on August 25, 2009 at 9:42pm
I didnt see IS chat from IRC for like a month, just started again recently. No clue what I did or didnt do.
Comment by Nalates Urriah on August 27, 2009 at 5:56pm
Attachments with Mono-scripts are the source of the problem. Compiling the scripts as LSL scripts avoids the lag spike on rez into the sim.

If you are wearing a ZHAO II make sure it has not been compiled to Mono. Open the script, look at the bottom of the script window and you should see a Mono check box. It should be unchecked.

There are some sims with test locations on sim boundaries. One can walk across with a Mono version and then a LSL version and see the difference.
Comment by Krupt Kiebach on August 28, 2009 at 10:15pm
Half the issue is the resize scripts in things like HAIR... omfg... 254 prim hair with 1 script (minimum) per prim just so the creator can make it no mod to avoid having it copybotted.... god people who do that make me sick on many levels.

1: there is no real way to tell if the 500 scripts is really causing that much lag or not on the region once they land. (unless you have the top script time users window open in estate tools)
2: i personally have avatar parts that kill script time when used (not sure if its bad scripting or just trying to get to much out of a couple of scripts) i try to not use this stuff but hey, if its script count we are going to monitor lag by hell i might have to wear that stuff due to the fact that said items only have 3 scripts per 200 prim object.

Script counting is just as flawed as ARC (proven fact i can jump my arc to over 3 million by wearing 1 prim) and the same could be sone with a script counting system, hell i would think it would be funny (and i might just do it) to load all and i mean ALL my attachments with 999 scripts each running nothing at all just to watch this system of script counting get rolled like ARC has been.

Till then :D have fun
Comment by Ehrman Digfoot on August 31, 2009 at 3:04pm
. . . with respect to Nalates comment, the only reason that a ZHAO II compiled in LSL as opposed to Mono will reduce lag is due to the fact that the ZHAO II uses the llGetNoteCardLine and similar retrieval and parsing functions which redefine the universals in the script and effectively change the script's asset ID. Although a mono script will use more memory, multiple copies of the same mono script, (a resizer script in each hair prim compiled in mono for example) , will only use the server memory of one script because each script has an identical asset id . . . this is not the case for standard LSL scripts.
Certainly these scripts are useless, take up server memory, and should be removed. But one of the advantages of living and playing as an RP community should be the opportunity to make collective decisions that render mono scripts an asset and not a liability.

Staging battles in which each avatar uses the same mono-scripted weapon (provided the weapon does not load custom configurations from a notecard) will reduce script memory usage . . . as will using the same vehicle script throughout the sim . . . for example, using Skill's Hover Bike.
Comment by SKiLLS on September 2, 2009 at 1:15am
As far as i'm concerned, the reason for the heavy lag spikes you see on TPs are the digital signatures of mono scripts. There's no way around it and LL needs them or else it would be possible to hack the sim host and steal Rodney Linden's donuts as well as credit cards and the server sourcecode and install torrent clients as root etc. We can only hope the script limits for avatars will take effect soon and i'll see if i can tweak the sim some more. In the meantime try to keep it as script-free as possible, i saw the patrons are doing really fine:)


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